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  1. But the steam description of the game says that the obsidian edition includes: "... Rise of the Goblins DLC: a Goblin-themed campaign + 2 Goblin heroes + 11 Goblin alternative versions of the Iconic heroes + a set of Goblin dice" Furthermore, on steam, if I click the Rise of the Goblins dlc, the description says: "The Rise of the Goblins DLC includes: A *full-length campaign* of 5 scenarios" (emphasis mine) And in game, rise of the Goblins isn't the name of deck 1, but indeed the name of the full campaign. If the obsidian edition and the 9$ dlc on steam only include dec
  2. Hi, I bought the obsidian edition of the game when it came out of steam, and my understanding is that it includes the complete goblin campaign. Yesterday, my phone downloaded the update, and even though I can see the goblin deck 2 in the app shop, it register as not being owned. I tried laughing the game from my computer, but it did not fix anything. (Obviously my phone and pc account are linked, as I've even been able to start a game on my phone and finish on my computer). Please help? For information, my asmodee number is 25622047 #7699. My PFID is F58EB9751B10FC8
  3. From what I understand, it's not so much account "merging" as it is "accessing one account from another platform". So in your example, if account 1 is on iOS and account 2 on steam, if you were to link your account 1 to your steam account, you would lose account 2. And if you were to link account 2 to your phone, you would lose account 1. But I'm not sure why you would have 2 accounts to begin with - it meant that you launched the steam version, and decided to play THEN link your account ?
  4. First of all, thank you for your quickness to react ! My PFID: F58EB9751B10FC88 Ezren: Weapon (1): Chellan, sword of greed Spells (11): Haste, Mirror Image, Scrying, Disintegrate x2, Lighting Bolt x2, Force Bolt, Poison Blast, scorching ray x2 Items (5): Robe of runes, headband of epic intelligence, Ordikon's staff, staff of heaven and earth, orb of firestorm Allies (5): pyromaniac mage, clockwork librarian, reveler, scribe, incanter Kyra: Weapons (2) : Shortspear +3, dogslicer +1 Spells (5): Cure, Major Cure, Sunburst, Holy light, greater aid Armor (3):
  5. I had a3 character party (valeros ezren and kyra) who all lost around 15 cards each... I can't be expected to remember all of them. Can we give you a time to rollback our save state ?
  6. I'll add myself to the list, same bug, with the same consequences... I'm signed in with Google play games: azrielem #4502 PFID: F58EB9751B10FC88
  7. Actually, Seoni's power only allows you to auto succeed on checks to recharge items with the arcane trait, it doesn't let you recharge items that aren't supposed to. Flask of force is a bury-or-discard item, so Seoni shouldn't be able to recharge it. This is working as intended.
  8. I've played with merisiel and her ability does seem to be fixed indeed. With kyra though, I can't seem to be able to select her feat to put blessings of sarenrae on top of her deck when I gain a feat ?... Am I missing something or is this a known bug ?
  9. Please do. I'm pretty sure that either it will be a very short post, or we will see that you have a very broad and inaccurate definition of "promising".
  10. I'd hate to see what you consider alot of grinding for gold, when it is about 25 games (on average of 150 gold per game) to just enough for one more scenario, plus about ~10 missions per character and many more for chests, and even then you miss out on the bonus cards. All in all that is about 230+ successful missions to just unlock the characters (with character pack) and missions. Then there is random chests on top of that. Except chests are totally optional, and of course unlocking everything for free should be a grind. But if we talk only unlocking levels, that's currently 8
  11. You should keep in mind that this game is free, and all content can be unlocked for free by doing a little bit of gold grinding. But that doesn't mean that gold should be easy to get, or even that anything you do should deserve some gold. Also, you DO get gold replaying on normal/hard: defeated monsters as well as obtained boons that you won't keep gives you gold, which ranges from 30 to 60 (depending on size of your party, quickness to close a location, and so on). I get your point, and I tend to buy characters a few at a time as well, but this is probably a business decision: gold
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