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  1. Saddam was contained. He lacked the military strength to successfully invade any of his neighbors. tell, me Volourn, which one of his neighbors could he invade that didn't have a stronger military or allies that didn't have a stronger military than he? None come to mind. Also, Volourn, I am very much an American and I never supported the invasion of Iraq.
  2. Again, I am not talking about isolationism. Saddam did not invade anyone when we attacked Iraq this time around. He was completely incapable of invading anyone, so I don't see how your WW2 reference works here.
  3. The problem is, letsryde23, it is not the responsibility of our government nor our soldiers to repair other nations. We are not the police of the world.
  4. It already exists. Its called the power button. You press it. You beat the game.
  5. Iraq hasn't been a threat to Iran since the 80's and Saddam had no power to threaten Kuwait after the first gulf war.
  6. Nope. He was no threat to the US. He was no threat to his neighbors. He had no WMDs. He had no terrorist connections with Al Qaeda. He had nothing that can harm anyone outside his own country therefore no justification. No good came out of this whatsoever.
  7. Heaven Denies - Demons and Wizards I've stained the land Milleniums I've prayed Now I know there's no release Since paradise is lost I hold a crown I know your name But I am just your Fallen angel of doom [pre-chorus:] Thus heaven denies Refused for all times I am not guilty at all [chorus:] Deadlands, Wastelands Darkness will cover my mind And oblivion shall reign I made up my mind And oblivion shall reign through the night Deadlands, Wastelands Darkness will cover my mind And oblivion shall reign Still we are one, you and I Realize, I did what you wanted me to The lack of pure souls and the fading light It's me you blame First there was light Then came the night Cruel nothingness [pre-chorus] [chorus] Hope turns to despair There's no one in these barren lands The lust for light I'm sure that it will fade It will fade Spiritus Sanctus The lust for light I'm sure that it will fade Spiritus Sanctus Eternal hell
  8. There was no justification for invading. Bush simply tries to shift his justification to appease the masses, and with any luck will not work. Over two tousand American soldiers have died and for what? Nothing.
  9. Sata? You don't know who Sata Clause is? Oh sad is the world...
  10. It already went gold and they just didn't tell us... MYSTARY!
  11. Sorry, but I don't see any justification for attacking Iraq. No WMDs. No connections to Al Qaeda. A very much contained regime. Saddam was no threat to the US or any other nation when we invaded.
  12. What is wrong with exposed jewelry? Why is that such a problem? I don't mind the same rules for everyone, as long as they aren't really discriminatory. Such as if she is the only Muslim and they made a no headgear rule how much will that really effect the other non-Muslim teaching staff?
  13. Oh yes, another religion talk from yours truly but this time I am siding with Religion. In the news recently there were a couple of stories talking about two women, one being a Christian and the other a Muslim, who both have similar problems. They fel that they are being discriminated against by their respectful employers for not letting them wear religious aspects belonging to their faith. The Christian woman is employed by British Airways nd wears a piece of jewelly, a necklace with a cross, out in the open Sounds pretty inocuous to me but the peeps of BA say it is against policy to allow jewelry be worn out in the open. Now my question is, where is the harm in it? Is she harassing other people for not being Christians? No. Is it interfering with her work? No. Is it costing the company money if she wears it out in the open? No. So where is the bloody harm?!?! Let her wear her cross necklace and not make a stink of it. Its harming no one. The same can be said about this Muslim woman who is a teacher's assistance. She wears a viel as her sect in Islam dictates but the school demands that she not wear the viel. She would comply to this if no men teachers were present in the class room, but the school didn't like that alternativ either. Personally I don't see how wearing viel would get in the way of the teaching experience for the kids. Frankly it would probably expose the kids to a more diverse culture and raise questions about the Islamic traditions and increase awarenes in diversity. I see this as a good thing. So can oen be religious in the work place and follow the tenets of their beliefs? As long as they don't harass others about their religion, create a hostile work environment on their religion, and don't cut in the profit margins I see why not. Let people follow the tenets of their religion if it causes no harm to others or the business/employment in question.
  14. Only if you have a very very very very strong portfolio and plan on returning to school to finish your education. I would seriously consider carpooling with classmates or move closer if not on campass. Dorm rooms may not be the greatest in the world but gets you walking distance to class.
  15. They could certainly hook that up in an expansion with a new story but I'm not sure how that'd work in this OC without major story surgery. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> J.E. said it would take about 6 to 9 months of work. The expansion could be an in game expansion wheich expands the OC to new areas, put in more material in to fill out the OC in the base game more, along with added content and beef up the druid so it can be equal to the other classes.
  16. Don't really care, Alan. That is your choice, not mine. Just as much you enjoy calling me out when I act like an ass I will most certainly return the favor.
  17. I was thinking of going through a whole Spaceball thingie but that would be just over the top.
  18. I hope they fix it in a patch or an expansion.
  19. This was already covered. Please join us at NOW.
  20. Yep. I hate the whole no death bullcrap. That majorly kills any sort of challenge the game might have.
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