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  1. I reloaded to a prior save when he was still present in my party and finished that playthrough. I don't know what caused the issue, or exactly when it occurred. I'm afraid that I cannot offer you any insight. Sorry. (I didn't mind. I got to play the game more)
  2. Are you referring to the GoG version? If so, can you not do so with GoG Galaxy?
  3. However, as someone who plays mostly good characters, I found it difficult to fully side with any of them, and in the end decided to sail off alone. I would've liked the option to change our chosen faction for the better. For example, if we dedicated ourselves to the VTC's cause, it would've been nice to get the chance to sever their ties with the slavers and get them to stop exploiting the Huana tribes. I too had this issue. Every single one of them left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. You get sol this amazing idea of bettering the world from Castol when you initially meet him, only to ha
  4. I liked it. I feel like it's a logical follow up from the main plot of the first game. Some people express that they don't like Eothas being a Mary Sue, but I think that it fits. There is lore to support that he has championed kith and his motives make sense (even the ones regarding the Saint's War. The conclusion felt logical. However, it also felt like it was not a consequence of the events of the first game but the Saint's War before that. I don't think it's a bad thing, but I can see why that would put some people off. My favorite bits were definitely the interactions with the Gods and
  5. I'm 99% sure it's going to be like the first game. Just added locations/transitions with overarching themes/narratives/quests incorporated into the existing map that must be visited/completed before sailing off to Ondra's Mortar.
  6. The locations are in the game, but there is nothing unifying them.
  7. Sadly, there is nothing like the Endless Paths. Fulvano's Voyage was supposed to be the equivalent, but I guess it didn't make it into the final game (???). I'd say the longest dungeon is either the Oathbinder's Sanctum, or the Drowned Barrows, or the one in Poko Kohara, or the Splintered reef (if you consider the whole island a dungeon). They're not very long either (All consisting of 3 - 4 floors/maps). However... there is DLC on the horizon. Perhaps one of them will add such a feature?
  8. I don't think so. They're probably set before the literal point of no return in the game and concurrent with the base game.
  9. The quest log is bugged, but not the quest itself. I just told her that I dealt with the Crookspur pirates already (don't think there was a skill check). I then presented her with a head, which one of her shaman's verified. Then the bit about the Island itself came up. I said that the Island was leaderless (DO NOT choose the Rautaui plan option. Doing this lead to her saying she wouldn't offer her aid and so I had to reload). The Wahaki ranga then agreed to help to the Queen. Basically follow the dialogue as lew21 did in his/her video. The quest log didnt update and still asked me
  10. 1 of them is in the Splintered Coral or whatever in the bottom right of the World Map. You must kill Mennzago for it. Called Mennzaggo's Grimoire. 1 of them is in the Outcast's Respite in the top left of the world map. Kill Bipara for Bipara's Grimoire. 1 of them drop's from the Ancient Lich in the Flooded (drowned?) cave east of Magran's Teeth. It's called Brawler's Grimoire (for some reason?)
  11. It also depends on what dialogue choices that you choose when speaking to her. Specifically, when looking at the quest journal, both instances of Speak to Xhoti, and Perform the cleansing ritual. They can vary between light and dark, and have an effect on both her ending and the enchantment item that you receive for her lantern.
  12. I wish that I could rewatch/reread the dialogue to quote that lead me to believe that he is in fact his son. This way we could discuss exactly what I interpreted.
  13. Uh... I think it's him thanking for SAVING his life, by preventing him from drinking the kool-aid. No, because he specifically chastises Eder (and possibly the Watcher) for saving him and complains that he now has no purpose and nothing here to live for. My quest journal entry: Bearn consumed poison in front of us, but we were fortunately able to resuscitate him. He's survived the ordeal, though he doesn't appear to be convinced it was for the best. At least for me, he was absolutely not thankful for being saved. However, I am still willing to consider that I am mistaken or mi
  14. Its destination is just off the coast of Magran's Teeth (east from Ashen Maw). Specifically in the vicinity of the word "Teeth" in the game world. It approaches that point from the West. You must intercept it while it is still moving to have any chance of getting a positive outcome.
  15. When you take Bearn back to Hasongo (provided that you manage to save him), Bearn and Eder have an exchange and Bearn says something (that I interpreted as being) along the lines of "I know that you gave me life, but..." It was like Bearn sort of acknowledging that Eder is his biological father, but doesn't feel any connection with him. I'm sorry but I can't remember the exact words, and no longer have a save before completing that quest. Perhaps someone else can chime in.
  16. I didn't know that was an option. I'll have to try that next time Thanks! To be honest I'm unsure. I don't really know which path the ship takes; I only know the destination. I also know that it approaches it while moving from the left side of the screen. I am assume that it leaves Nekataka, sails north Towards Ashen Maw, then possibly turns East. I've only seen the ship moving around in the area around its final destination. I also know that you must intercept it while in motion for a chance at the positive outcome. If it is stationary, then you can only get a negative outcome
  17. Unfortunately, the area where the quest ship is headed is plagued by 4 - 5 aggressive enemy ones. The only options available to you are: 1) Fight them all, one way or another. I elected to keep selected Full Ahead or whatever and boarded them once in range and killed the crew. 2) Evade them. 3) Fight some to restore Morale, and evade the rest. 4) Try to intercept the ship before it reaches that area. Also, as a warning, the quest is timed. You need to intercept the ship before it stops for a chance at a positive outcome.
  18. Yes he is. Completing Eder's companion quest and saving Bearn definitely has dialogue that Eder is Bearn's father.
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