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  1. Yeah too bad they can't release Deadfire on consoles the same time the PC version comes out. Hopefully it will be long before December 31 (which is a placeholder anyway). The Deadfire Pack before that would be awesome, however the console version doesn't seem to be selling like hotcakes at least from what I can see at Amazon, there's only 42 reviews of the PS4 version. So they may not have much motivation to put out something a little extra for the console players of the game, oh well. Just my estimate of what's going on, could be totally wrong of course (I hope). On the Pillars Console forum at Paradox, I got a message back saying they currently have NO PLANS to release the Deadfire patch on consoles...complete bummer. Yeah this is a bummer. Would love to see the new portraits, items etc. Oh well. Maybe the new company who is in charge of PoE2 for the consoles will add it in somehow. On the Pillars Console forum at Paradox, I got a message back saying they currently have NO PLANS to release the Deadfire patch on consoles...complete bummer.
  2. Amazon says PoE2 will be available on Dec 31 2018. Still no word on the Deadfire items pack for PoE1. So dumb.
  3. I am maxed out at level 16 in my current play through. I alternate party members and all are outfitted quite nicely with great equipment and such. I did the Alpine Dragon at 13, Adra at 15, Concelhaut at 16 and the Toughest Bounty...(level 21 guy)..and I feel like at level 16 neither were hard. Alpine was hardest for me at 13. Now I haven't even done the White March Part 2 all the way through yet. I still have Dragons and the magician, and the Kraken to go. And I guess some tough monks. Gonna just power through. I'm guessing the end of the regular game won't be too tough at level 16. I am playing on hard difficulty BTW. I may need to ramp it up to PotD.
  4. Yeah man I play on XBox One...hopefully we get the Deadfire items before the holiday season. Hopefully we can also import a character from POE1 as well.
  5. Just wondering...I got to choose 2 at level 15. Not sure if I'm going to come across any with spells that high. Thanks in advance.
  6. Will XBox and PS4 players ever get these items? POE2 is coming to console End of the year apparently...so I'd imagine eventually we'd be privy to the items.
  7. Thanks for responding. I'm doing ok as a wizard. At level 7 now (playing hard) I could probably do PotD, but I don't wanna punch my TV screen just yet. It's tough in the beginning with Aloth and Eder and my Wizard. Squishy indeed. I picked a Human Old Valian Noble as my wizard. Just got the soulbound Blue Scepter as my weapon. Party is Palagina, Eder, Aloth, Durance, Heravious, and myself. It's def different then my first go around as a Fighter. Finding the right gear, and picking the right spells is the challenge. I did 16 might, 18 int, 12 per, 10 res, 11 dex, 10 con or something close to that. Found some stuff and got Int up to 20.
  8. I am starting a second run as a conventional Wizard. I am not trying to have any attribute below 10. What is the suggested beginning stats and what talents and spells should I focus on? A mix between CC and Damage is what I am going for. Using a Wand as a weapon. Not gonna try and be melee. Any links to builds would be greatly appreciated. Also....been reading around and noticed there are some extra deadfire items...I play on xbox one....I'm guessing these are not available to me?
  9. Got the sword from level 13 of the Endless Paths. Supposed to grant Fireball 3 per rest. It's not showing up. In fact none of my spellbound items show up as selectable abilities. Is this a know thing? I can't find an answer anywhere.
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