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  1. i watched m.s.2 video on e3 it not an mmo!!
  2. actually an article came out on g4 june 16th about a secret game obsidian is currently workin on and it says- Developer Obsidian Entertainment (Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords) might be currently up to its irradiated eyes in Fallout: New Vegas development, that
  3. wait nobody said in that meeting that there will be no k3 maybe we will have to wait a little bit longer!!
  4. I would like to see both BUT i think they should finish the storyline first so im goin with rpg
  5. well we have been waiting for years so i guess we might finnaly get some kinda kotor !! if its an mmo then atleast we will have something to play y we wait to see if they are going to finish the trilogy!!
  6. thers also this article on g4 saying it can possibly be announced on the 21st
  7. sry i couldnt help but good luck neways!!
  8. never happened to me b4...maybe try it with kriea in ur party!!!
  9. i think ME is biowares best game since kotor and it deserved to be game of the year...u should definately get it!!
  10. atton is my fav. because i like his attitude!!
  11. mercenaries is just ok but i could never get in to indiana jones!! :[
  12. ya i would love to c a game based on the mandalorion wars but we cant even get k3 so the chances of that isnt good!!
  13. The rumors I've heard suggest that the project mentioned here http://www.lucasartsbioware.com/ is being developed in Austin, TX and is a KOTOR MMORPG. Now, that doesn't mean that even if it's true that it's a sequel to K2 exactly, it could be an MMO set in any of the 4000 years of the "Old Republic" empire. However, I could see it very easily being set up as an MMO if you go with the following plot line: "The exile has followed Revan to the unkown regions to fight the threat of the true Sith. She has left her new Jedi companions behind to recruit and train force sensitives throughout the galaxy. You have been recruited. You must finish your training and then follow Revan and the Exile to the unknown regions and join the campain to save the galaxy!" Of course, I think that would be a giant cop out to actually telling the story that needs to be told, but I can see it happening. I'm gonna go cry now... ya lets hope no mmo!!
  14. what do yall think the chances r that they announce k3 at e3 this year...or even give us some news that someone is making it!!
  15. well i was just thinkin and maybe bioware will not make k3!! but they never said they wouldnt let there sister company pandemic do it!! they currently have 4 projects.B,Q,Y, and Z they could do it!!! or atleast i wouldnt mind if they did!!
  16. just a thought but y would u make this whole thing just to vote for the 360 when u coulda done that on the other one!!
  17. i agree...i kinda think that the game bioware is making with them is k3 but they waiting to announce til after the forced unleashed!!
  18. i dont think LA is goin to do it them selves ... i think it will be bioware or OE!!
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