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  1. You got to be kidding me. That is one of the major facets of the game. Kirottu, you suppose to be better than me in gaming. Okay, some martial skills have Harmonic Combos while others do not. You first do the attack that breaks the blocking of an opponent using either an Support or Magic style first. You will see a Yellow timer going around the highlighted enemy. You then use a martial or weapon style that copletes the harmonic combo block breaker attack. If successful the enemy dies in a spectacular fashion and you will get an orb based on the combination of attacks you used. Not all martial styles have Hamonic Combos so you need to read up on their entries.
  2. I never had a problem with that with my mage character. In my builds I would start off putting all points in magic then ever three levels do the same. All otther levels I spread on a one point each. I focused on 2 to 3 "magic" styles (Ice Shard being my favorite), a support style (usually Heavenly Wave), 1 weapon style (the sword is my favorite as well), and one martial style (one of the faster styles like Thousand Cuts). If you do a harmonic combo with Ice Shard you gain a Blue Orb nearly every single time. This constant influx of Blue orbs kept me in Mana to take on a lot of different beasts with magic. Maybe you just weren't playing strategically enough.
  3. If we didn't interfere in those countries in the first place back after world war 2, maybe we wouldn't have the problems we have today.
  4. I like buddhism. When was the last time the buddhists went on a crusade to kill and forcibly convert people? When was the last time the buddhists use car bombs and behead journalists? When was the last time that a buddhist came knocking at my door trying to force literature down my throat? Never as far as i can tell. Buddhism is a very nice religion.
  5. Here is another reason to remove the Republican party from any sort of political party. George W. Bush has stripped the basic human rights of detainees by signing a bill that strips the federal courts of jurisdiction to hear petitions from detainees for writs of habeas corpus, meaning that terror suspects cannot go to court to challenge the constitutionality of their confinement. This is bloody ridiculous. It also not just effect detainees but all noncitizens residing in the US. That includes the 12 million LEGAL immigrants that have residency in this country. This is a backhanded response to the Supreme Courts decision in the Hamdan versus. Rumsfeld case which invalidated the the tribunal system that Heir Bushie tried to set up. The Supreme Court stated, and I agree with them, that terror suspects are to be treated in accordance of the Geneva convention. Innocence till proven guilty, Bushie. Now you are probably wondering why I am blasting the entire Republican party on this. Well, lets take a look here who passed this bill for our esteemed president to sign. The senate passed the bill 65 to 34 with the Houese 253 to 168. Only two Republicans from the Senate did not vote yes to this this gross trampling of human rights. One voted no with the other abstaining. Of the 12 Democrats from the Senate who crossed party lines on this I hope they catch hell from their constituents. So, Republicans are for taking away our rights. Just bloody lovely. Another reason not to vote Republican. For those who are curious here is the bill, now law, in question: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/C?c109...emp/~c109R5uBeN
  6. I place Muslims and Christians in the same boat, right along with the Jews. For each religion spouting that they are the beacon of goodness and peace they awfully kill each other a lot for stupid reasons.
  7. I understand the 85 year old not being a hooter's waitress but why not a 300 pound flight attendent?
  8. The problem there Di is that she is the only minority there that has such dress restrictions working there.
  9. Yes, Hades, this is how the real world works. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, the real world sucks.
  10. It kind of goes like the article I read in the paper the other day about Islamic cab drivers not taking passengers that are intoxicated or carrying alcohalic beverages. The airport of which these cabbies perch at weas complaining about this but they were adamant.
  11. Not if it is at the cost of individual freedoms and rights.
  12. It would have to be a dwarven warlock. :D My first character is going to be a tiefling rogue/warlock named Rosylin.
  13. Yet those dress codes can be discriminatory to minorities who have religious and cultural inhibitions. Sort of racial profiling of whom you want to represent your place of business.
  14. Thanks for the clarification, Oerwinde.
  15. Exactly, Colrom. What harm does the veil do in the teaching of young students? None that I can see.
  16. Maybe its the anarchist in me but that just seems to me a tad draconian to me.
  17. Yes, but some companies could "abuse" that mentality so that only those of certain backgrounds will apply and work for them. Sort of pre-emptive discrimination.
  18. Man that you Fear - Marylin Manson. It has a wicked music video to it. It pays homage to a very cool short story by Shirley Jackson.
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