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  1. Since the third game will likley be the last (I think it should be the last) all the companions should return, and Obsidian shouldn't introduce many new, if at all. One of the things that developers screw up, is they introduce too many companions, thus creating too much work for later expansions, and sequels. Bioware has this issue in their MMO SWTOR. What happens then, is that the player doesn't get the closure they crave for those older companions, because the newer companions fill in that space with their new stories (e.g. James in Mass Effect 3). One of the biggest complaints that I see in a series of games is lack of closure. Dragon Age, especially Mass Effect. Devs have to remember that in a game, the player drives the story, they create the relations within the confines of the game, so they are invested in the characters. For those reasons, at the very least, Aloth, Eder, and Pallegina need to return.
  2. Is it really her quest? Because if I remember correctly, the romance was triggered before, and when talking to the contact in Tikawara, she would tell him that she is in a relationship with the Watcher.
  3. So I have Maia at 2 rep, and she gave me her quest after leaving Neketaka, but I never had her first romance conversation where she expresses interest for the PC... Is there a console command that fires that conversation?
  4. Maia tells you what she's doing, and questions the morality of it, to the point that if you call her out on it, she'll end up being dishonorably discharged (the bad ending). If you get her 'good' ending, it says that she and the Watcher maintain a relationship and she visits as much as she can. During the conversation where Maia tells you about shooting the Island Elder, Xoti smiles about it like a weirdo. lol
  5. Personally I really like Maia as a character, and was happy that they gave her a romance option. I'm still hoping that Pillars 3 drops with a Pallegina romance. lol Ydwin would have been an interesting romance, it was nice that Obsidian added what they did to her character though.
  6. Thanks a bunch man, I'm quite new to this form of modding, so I really appreciate the help.
  7. I can't console in the item to test. The game doesn't recognize it. https://github.com/Hohner20/POEII-Armor-Mod/tree/master/The%20Gloom%20Master's%20Coat
  8. The short version is:following peardox's first mod guide, create a new directory for your mod and a new .gamedatabundle file inside it. In the game files, find Gipon Prudensco in items.gamedatabundle. Copy all the data into your gamedatabundle file. Use the online UUID generator to replace the item ID (you can also just come up with a UUID yourself but don't use any letters after F) Find the sharpshooter's garb in items.gamedatabundle. Copy everything in the square brackets after "ItemMods"- an itemmod is what the game calls an enchantment, or any property of an item. Go back to your gamedatabundle and replace everything in the square brackets after "ItemMods" with what you just copied. Voila, a new version of the Gipon Prudensco, with the same effects/enchantments of the Sharpshooter's Garb. This doesn't include upgrades though. If you want to add those, search for the names of the enchantments you want in items.gamedatabundle, copy their IDs, and paste them into the ItemMods square brackets. To add to a vendor, follow peardox's guide in the First Mod thread So the upgrades are separate from those mods I copied? How do I find the same upgrades too?
  9. How would I create a new version of the Gipon Prudensco, with the same effects/enchantments of the Sharpshooter's Garb, and place it in a shop in Port Maje?
  10. They should make the Watcher's story a trilogy, and end it with the next game. Then move on to a new character.
  11. Didn't have that problem myself, went with my POE1 team Aloth, Eder and Pallagenia, plus Maia & Stinkfeathers.
  12. I really liked the DLC, found it a little short, and I'd like to see a true expansion after the main game. Loved all of the new armors, especially the Guardian's Plate, great for a White That Wends character. I was also hoping that the pale elf spirit, might have had a bigger role, she was quite interesting.
  13. I just didn't do their final quests, and did the final main quest on my own. It has got nothing to do with the Watcher anyway.
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