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  1. Invoking Dragons at the beginning of the fight is pretty cool and very helpful while on the Seeker, Slayer, Survivor
  2. I was only able to find the Spider and I would really like to know where are the other ones, I have the GOG version with the expansion pack for all the DLC to be downloaded automatically. PLEASE HELP!
  3. Deflection and will defenses are highly affected by resolve on Deadfire now. resolve is not used for scripted interactions that much in this game, you use your skills more than before.
  4. Bleak walkers because I always like the way Magran do things and in Deadfire, that's actually the only paladin order that allows you to be a templar of Magran. being extremely hostile is not necessary, you can also select neutral conversation options and alternating between clever and aggressive if you don't like to be that cruel. Bleak walkers also gives you black eternal flames which along with scion of flame and the ring of focused flame is great on any type of build :D
  5. hey guys, I just wanted some help in 2 problems that I'm experiencing. I'm afraid that I cannot explain them very well using words but I'm going to use 2 videos that I have created on this matter. sorry for my English level. it is not good at all but you'll be able to understand what I meant. I am including links of a youtube channel that I have created just to put these 2 errors, you'll find no other videos in the channel so please, don't think that I'm pointing you in that direction because of some sort of profit, it is just that I don't know other way of placing videos here. this video is for the money loss: https://youtu.be/wIpCowjeHec and this video shows the damage type issue: https://youtu.be/aHJlyaVZW_A I hope that someone can help me!! P.D. my install version is GOG v3.1.1.0024.
  6. my recomendation for a goldpact is a devoted two handed fighter with high dexterity. you'll have a great attack rate, good damage, two type of attacks, you also earn gilded enemity for more armor rating, you'll earn a lot of fighter buffs along with healing and mind resistance abilities of a paladin. you'll earn righteous soul too which is pretty useful for solo builds. if you want to be the killer of the party but at the same time be able to heal and support your people then select a templar. I have a templar of Magran that never dies because he's not meant to be toe to toe but hide behind eder and pallegina's shield while healing, debuffing and hitting hard with dual sword or pistol + sword level 2 spell.
  7. Hello, I was thinking on doing this but I need Abydon to be restored, Adaryc to live, Vela to live and pledge myself to Berath, how to do this?
  8. I got Pallegina disintegrated and Xoti exploded by Ciphers on the Sea Lashed Crypt once in one of my trial of Iron and Path of the Dammed plays... it was amazing, I did not lost the battle but lost 2 companions that day.
  9. they do refresh as long as you have dead enemies around... that helmet is quite useful but I don't know, I was only able to buy it on my first ride, my other characters doesn't have it on the shop.
  10. bleak walker is not hard at all... I always play bleak walker subclass or pure paladin... the only problem is that you should always select dooming answers and you must have a LOT of intimidate skill and A LOT of athletics and arcana if you'll play alone and planing to survive.
  11. Hello, I've had the same problem (well almost), with a quest named "A tidy performance" it is a side quest in Dunage... there is no way for me to finish it, I've already dealt with the thugs that wanted to kill me after I talked with the tavernkeeper but then, the guy won't release the girl even after I've paid him so there is no way to complete the quest.
  12. What are you talking about? RESOLVE is one of the most useful skills in the game, not only for resisting mind controlling bullcrap but also for slightly increasing deflection, it is real good if you have a paladin that has at least 15 Intelligence and 14 resolve. if you want a healer put 16 on strenght and good dexterity, you can dump the constitution a little bit, around 7 and compensate with region and other items such as the belt of constitution which gives you 3.
  13. XOTI is great if you put her to melee, dual handed + haymaker + minor avatar + swift strikes + dance of death + her 2 fire and ice minions + fleshmender... she is insanely BROKEN! if you put her to range + galawain favor + all buf and healing spells, she will be BROKEN too!,,, in my opinion, she is the best companion after aloth that you could have in all POE
  14. I would recommend you to select her as a full cipher... what I did was that using dual maces and superb war bow... set her as a charming and dominating specific having all the charming, damaging and controlling skills + the cipher passive skills for penetration. I did this because I needed her for the beast of winter quest and one of the hardest things of this request was killing the messenger. he had a risen paladin with great buff and constitution, also had great mind defenses so I had this great cipher which dominated this minion and put the messenger to fight it... it was great...
  15. I honestly don't like the idea because they would like to enforce the game to not be sold via GOG galaxy anymore... I think that they will try to enforce us to use the xbox platform to play it and also to remove steam from the vendors.
  16. Hello, Imagine a MMO based in Eora, you can create your character, complete quests and all stuff, a PVP,a CO-OP mode, boss killing mode, bounty hunter and contracts, etc. I mean, I have seen many MMO games but I would really like to see something from Pillars of Eternity with anual subscription. Who likes the idea?
  17. this is a very great build, I'm testing myself with a Margran's templar, it is doing good right now and is quite of a killer but I have to use light clothes because heavy armor reduces the DPS hugely and I'm using dual swords (whispers of yenwood, modwyr and watcher's sword) and not daggers or hatchets.. There is a legendary light armor that actually gives you 11 armor rating and also a 3rd weapon slot so I think that I'll keep that one,
  18. I'm sorry, yeah, I'm at work and a forgot the correct name. Its an Arcane Knight which is real powerful, I got ironskin which was one of my favorite skills from POE1 wizards. I want to get the sacred immolation but seems to be pretty hard to get if you are multiclass; as you're leveling 2 classes at the same time.
  19. Good morning guys, I've started my journey on POE2 by using a Bleak Walker from POE1 I became a Spellsword but I wanted to be a Templar of Magran because of the fire, etc. I would like to know if would be better to be the Herald of Berath or go to the wheel? I decided a spellsword because of all the self buffs that you can get and also, the high defense of being a paladin + flames of devotion inclusing the corrode damage. I'm using as main a superb large shield + Whispers of Yenwood (+ spirits silenced + superb). second weapon setup is dual wielder (as I was on POE1) using Modwyr + a really nice superb ice Hatchet that I've found killing a Giant of a bounty. I need to know, basically, what are good stats, where to get money and good equipment, who would be a cool party if I don't want to kill Eothas. and also, If I can trust Serafen (which seems to be a good guy). Thanks for any response!
  20. here is my watcher: 15th level paladin meadow folk white that wends - explorer bleak walker paladin attributes: mig - 19 con - 13 dex - 13 per - 19 int - 18 res - 18 skills: stealth - 7 endurance - 12 lore - 7 mechanics - 0 survival - 5 talents:
  21. you're right and I'm sorry, I was thinking about the Llengrath battle haha. I'll try your strategy when I arrive home, I'm currently at my workplace.
  22. Priest dual wielder yenwood sword + shame of glory + minor avatar is extremely useful along with a wizard using spirit lanze supper self buffed for supporting + damage dealing in order to kill one of the dragons.
  23. how's that possible? how can anybody kill that motherfather? I need the captain viccilo's anger because of the fatigue to replace my hearth of harvest.
  24. I've tried to kill Brynlod and his fellas but he's a bad ass with the dandy singers folking around... he's more difficult to kill than what Llengrath was.
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