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  1. While I don't really post here a lot, I just wanted to give my support to this project. The no-reload challenge is great fun and an amazing community experience that has always brought me back to Baldur's Gate for many, many years. Serg BlackStrider has already posted links to the challenge threads in the old bioware forums. The community has mostly migrated to this thread in the Beamdog forum, so here's a link if people want to see how these types of runs might look nowadays: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/40393/maybe-this-time-no-reload-thread-a-rambunctious-celebration-at-the-elfsong/p295 I might - at some point - share a PoE1 no-reload run (I've already completed one for the triple crown achievement years ago, with a Shieldbearer of St. Elcga), but current performance issues with PoE2 don't make the second game an enjoyable experience for me, sadly. No promises, though Good luck to everyone who decides to participate, Enuhal
  2. I agree that it gets boring after a while, mainly due to being very repetitive. In the early levels, I tried different strategies and actually fought some enemy ships with cannon fire, but at some point, I just ended up pressing "1111111111" in every battle.
  3. Just wanted to mention that the "Gold, greed and guts" Achievement is now truly fixed in the current beta build, unlike yesterday
  4. Apparently, you can easily get maximum negative reputation with Maia and Pallegina by resting at one of the three shrines on the overworld map multiple times.
  5. So the update notes are just wrong? That's kind of disappointing.
  6. That's not the only argument I'm presenting. The premise of this thread is that rangers are bad, period. My claim is that, with the right build and a specific item, they are actually quite powerful. A Frostseeker-Ranger is perfectly capable of dealing high amounts of damage on PotD. The possibility of other classes doing even better doesn't really matter that much (at least to me) since this is a single player game, so there's no need for perfect class balance. A ranger still can do a decent job. What I'm saying is: Sure, I'd be happy to see some buffs for rangers, especially when it comes to the pet, which doesn't feel impactful enough right now. However, dismissing the class entirely is an overreaction.
  7. Mh, I just installed the beta patch to unlock the principi achievement, but I didn't get it. Does it only unlock when siding with Furrante?
  8. True, I might have overstated the impact of Stormcaller in PoE 1 (the pet, especially when upgraded with a few passives, really did make the early game much easier). Still, I do think that Frostseeker is a gamechanger in PoE 2, and I would encourage anyone who thinks rangers are weak and can't deal significant damage to try it out (and yes, I'm aware that other classes can use Frostseeker as well, but the bow does work very well with high accuracy, driving flight and twinned shot). Not that I don't agree that some of the nerfs were a bit too much - the fact I needed a specific item to be really happy with my damage does mean that maybe the class itself has a few problems.
  9. I played as a ranger during my first playthrough and didn't find him to be weak. I decided to go with the basic class (didn't like the downsides of the various subclasses); While I agree that the pet is weaker compared to PoE 1 (where Stormcaller-Rangers were my favorite dps build for PotD) and a lot of the pet abilites aren't that great (the passives are okay, but I ended up using almost none of the actives), my ranger ended up dealing tons of damage. This was, however, mostly because of the unique war bow Frostseeker (which can be obtained very early on in the game), which shoots three projectiles and deals AoE damage on crits. I got as many accuracy bonuses, crit damage bonuses etc. as I could find, and with twinned shots (yes, that's 6 projectiles) and driving flight, it was common to completely explode two enemies with every single shot. With any other weapon, though, the ranger felt quite average. I'm sure that many cookie cutter powerbuilds can deal more damage, but in my party (which only consisted of official npcs, so nothing too optimized), the ranger was causing the most havoc. So, not unlike PoE 1, where Stormcaller made the ranger into a real force to be reckoned with, it might be that Frostseeker does the same in PoE 2.
  10. It depends on what your current reputations are. I got it by taking Xoti to two of the three shrines on the overworld map and desecrating them. In my experience, it can be really difficult to get a bad reputation with certain party members.
  11. You have to break into Arkemyr's house and complete this quest as well before you can get Fassina.
  12. Konstaten is on the second floor of the brothel in Nekataka (which is in the docks area, Queen's Berth, the first area you land in).
  13. Has anyone managed to recruit Mirke yet? I've not seen any info on how to do it - I've completed the "Blow the man Down"-Quest by going along with her ideas, but she won't join my party.
  14. I can confirm what @Deathscythe419 posted - once the mutiny screen pops up, just klicking on the "attack" option was enough to get me the achievement.
  15. I can see the logic in that @HoopleDoople - there are quite a few differences between the two games. Still, it feels very strange to important the savegame of a wild orlan Shieldbearer of St. Elcga, but play as an elven Ranger instead, for example. For people looking for true continuity, this means loading up their PoE I save and checking their exact stats and appearance in as much detail as possible. The option of a "true import" to skip all that would've been nice.
  16. I find this quite strange as well - in previous cRPGs with import options, you'd always get to keep your basic character class and background. I'd like for this to atleast be an option (though being allowed to keep the background and chose a new character can be interesting).
  17. Voiced narration really doesn't work very well for me; I like to play and read at a decent speed, so after the first couple of minutes of gameplay, I've always tried to skip through narration as fast as possible. However, it's not too distracting, and I understand that some people might appreciate it quite a bit.
  18. Look here for another one: Edit: Forget what I said - while the video is new, both codes in it have been shown somewhere else already.
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