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  1. >> You can just beat her with a Herald. You need about 10-15 scrolls of greater maelstrom, to kill the spiderlings quickly and get her deflection down. >> In my fight, i killed so many spiderlings, that her deflection was -40 or something. They drop adra ban sometimes (in one fight, i got around 7). was this on potd? how on earth did you survive solo? even her ranged attacks hit so hard, sometimes almost one-shotting your characters with 14 armor with large shield in the wall mode can you please post full build, with items and skills?
  2. btw, people said that she respawns, but the location dissapeared for me after the fight how exactly she respawns? would surely enjoy some more of that mythical adra (i do not have beta patch installed)
  3. After 5 failed attempts with different parties, i finally killed her, with chanter heavy party Chanter Troubadour / Priest of Eothas (chants: "ancient memory", "mercy and kindness", every +heal item i could find, pure healer, arguebus with aimed shot) Chanter Troubadour / Lifegiver Druid (chants: "sure handed ila", "silver knights shields", arguebus with aimed shot) Chanter Troubadour / Paladin Shieldbearer (chant: "her courage thick as steel" in brisk recitation mode, arguebus with aimed shot) Cipher Ascendant (frostseeker bow) Fighter / Rogue as the only dps (double pistol, scordeo + thundercrack) I stacked all party regeneration available from items: Blackened Plate Armor Furrante's Plate Lethandria's Devotion (thats all i found, maybe there's more?) And party regeneration available from chants and spells: ancient memory chant mercy and kindness chant paladin's exalted endurance aura priest's consecrated ground druid's garden of life Resulting regeneration was awsome - whole party heals to full in seconds, without casting anything At times her damage spikes were outperforming my regeneration of course, but priest casts his spells really quickly If he was recovering from another spell, shieldbearer's Lay on Hands with "cannot die" saved the most wounded before big heal Watchfull Presense also was a big help - that's like delayed heal that waits for character to go near death. So the idea was to have super-regenerating and healer-heavy party using only ranged weapons behind ogre meat shield And it worked She killed ogres quite fast, but with three chanters i just constantly replaced them with fresh ones (you just have to keep an eye on them and resummon in advance, and dont spend phrases on anything else) First cleared nests in my vicinity, and killed spiders until she was around 130 deflection after that cipher was the ohly one who still fired on spiders (to quickly ascend), everyone else attacked belranga the key to damaging her was cipher - casted driving echoes (+8 pen) on my characters, ancient memory on healers, death of 1000 cuts and desintegration on belranga (may take several attempts due to high defences) Was rather long fight, but manageable Using firearms on healers is really useful - aimed shot compensates for poor accuracy, and its really good for casting (you can't abort weapon recovery, but you can abort reload anytime, to cast urgent heal) Shark soup is a must of course and adra potions just in case You may not need them if you successful in maintaining ogre meat shield P.S. And dont use The Red Hand if you chose Guilty Concience upgrade - that 40% more damage received is REALLY BAD in that fight
  4. beast of winter DLC is flush with saphires - they are in many containers or even "loot piles" i already found 9 and i think i'm only halfway through DLC
  5. yes, enemies with unbending trunk is pretty much unkillable, master captains do that quite often in a boarding fights i focus them with all my party and do a lot of damage, but they heal even faster the moment unbending expires, they die in two seconds quite positive there is indeed some bug with unbending healing on enemies - it does look like that they healing all the damage, not a part of it
  6. AND STILL DONT FIXED - got back to game after long absence, installed dlcs, and gem merchant in serpent's crown dissapeared C'mon guys, thats one of the most important merchants in a game!
  7. Finished the game after the patch, couple of thoughts Unique items were murdered for nothing - Path of the Damned with upwards level scaling is still easy, even without abusing the figurines (It is annoyingly difficult in the beginning, but once you get to the good stuff in skill trees - its game over for AI) Nerfing everything to boring mediocrity made theorycrafting and hunting legendary items much less exciting, and game lost most of its flavour It was awful decision, to nerf everything to the ground
  8. there is another eye - you find it in an abandoned village in that big black island with hall of the unseen (southeast of neketaka) since it takes two eyes for superb upgrade for one handed item, it does not matter if you have two or three
  9. (watching the changes to unique items) so instead of just fixing the bugs you decided to absolutely murder all good unique items, nerfing them to the point of normal items the bonuses is so low now, that you may as well use superb items instead did players asked for this nonsense?
  10. I dont see this bug in a list of fixes for version 1.1 GUYS, ARE YOU SERIOUSLY NOT GONNA FIX IT?
  11. Chanters are really good when multiclassed to priest and specializing in chants (not invocations) You just casting your priest buffs, while maintaining two other buffs from chanting and making a lot of summons to protect your party Its especially useful in Path of The Damned, with its long fights, because chanters constantly regenerate their "spell points", unlike most classes
  12. By the way, anyone knows what these ranks do for you? With canoneers its clear - chance to hit, but others? I mean you think with the master boatswain, master helmsman and 5 master/expert deckhands your ship will turn faster or something like this (but its not)
  13. >>According to this there is no Boatswain or Surgeon in the game that can reach Master rank. Luca, clerk in a VTC bulding, is a pure boatswain You have to finish the quest where Huana wants to annul contract with VTC, and if you succeed, they fire Luca afterwards and you can hire him I have him now on my ship, he is a master boatswain
  14. THIS BUG IS AWFUL! because it cant be cured by anything - character dying, saving/reloading, quitting game, retraining character, changing party - nothing works i reloaded earlier save, only to realise it is infected too, i just never noticed that please fix this - it is a gamebreaking bug!
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