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  1. I had a group, with the paladin, the ranger and the bard. They all had completed until adventure 4-1. About 45 minutes ago, I wanted to play only with the paladin, so i removed the bard and the ranger from the team, pressing, as usual, in the minus sign, near their names. I have done this multiple times, but this time, when i finished the scenary with the paladin and i returned to add the their 2, they weren't there. They have been erased because the program wanted so... And I expect for a solution now.
  2. Lucker you are. My wand of enervation one day, suddenly, dissappeared, without any explanation. And I'm still without it.
  3. I've Just played Local Heroes to get my 100 daily gold (mission:aqquire 5 allies) and, when i finished the scenary and i was watching the cards, choosing the for the decks, i saw there wasn't oye Kyra spell-like:ones of her two Restoration. So, i took a simple heal... But this is not the first time it happens to me.Some time ago, Kyra lost a Scrying...So, i guess this is not a separate case. It can continue happening.
  4. For the heads problem, i left the game and went to the menú (not using the Forfeit option) and, from there, i chose the Continue option. And i magically could move my hero to an open locación. Don't ask why nor how, but i could. Sorry for my english.
  5. Same issue here. That mades the scenario unplayable in both 2 last difficulties.
  6. I'm suffering the very same. Valeros is strong, but not enough...
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