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  1. YOU LOSE! I figured it would be going gold early in the week since they said they sent a candidate release last week.
  2. You know that is pretty catchy. WAY TO GO LOL CLINTON! The question here is are we talking about Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, or George Clinton?
  3. So a stealthed Bob Dole? :ph34r:
  4. You know, I think someone should make a Bot AI program that can give the Turing Test a run for its money. That could be a pretty challenging thing to do and would be fun to interact with.
  5. Ah, that's right. You are in Europe. I would love to get the CE/LG versions but unfortuantely the US is lame and only gets the LE version. Of course it makes sense for the US to be LE.
  6. Really? I could get millions off this on EBay! (w00t) You are famous, right?
  7. I don't think it is a spambot. I mean it is missing the links, man. It has no links!
  8. Now they need to get cracking on the first NWN 2 expansion. :D
  9. *Hades runs off with the guitar pick* BWAAAHAAAAHAAAAA! (w00t)
  10. Three copies, Meta?!?! Wow. Planning to do a LAN party with NWN 2?
  11. HEY! I found 73 cents and a canadian penny.
  12. I liked K2 except for the last but. I didn't like the last bit. Everything else was cool.
  13. *Hades pounces on the noobie and shoves a McDonald's Steak bagel down his throat!* Heya. *Hades then pounces TrueNeutral and rummages for loose change*
  14. Hey, it couldn't be more buggy otherwise it wouldn't install. Now tell me, which is more buggy on release... Gothic 3 Ultima 9 Pool of Radiance 2
  15. Congrats to the Obsidian team and everyone else involved! I can't wait to get my grubby lil' digits on it. Tieflings Rogue/Warlock here I come! :D Okay, that just sounds wrong some how.
  16. http://nwn2.warcry.com/scripts/news/view_n...ite=91&id=65586 *does the happy jiggly dance*
  17. While our resources are stuck in a quagmire that is Iraq, which is spiraling down into civil war, the Bush Administration lets NK slip through their fingers and refuses to take any direct action against a country that is obviously a threat and has confirmed weapons of mass destruction. WAY TO GO BUSHIE!
  18. I am. I'm complaining and for the next 12 to 16 years worth of elections I am not voting Republican.
  20. Hey, there is nothing wrong with Heather Alexander. Its good gamer music.
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