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  1. I should have included this information in my original post, but I've tried all day/night cycles for both Una and Nungata and neither shows up, which is what convinces me that this is an actual bug. Sorry for not including that before.
  2. Una the merchant was missing for me in Serpent's Crown. Would really like to buy gems...anyone else have this problem/ways to fix without console commands? Nudanta was also missing for me after I completed Steel Preacher, so I could not hand in that bounty, it remains incomplete. Both were after the application of the new patch, but I should note that I didn't even know Una existed until after new patch when I looked up if I could buy Velune on the interwebz, sooo not sure if I missed her or she was gone before the patch or what...
  3. Description: Lord Darryn's Voulge will upgrade to level 1 binding but I can't get it to level 2 binding (sail into a storm with your crew) no matter how many storms I sail into. I have the poleaxe bound to Eder. I am also experiencing the Magistrate's Cudgel bug, if that is relevant. Steps To Reproduce: Sail into a storm with Lord Darryn's Voulge equipped after having already soul bound and risen to level 1 with a character. The bind won't rise to level 2 as it should. Wasn't able to upload my save(s) (kept saying it was too big, even zipped, couldn't make it small enough), will e-mail upon request.
  4. I had this issue, but I waited to go back to Dunnage until the recent patch, and Lil' Woody was waiting outside the door. So I am assuming the recent patch fixed this issue (although I couldn't find it in the patch notes).
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