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Another card stolen



I've Just played Local Heroes to get my 100 daily gold (mission:aqquire 5 allies) and, when i finished the scenary and i was watching the cards, choosing the for the decks, i saw there wasn't oye Kyra spell-like:ones of her two Restoration. So, i took a simple heal...

But this is not the first time it happens to me.Some time ago, Kyra lost a Scrying...So, i guess this is not a separate case. It can continue happening.

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Offturn spells has been know to cause this kind of behaviour. The systems go so that you cast spell (or use other card) off turn. For some reason the character get replased and a character that does not have ability to resharge the spell causes the card to be banished.

Not sure if this was the case, but I personally avoid of turn spell using at this moment.

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