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  1. it is a continuation of the goblin adventure path. it is adventure two.
  2. If your Lini was nicknamed, that can rarely happen. Email support telling them a nicknamed character vanished, along with the character, nickname, and account name plus four digit number OR your PFID# found at the bottom of the OPTIONS>SETTINGS menu.
  3. You have posted in the wrong forum. These sub-forums are about Pathfinder Adventures, for Steam, iOS, and Android.
  4. Email support@obsidian.net and give them both of your PFIDs and tell them which one you want to keep as your "main".
  5. That's not correct. I've had Pathfinder on my phone for a long time, and bought it on steam when it was on sale for black friday. Logged in to the steam version with my phone credentials, and have all the steam extras on both platforms.
  6. You failed to defeat the summoned monster, ergo, you don't get to threaten him with your words.
  7. Again, the same as Ethics Gradient said. Developer's choice in publishing brand-new material. The original tabletop Rise of the Runelords had three stat-boosting spells: Glibness, Speed and Strength. These translate to Eloquence, Agility and Strength (why the name-changes? Agility understandable, I think, but Glibness?). The developers could maybe add the remaining stat-boosting card (Toughness and Sagacity are in the game as uncommon treasure cards). So when they added Mass <something>, they added the whole lot of them at once as they are at the same level, but probably forgot Brilliance. The name change is because in the paper game they want every copy of the same named card to act the same, and presumably that includes the digital game.
  8. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94551-merasiels-desterity-ability-not-activating/ It is being worked on
  9. It happens to me on PC on 6-5, and going to the main menu and then hitting continue doesn't fix it for scrying, it just asks you for the card type again and the location again and then sits there doing nothing. edit: Also doesn't fix it for Revelation Quill.
  10. Email support@obsidian.net. This happened to me, and I got it sorted out in less than 24 hours.
  11. If you're referring to the cards, they are not awarded to you party, rather they are added to your collection, and can be acquired like other treasure cards. If you make a new Valeros, you can add them to your initial deck because they are marked as "Owner: Valeros".
  12. Rune of Shielding does not prevent damage dealt by Bar Table when moving to the location.
  13. Same here. The Continue button became greyed out after making an asmodee.net account and linking it. All I can do now is start a new party. PFID - BC3AF00E6728CA2 Game Center Apple ID: bongiornod@gmail.com
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