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  1. Well, since I would probably start one while he or she is still in the womb, and figuring $250 to $300 a month... for 8 to 9 years... I am figuring at least somewhere $20,000 to $35,000, without interest.
  2. Hey, its all part of raising the kid. As for the bill, it would be taken out of his or her college fund. That means he or she would have to actually get a job while attending the university, and if he or she decided not to go I guess the money is mine.
  3. What would be wrong with that? I would take the northern part of Italy, half of Austria, and up into Germany so that the border will be that southern river. Yes, Venice and Munich would be part of my version of Israel.
  4. Only reason why they are hiring is because they cannot keep people longer than two weeks there.
  5. Wow, the moderators have definitely went to sleep on this one. 4 pages already!
  6. Having a healthy skepticism in all things is a good way to live.
  7. Yes, poor everywhere... desparation and killing, disease and rot... Oh look, someone threw away a magical great sword! And a potion of Heal.
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! When I start to make sense you know the world is f'ed.
  9. Also it made no sense. The entire city closed down due to a plague, poverty and desparation rising so why would I fine a gem worth a good amount of gold in a trash barrel?
  10. I was this excited when the first NWN was pending release but that game turned to be more than a little disappointment. I hope NWN 2 isn't going to be a repeat, but nothing from Obsidian can be worse than the NWN OC.
  11. If I had a kid and he or she did something stupid and got hurt I will blame the kid, not the school. If parents were actually parenting instead of relying on the media and the government to raise their kids just maybe we wouldn't be having these problems. Also it would help if people weren't so bloody sue happy in this country.
  12. Okay, come on guys. Everyone's posting style is different from everyone's elses, some like to be as antagonistic as possible, some like to use the third person, while others are somewhat moderate. Darque likes to post in the abstract which is cool. Some may consider it spam while others do not. I for one do not. So, lets not dwell on difference but bask in the glory of Neverwinter Nights 2! (w00t) Man, I might need a towel.
  13. Huge? ROFL Sorry, but that was really stupid answer to the starting post I'm solving similar problem atm - both KotOR and KotOR 2 are screwed when the in-game fmv ends in my PC - I have to disable movies to be able to play these games. Oh and I hate that insane feature to turn monitor resolution down to prehistoric 640x480 for movie playback... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> She's on a 56k dial up. That is a freaking huge download for people on dial up.
  14. I wonder if they offered her cake or death. That explained why she took the veil off at the interview. Its hard to eat cake with a veil on. Wouldn't it?
  15. You know, I think someone would kind of notice if there were 15,000 dead people each month for a number of years.
  16. Bloody hell. Kids get hurt all the time. It is how they learn not to do stupid crap. When I was a kid I use to jump out of swings when they were at their highest. One time I jumped so far I landed on the jungle gym. *OOOF!* I never did that again.
  17. Oh, no. I would still given them a country for themselves. I would have carved out land from Germany and Austria instead of the Middle East. After all it was they who started the whole mess to begin with.
  18. When Darque gives a warning people listen, because she is Darque. Well, at least I listen to her. Meta, not so much.
  19. Yeppers. When I used other styles that give Harmonic combos I often use he focus abilty so I can pull them off.
  20. Yeah, Bioware writers don't seem to know how to properly use "foreshadow" in their games.
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