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  1. that a rly gud idea ! ------------------------------------------------ wat does every body think the chances r that when k3 is made that there will b a k4 ?
  2. hey matt and welcome to the forums ! :] i do think we will hear sumthing about k3 at e3 but it wont be an announcement :[ it will probably just be more speculation like last years e3
  3. i thought this video was pretty gud . check it out !
  4. who knows ? y would kotor only b for xbox and pc ? just tha way they want it to b !
  5. ya me to ! Mass Effect should be out soon - so we'll have that to sate our appetites ya cant wait for that game it should b gud :]
  6. i ussaully check g4tv.com and gameinformer.com ! but nothin has come up yet :[
  7. how did u get her to talk to the women ? Im not sure if thats the way to do it...But you just talk with mission enough and when you leave the ship a lady will come up and talk about Missions brother and tell you where he is, You then would need mission in the party and talk to the lady(as mentioned above) and i guess it will have mission talk with her somewhat. o ok thx again :]
  8. how did u get her to talk to the women ?
  9. lego star wars: the original saga is already out. na this is called the complete saga ! well heres 2 links #1 and #2
  10. i just hope he makes eppisode 7,8,9 like he promised when he released num.4 , he said there would be three trilogies :]
  11. in kotor I ,did mission ever find her brother griff . just wonderin . it never happened when i played ?
  12. na i didntbut i did trie to keep up with it as much as possible
  13. they are sopposed to sumtime this weekend cuz celebration IV is 5 days long . and i believe that one game has already been announced . i think it was lego star wars the saga . im not sure tho ?
  14. na they will most likely announce them tommorrow when g4 is broadcasting them . everyone should watch it at 7:00 eastern time
  15. ya i already did this my vote is 6 and after that 3
  16. tha endire spire gets destroyed
  17. ok when you , bastila , and carth first meet up in the appartment she said something about she didnt have time to use her battle meditation . so that rules that one out .
  18. i think if it is announced during celebration IV it will be friday when its being broadcasted on g4tv
  19. Don't know if anyone else has said anything, but, where in bloody hell did you hear this? Could you please provide a link? I mean, it just doesn't make sense that they would announce a non-Star Wars game at Celebration IV, which is an event celebrating Star Wars. Also, I think Mr. Sansweet specifically said that they will be announcing two Star Wars games. I'm not saying one will be KOTOR 3, hell, it's probably Lego Star Wars or something. But I'd just like to see a link to your info if at all possible. yes i did say sumthin bout this . i aske y they would release a non starwars game at a party for starwars ? i think they still announce 2 new games (star wars titles)
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