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  1. If anyone doesn't want to wait for the patch to fix this. On Nexus there is a "mod" where one of the options is to change companion dispositions. I tried it with Aloth and got my romance!
  2. I just got friendzoned by Eder. Most seem to play a female watcher, has anyone tried flirting with him as male? Maybe that's way!? I know he mentions the milkmaid in POE I but who knows.
  3. Unless you play on the hardest difficulty, any party composition and builds will work
  4. My Watcher was a pale elf Cipher too! :D I'm going with pale elf priest for Deadfire. Mostly to avoid another "Durance situation". The only reason I allowed him to even exist was because he was my only priest!! lol (...but he was quite the entertaining character...)
  5. So is it better to keep Tekehu singleclass druid? I know what to do with everyone else but I'm torn what to do with him. Is there a list of companions special subclass skills somewhere already!?
  6. i will hire mercs....i dont care about pre defined people. dont care about their stories or what they want or how they interract with others. . meh.meh meh meh Yeah, who plays RPGs for their stories... pfft
  7. Dagger and shield for when things get too close!? Maybe wand as ranged weapon!? I plan on Beckoner to multiclass. The summons as meatshields and distractions.
  8. Once you choose their class, I suppose you can't respec them later and change them to be multi or singleclass again?
  9. I'm not sure what weapon proficiency I should get for my MC that is going to be a Priest/Chanter. My party will consist of 2 frontliners and 2 ranged in the back. My MC squished in the middle. I plan to be full support for my party, dealing a lot of damage is not important for my character. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. It will unlock at 7 pm on Tuesday for me. Hopefully I will have done all my work for the day and can just play all night long. :D
  11. Priest of Eothas for my first playthrough for story purposes. I want to see how the dialogue goes with "You-know-who". Not sure yet if I should stay singleclass or go multiclass with Chanter.
  12. It's implied that Cosmo watches the ship for you while your onshore doing dungeon stuff. Obviously a very important crew member! Five more codes!
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