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  1. Either you are wrong, or the game has another error in what is displayed. Below is a screen shot where I started a brand new group. Notice what it says the Reward is for the Adventure. 5000 GP. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1198960072 I'm basing my expectations off of what the screen showed me. If that reward is only available at the Legendary level, then it's extremely misleading, and breaks from how other rewards are shown to display it as such.
  2. I've the Steam version of Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition, and I've purchased the Fighters Tale DLC. I've completed the DLC tonight, and I've a screen shot that shows the missions completed: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1196611014 The Fighters Tale Adventure Reward says that it's 5000 Gold Pieces. I did not receive the Adventure Reward for it's completion. I restarted Pathfinder Adventures twice, in hopes that it was simply some kind of delay in the reward being recognized. My account is Dewguru #1298
  3. id: Dewguru #1298 game version: Steam, Pathfinder Adventures Obsidian Edition campaign: Rise of the Goblins issue: Lost numerous items from my Unclaimed Treasure when equipping my goblin party. I ran out of time in the Devil of Sandpoint mission. In the after mission screen where you adjust your loot gained, I decided to equip the group with some items that I had in my Unclaimed Treasure section. It wasn't until having equipped several things, that I noticed it was losing things in my Unclaimed Treasure. If I had multiples of something - if I moved one over, and then switched fr
  4. I wanted to confirm that I'm experiencing this issue as well. PC version, Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition Link to a screen shot showing the rune active: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/850467179429232631/00950ECF673C3C859DD0299FA104A345FC0504F0/ Link to a screen shot that shows the 1 point of electricity damage from a Warden of Runes from a failed Con check still forced a discard: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/850467179429233530/377F237628F59B745B5D9C8C79FC908F0F06FE50/
  5. PC Version, Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition 6-3 or 6-4 (whichever one where you're in the DeathZones scaling the mountain) Facing an Ogrekin, it did it's roll and got #4, which is "After you act, put the Ogrekin on the bottom of the location deck." I failed to beat it, it ended up on the bottom of the deck. I then later killed the Leng Spider, but failed on my close attempt. I can now no longer achieve a close attempt, as the final card is the Ogrekin and every time I face it, it still has the original "After you act, put the Ogrekin on the bottom of the location de
  6. PC Version, Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition 6-3, Amiri fighting a Frost Worm. Amiri beat the Frost Worm, but during the Frost Worm's "If defeated each character at this location must attempt a Dexterity or Acrobatics 14 check. Characters who succeed are dealt 1 Cold damage; Characters who fail are dealt 1 Combat damage and 1 Cold damage. Amiri failed and only took 1 point of Cold damage. Amiri has Thick Skin and that ignored the Combat damage. Sajan was at the same location, failed and had to discard 1 for damage, and after I discarded, it dinged Sajan again, gave the
  7. Unfortunately that isn't relevant to what I experienced. In my case, it was the Barbarian with the Shaman (figured I'd give her a little healing). It was her turn, and I pulled her first encounter, and then I triggered the Shaman as everyone at the location had things in the discard and I was expecting to pull a boss, so I wanted to use it before it may have gotten lost via damage. She played the ally - and it didn't work for everyone at the location (she was there with the fighter and I believe the wizard).
  8. PC version - Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition 6-1, Treacherous Cave Player ID: Dewguru #1298 Like Longshot11 mentions - whoever triggers Silas Vekker ends up having to beat him twice. Once as part of it's "each character at this location must summon and encounter Silas" and then once again afterwards. If this isn't a bug, it's at least some very poor wording, as the reason I'm here posting in the forum is because it seems as though it's a bug. Especially since this differs from the table top version of Pathfinder Adventures. Here's a page at Paizo's site where they d
  9. PC version, Pathfinder Adventures Obsidian Edition My game tag: Dewguru #1298 6-1, Woods Ezren buries the Wand of Enervation against a Scarlet Walker, knocking it's challenge rating from a 20 to a 14. All of Ezren's other items are unselectable as expected since I already used an item. I go to cast an attack spell against the Scarlet Walker - prompting the Arcane check. I fail the Arcane check, so I can't cast an attack spell. I then notice that the Scarlet Walker is back at a challenge rating of 20, that Ezren's items can be used again, and the Wand of Enervation seem
  10. Um, the Steam version isn't multiplayer - so the only option is to use it on your own turn - as you play each character. So if it worked on your own turn on the mobile app, this is a different bug that doesn't work on your own turn.
  11. PC version (Steam, Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition) Like original post says, the Shaman card states "Recharge this card; each character at your location may shuffle a random card from her discard pile into her deck." - yet while at a location with two others, when I recharged the card, it opened the multiple character selection view and only allowed me to click on one. The other two at the location (including the one with the Shaman ally) did not execute the random card from the discard, shuffled into their deck portion of the card. This error leaves the type 5 Shaman card as w
  12. Wow, don't mean to bring up a bug that was raised back in November 2016, but the Steam version (Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition) is still having this issue. Normal difficulty, my first play through, after the option to temporarily close other locations, it returns and BAM - 2 points of damage before I even get the chance to do battle. Now, this is my second time facing Jaagrath, and I didn't notice it hit for two points on the first encounter - although I came across it unprepared so I just ate the first battle results anyway. So it may or may not be an issue on only additional
  13. This same thing happened to me. It took place when the Close event executed which is "On closing, you may shuffle 1d4-1 random cards from your discard pile into your deck." The result was a 1, so I got zero cards (1-1=0), and it shuffled my deck anyway, then froze just like the images above show. I was using the Monk character, and I'm using the Steam (PC) version. My player tag is Dewguru #1298.
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