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  1. I actually haven't started yet as I'm worried about the beta patch. Good to hear about Pallegina but I was also reading about Aloth and late game dispositions not working properly. If I do the beta build and Tuesday would like the stable version do I just opt out and wait for the stable version to update? Will my saves work "forward" and "back"?
  2. Are these all fixes or just highlights? Aloth, Pallegina and dispositions are still broken right? Anyone who cares about the narrative still can't really play.
  3. Seems to be the case. They work but you sacrifice a lot for it. Not only do you do less damage, you also have worse defense. No matter how much I love 2 handed weapons, they really stink compared to 2 weapons in this game. That said, the game is so easy even on potd that it probably does not matter if you are not optimal so just play what you want. Sadly however, if you want big booms, you need to a single class monk to see thousands of damage per hit lol. I'm not all about ooooo look at the big numbers. I just don't want to be building "wrong" within the tunnel visioned character I have,
  4. So is it universal two one handers are better? Or does that depend on what two handers are in the game and what about if you consider Firebrand/Berath's Greatsword, do those lashes bring them up to snuff?
  5. I haven't played yet because I'm waiting for the hotfix/patch. As I seemingly look at all the trees it just seems harder and harder to multi a martial with a caster or caster/caster. Since most things "fight" for the resource points to be spent it becomes a priority game rather than in PoE1 where you used abilities when you needed them but they were once per encounter/rest. Martial/Martial or straight Caster seem to flow the best. Obviously if you gotta role-play you gotta role-play. For the above it just flows better. Sworn -> Shift -> FoD spam mainly then when you pop out you can u
  6. There's a Twitter post about how a hotfix which fixes Eder/Vela and associated issues is on the way. Hotfixes are before normal patches so that's pretty sweet. https://mobile.twitter.com/jesawyer/status/994276131573383168
  7. They are both broken. If you want to role-play or experience the consequences of your role-playing in what is mainly a role-playing game then you can not.
  8. We're talking about all of the difficulties not just PotD. More specifically it has become a discussion about the health system.
  9. I don't know if the debate is that the game can't be hard or an encounter can't be hard because it obviously can. The problem that's being presented here is that the health system allows you to brute force encounters. If you can escape an encounter by the hair on your chinny-chin-chin then you'll be completely fine after. Then the mechanics of it come into play. In PoE1 any "easy" difficulty didn't matter because you could just camp giving you the same effect as above. I assume this will only be a problem for people wanting to play on harder difficulties as in PoE1 your camping was limited
  10. This one, I think, is normal. (Although I'll admit that I don't know why Eder's line would have a "Result of Pillars 1" badge.) IIRC, this particular line comes after Ed and the Steward tell you what about the statute waking up and killing everybody. He's not asking how you could know him-- he's asking how you could know what has been going on since you've been unconscious. He doesn't know that Berath told you. I believe it's tagged so that you know you're going into a string that will make sense once it's played out even if it seems odd. In this case you're joking around with Eder.
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