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  1. It helps to plan your build but unless you make a critical mistake at level one you can respec. IMO just go up to PotD especially if you play with a party. Pay close attention to armor and the weapons/ spells you need to penetrate, Also make note of any buffs debuffs. In PotD it is critical to get the buffs and notice which debuffs you can affect the enemy with. There are min max builds for both rogue cipher and rogue fighter that you can pull ideas from for what is effective. I would never suggest being unoriginal though. Put your own twist in everything. edit: I'd agree with thelee that
  2. Anyone have a riposte build to share that uses the modded rogue acrobat? I was pleased to see people still discuss the game but at the same time notice not much has come up on new builds since a couple months after release and almost nothing on mod classes. I'm giving the game another go after an extended absence. Also any other ideas from The Class Project mod would be appreciated, but I can take that to a new topic if it comes up.
  3. As stated above rounds translates into 6 seconds. As far as base weapon damage rounds does not matter at all. The per round damage ticks matter per round. What matters for weapons is initiative which is figured in seconds. An example of the 2 in combo would be you cast a spell that persists that does 6 damage per round ( 1 damage per second. ) If you add that to the 4.1 dps you do with weapons that's 5.1 dps. This isn't dnd where you gain bonus weapon attacks on your turn as you level. It's entirely on initiative which is in seconds. Also stated above that's strictly dps. That's assuming
  4. using base sabre and greatsword as an example with both feats on my character (all other buffs being equalized) this is what I get. Sabre 5.4 initiative 6.2 both added weapon initiative 11.6 total intiative total average damage of both per strike is 47 47/11.6 = 4.1 dps greatsword 5.4 initiative 3.6 weapon initiative 9 total initiative average damage per strike is 28 28/9 = 3.1 dps I'll use another 2 examples quarterstaff and sword. Base quarterstaff is exactly the same as base greatsword 3.1 dps Sword average damage is 39 with the same we
  5. I have not tested it. I have so many irons in the fire already I barely finish end game content unless I console gear and levels in and just teleport to areas. One of these days I'm going to do a legit start to finish again to pick up some of the remaining berath's blessings. I would like to test it but, my guess is someone beats me to it...
  6. Initially scout would be better. By the mid to late levels ranger pulls away. It really depends on what you want to focus on. If you aren't worried about the dlc then scout is just fine. If you do want to do all the dlc take every late game advantage you can. Really pellagina would work as crusader as well. I usually like the dual passive aoe heal and the summons, but they aren't absolutely necessary with Tekehu as druid for heals. It would be my choice, no reason I can tell you crusader should not be yours. Serafen has some pretty good dialogue if you aren't terribly squeamish. 2
  7. You're main is entirely up to you. Sounds like ok choices either way to me. Tekehu as pure druid is great because of the lack of summons and like you said the aoe. Take his shark mode out of the ai so he never transforms without you wanting it. He has a habit of transforming and committing hari kari in real time. I like to keep him with the rod. It is a solid dps choice and keeps him in the back. Pallegina I prefer as dual class. You get 2 sources of passive heals and she has a valuable source of summons since Tekehu can't. Do you have a mod that allows more classes on her?? You don'
  8. You are particularly looking to put tier 2 + 3 might and con inspirations on the pet. Whether you do that from multiclassing yourself or from party buffs you'll want the +2 pen and +2 armor on the pet along with the other benefits. Priest has some other juicy buffs that help with accuracy and might, not to mention healing. That's strictly speaking for stalker if you are looking to optimize the pet. If you choose ghostheart then take animancy cat. I really don't know what else helps the ghostheart right off because the only reason I take it is to not have a pet. I'd take wael or woedica for
  9. With the staff for reach and the easy summons from ancient you should be able to cover melee while casting. If you have problems tank up aloth. It's easy enough to do and you still have plenty of firepower left for casting damage.
  10. If you prefer Serafen as Barbarian the obvious weapon choice (considering you want to debuff fortitude) is morning star. To fill your other prerequisites then take Ydwin as pure cipher. You gain your last slot and a source of brilliant. Along with that you fulfill giftmefood's tier nine ideals (I tend to agree.) The damage you lose from Xoti as a monk will be made up for with Serafen. You won't need to worry about damage anyhow with Aloth pure wiz and you as pure Ancient.
  11. Yep. That's why it would hinge on raising the cap for the ability. Otherwise meh. Just raise the amount healed by like triple.
  12. The sage tank is the only way I can see this working in solo. You'd need to take all of the low level aoe vs. all affliction spells and pull of eora. I'd stick with moderate or better int and max resolve. Take any gear that reduces affliction time and stacks resolve. You'd need to max perception to hit yourself. Maybe lower might to keep from damaging yourself too much. There's some ok-ish gear from beast of winter for afflictions. I'm not sure how that would work to alleviate the symptoms of a subpar build?? In a party situation I'd take it solo (or maybe forbidden fist/zerker?). I'll console
  13. Which stats might etc. would you give each and which races? I like this build. I would lean toward going tactician/beguiler as a possibility to replace tactician/beckoner. One covers flanking by adding lots of summons and the other covers it with phantom foes. With tactician/beguiler I would take tactician/debonaire. It's more of a reliable source of the charm/crit combo. I like the other idea better so I'll elaborate more there. With tactician/beckoner or /troubadour I'd want the heavier summons like the drakes or the ogres to absorb some damage and flank as well as the skel
  14. It does in-game I think. I read it somewhere anyway. I've been playing around with a blood mage / steel garotte aloth but 1) I used the unity console to craft him and 2) I haven't gotten Citzal's yet on this run. if you're testing the combo please share any info you figure out. It is in the description. I have not fully tested whether there is anything besides weapons that will provide the health. With a garote/bloodmage and a chanter/something you could use the chant that gives 15%, concelhaut's staff that drains (%?), either of the other 2 wiz draining spells, and the garote weapon
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