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  1. One, Bioware didn't make NWN 2, Obsidian did. If was Bioware behind the wheel I would be less excited.
  2. I liked the whole Alien series. Aliens was the best of the four but Alien Ressurection freaked me out with that hybrid and all the failed Ripley clones.
  3. Damn that Samantha Fox! DAMN HER TO SLAHITHER!
  4. Yes, but most of those in power are ****.
  5. Of course Fallout 1 needs to be in the number one spot. Best game of all time, hands down. I have heard good things about Jagged Alliance 2. I still need to play that game.
  6. Biowarians are Canadian. They don't get donuts. They get... FRESH FISH! (w00t) Okay, that makes little sense even to me.
  7. Just because it is a bot does not mean we cannot be polite. Not that we are polite to each other anyway.
  8. And you fell for it. So what?
  9. Star Wars is a is not a medieval fantasy game. It is a space fantasy game.
  10. Yeah, really. Once it comes to the PC you will see. It has the lead from Firefly/Serenity, Nathan Fillon, so it is already superior to KotOR 1. Also there is no Carth-like NPC in the game. The closest is Skye but for the most part he is actually useful, and there is a proper romance option with him... for both male and female characters.
  11. I think JE is in the right place but KotOR 1 needs to be a lot lower. Lower than KotOR 2.
  12. An Argument is a form of of Discussion. I argue therefore I am! (w00t)
  13. People have been using religion for thousands of years to justify violence against others, nothing new here.
  14. If it causes no harm and promotes diversity, why put a ban on it?
  15. HELLO! This is an internet forum. Its purpose is to cause arguments.
  16. Its been a while since I read my Islamic texts, so it is no surprise my memory is a little faulty. Oh well, not that it matters.
  17. Not really. There are the Sunni and Shiite divisions and within those divisions there are those who are moderates and those who are very conservative. The conservative sects use the burka and veil if memory serves.
  18. It does have to deal with her particular sect of Islam, which is heavily influenced by cultural upbringing, so I do disagree with you there, Di. Those about the jewelry makes a good case why and maybe the Christian woman is overreacting, but I still don't see the harm in it.
  19. Oh, the irony! Well, the people who do these things in the ME so far aren't doing themselves any favors by doing this. Responding violently to a Pope's comments and taking it out on worshippers is not a good way to change anyone's opinion or get them to respect your religion. Hmm...maybe this should go in the 'crisis' thread. Colrom, remember this the next time you want to demonize the west for bullying the poor defenseless Muslims in the ME. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree. The stupidity of religious extremism knows no bounds.
  20. I have to admit that I enjoyed JE more than KotOR 1.
  21. For the most part, yes. I am pro-choice, while the majority of Republicans want to eliminate choice. I am for gay marriage and civil unions, while the majority of Republicans seek to discriminate against homosexuals by making a constitution admendment to make such unions illegal. I am for a secular state, strengthening the separation of church and state for that is the only way to create a government and laws that are fair to all who is governed, while the majority of Republicans wants to make the US even more so a Christian only country. Last thing I want to do is live in a Christian version of Iran. I am against wasting our resources on pointless wars, which this adminstration and most Republicans seem to enjoy. I am for direct communication and action against countries who are proven to be threats to our sovereign state, such as North Korea, while it seems that the current administration refuses to have any direct talks with that nation which seems most of the Republicans back the president on. I am for unrestricted stem cell research for the medical benefits will indeed help millions, but of course the majority of Republicans think that is "evil." I don't see this as bigotry, Dark Moth, but a decision I have made because the Republican party, as a whole, cannot represent me in any form any more. I want the Republicans out of office, every office. From local government to the highest levels in the federal government, I do not want to see a single Republican. The way that is going to happen is if those who are fed up with the current ways things are running is to give full support to the Democrats until a viable 3rd party can step in and take the place of the Republicans while the Republicans go the way of the dodo. It is time for forward thinking. It is time for social and scientific advancement. That is not going to happen with the Republicans in charge. [rant]Also I think it is funny that Dark Moth thinks that I am a bigot, while Christianity has 2000 year history of putting to the sword or burning those who did not convert to their religion or submit to their standards of "good" living. We won't go into the genocides they have purposely caused over the centuries nor the current movements to sow hatred and treat certain minorities as second class citizens. Yes, I do have a particular hate for Christianity, Dark Moth. It is well earned.[/rant] Dammit, Dark Moth, I am not suppose to do that! Grrr...
  22. Tried that and it obviously didn't work so I am going to take a different approach. Yes, I agree for the most part but the Republicans, as a whole, are particularly bad. More than the Democrats, the Republicans are the antithesis of my own beliefs and my own moral code. I just cannot in good conscience vote for any Republican any more.
  23. Ah, nothing says friendship more than Chaotic Evil.
  24. I the Bears go to the Super Bowl I would be very impressed.
  25. What a minute here. We are talking about NWN 2, not Fallout 3.
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