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  1. Ive played the 360 and ps3 i rly like them both but i have to go with the 360!!
  2. Interesting shift in other topic, suddenly you start to talk about how you're sure BIOWARE is working on Kotor game (which is bollocks btw). What about "yer friends"? while reading this i was wondering the same thing!! you have friends from obsidian that r telling u bioware is making k3?? i want to believe that k3 is being made but i cant believe that story!!
  3. well this sopposed rumur just keeps gettin bigger this is off ign and i find it very interesting!!!
  4. this will be great if true....g4tv.com also has things posted about the possible kotor 3
  5. i think it should account for the k1 and k2 endings becuase kotor isnt a canon type game.
  6. i agree much cooler but i think he was meant to be light side!!
  7. what is everybodys opinion on the lucasarts bioware contract ??? do u think it could finnally b kotor 3 or just another let down ??
  8. u rly did do ur research ... im impressed !! and welcome to the forums i think ur ideas are great !!
  9. ya tonite is the first time ive been on the forum in months mainly becuase i lost interrest....got tired of waiting!
  10. Holy ****, are you serious? DS has been out longer than the 360 thats y more copys have been sold...
  11. or maybe just a soldier ?? nothin special bout him just a soldier !!
  12. yepp thats what the 3rd one is going to be is the link between the 2 most likely !! finishing the stories !!
  13. ya i loved the fight system but everything else is kinda stupid !!
  14. well u no that the 360 has that new three year warranty ??
  15. i thought they did but i wasnt sure !!
  16. thx thats another great game they have !! does ps3 have that not sure ???
  17. Because these threads inevitably end in flames, and the Mods don't like putting out fires... o well sry if it aint allowed :[ didnt no ?!?!?!
  18. y wouldnt it b allowed ??? it under computer and CONSOLE !!
  19. i think the best at next years e3 will b the 360 becuase it has great exclusive title coming out that will push past its rival consules !!
  20. ya i cant wait !! even if kotor 3 isnt announced ... i cant wait to c tha kinda games comin this holiday season ! its sopposed to b the best year for buying games !!
  21. lol ok thx , ill be sure to get it when i get paid !!
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