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  1. The first comment I read is something sexual.


  2. Take it back. That's mean. Never joke about rape.

    And I am a chick. Why wouldn't I be?

  3. You're so pale! Oh my God, look at that white skin! I've never seen such pale people before. I must look freaking black next to you.

  4. No! I don't want to upload a pic of me. That's how girls get raped because of teh internets.

  5. Wasn't Anakin's first step towards the Dark Side falling in love? And being stupid.
  6. Oh my God, that was funny. Points for Architect.

    No, Tale, it was meant in a "that's adorable" way.

    Happy Turkey day everyone!

  7. Are you insinuating that I'm a hooker?

    Well aren't you adorable, Tale? So devoted...like a dog.

  8. I saw Beowulf. *shakes head* I'll never think of the poem the same way again.
  9. Hmmm. Men. Who needs them, right? My computer won't sleep around, will it?

    Then again, that'd be a lonely life.

  10. Aw, that's so sad.

  11. Hey, look, guys! I made my profile so eclectic!

  12. Stop being an ****, Architect.

    Aww, Accept, that's so sad. Do you still love you ex? Or your current girlfriend? If you have one... And sorry about the hangover. At least you didn't send everyone PMs like some others here.

  13. You sir, are winner of the internet.
  14. Did this also include the "feature" bugs? Just curious. ... I know, I shouldn't have brought that up I hate you.
  15. I thought K2 was a bit more original than K1 therefore it wins my vote as the better storyline.
  16. And why am I a "dwarf bitch" Arch? Huh? ****.

  17. What the **** are you talking about Accept. Who's doing me? I'm o the other side of the world, if you don't know your geography very well. Geeze...maybe I should leave you.

  18. Yeah, I was expecting more. But the producers said they couldn't do as much as they wanted because of the budget. They wanted busses flying, trains everywhere, stuff like that. But it'd be too expensive. And finally we're going to find out what happened four months ago in the next episode! Finally!
  19. I just read the title of this and I'm going to cry.
  20. Hey, bitches and hos. I'm here now. What up?

  21. Shut up. You know you want me in your mind. And WTF has been happening here?

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