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  1. I used to play Warhammer so I may be a little biased... But yes, those faces look hilarious.
  2. I would love to be able to do such comparisons but too be frank its too time consuming do to irl constraints. The best I can do atm is giving educated guesses backed up by limited tests. Therefore most of my time spent testing has been with weapons with complex mechanics. Essence Interrupter is one of the weapons I would really love to do a full run with, but its so new I haven't had time to do anything more then quick tests (where my initial assumptions were quite flawed). As a side note its very hard to conclude why your EI user is doing more dmg then your Red Hand user. You me
  3. More enemies with unique abilities/enemies using more abilities. Dominating Gaze makes Fampyrs the only challenging non-boss enemies in the entire game. Honestly I'd like to see that prioritized before anything else, personally. The game is simply not difficult past level 10-12 with the SOLE exception of Fampyrs.
  4. I happen to be running a party with two rangers (I know I know, but you gotta make the game challenging somehow right?), one with Essence Interrupter and one with Red Hand. The essence interrupter ranger does about 1.25x the damage of the Red Hand ranger. The Red Hand ranger is also a geomancer and thus has access to buffs the Beastmaster EI ranger does not, although this is probably canceled out by the fact that the Beastmaster is using miscreants leather. I really don't think you should be making these lists if you arent willing to do such direct comparisons before putting a single
  5. Yep. I also sympathize with the OP, and I'm in an almost identical situation, shelving the game after level ~14. Without a strategic layer of spell loss, ability loss and hitpoint loss, and not having a replacement for those, the game was never capable of producing the layered difficulty of its predecessors. And once you're hitting levels where you have a dozen or more core abilities to burn every battle for every character -- not to mention all the stuff you can acquire from gear -- it's only possible to generate difficulty in the "boss fights". And even then, it isn't easy. Let it be a l
  6. That's not the ice dragon, that's a low level water dragon. How is he low level if it has 3 red skulls? Noneless I shouldnt be able to solo it so easilyI think he meant low level as in not supposed to be difficult, and typically encountered at the level youre at rather than late-game. Ice dragon generally refers to the final boss of the DLC. The water dragon isn't so much supposed to be a boss as a mildly difficult enemy in a mid-game quest. If you know your classes well mildly difficult enemies generally become very easy in the current state of the game. I agree the game is generally
  7. Considering this issue has been known for a while and not fixed in any recent patches I figured I might as well make a mod that fixes it myself. Hopefully anyone else encountering this problem finds this thread via google. The mod changes Bonded Grief to be removable by resting. Here is the bug-fix mod on the Nexus
  8. Pretty much this (emphasis mine). Single classes should have the major incentive of unlocking the high-tier spells and abilities, unfortunately most of them are pretty sub-par. Wizards and priests are decent, but only decent. I still found myself using the lower-tier abilities more often for those classes, and exclusively for every other class.
  9. I'd recommend a better ship, the combat is generally easy enough without upgrades. That being said, there's no need to get the best ship. I used a Dhow for my entire playthrough (with maxed hulls and sails, and only the strongest 4-turn reload cannon) and was able to beat every other ship in the game. IMO faster jibes and quick-to-reload cannons beat out the big slow ships with ease.
  10. When talking to Maia's pet for the first time she takes a "hope" towards you, I believe this is meant to be "hop."
  11. Description: Maia currently has the debuff Bonded Grief permanently. I've tried all the methods for fixing this that I could find (I've encountered this bug before but its usually fixable by on of these methods). This includes dismissing then re-adding her to my party, manually killing her with other party members, killing her companion, killing both her and her companion at the same time, etc. This seems to be related to a secondary bug: Occasionally (about once a day) one of my rangers will have their companions become stuck. They suddenly stop moving and can't be issued commands
  12. I usually hate "git gud" responses but cmon. The game is easy enough that you absolutely don't have to min-max in any way shape or form to beat it on PoTD. You don't have to be an expert on the supposedly "ever changing rulebook (what exactly changed in the last patch that suddenly makes the game much harder? I don't see anything). I'm certainly no expert at the game, and it was plain boring at higher levels. I use only story companions, so there was no min-maxing going on. Hell i didn't even use AI scripts. I never even look at the combat log. Its not a complex game. The mechani
  13. No replies to this? I'm having the same issue, my essence interrupter has caused exactly 0 summons in the past two days. I've seen the debuff on dozens of enemies, but I'm getting no summons.
  14. I've been having quite a few since the new patch. Notably far more frequent "stuck" combat indicators. Things like health or damage numbers, afflictions, and inspirations get stuck on the screen after combat ends. I also can no longer fight the Guardian of Ukaizo, he does his dialogue then never appears.
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