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  1. I have to say I'm just as baffled as Josh on why Deadfire did not sell well. Maybe it's because games like Deadfire are right in my wheelhouse. I greatly enjoyed all of the games he referenced, PoE1, PoE2, Pathfinder Kingmaker, Divinity, etc. Both turn based and RTwP can be great if done well so I don't think one is inherently better than the other. RTwP worked great for Deadfire in my opinion. I tried the turn based update and hated it. Turn based worked well for Divinity but even DnD computer games tend to use RtwP. Honestly, of all these games Divinity was my least favorite but not b
  2. There are a lot of things I like about Deadfire but if I had to pick one, it would be the general design of the game mechanics, Inspirations vs Afflictions and the buffs/debuffs they provide, how the character stats work, the skills, class design (sub & multiclass), I also really love creating my own AI scripts for my characters. Basically everything associated with building a character. That counts as one thing, right? My least favorite was how the final faction choice can result in a companion leaving you. I spend so much time building my party, developing tactics, AI scripts, upg
  3. This will be a full playthrough (all DLC and as many Mega Bosses as I can beat) What would be a good way to get resource regeneration? Should I replace someone with Ydwin as pure Cipher? Here is the team so far.... Watcher: Battlemage (no subclasses) - 2H Weapons - Skills: Athletics / Insight & History Miaia: Ranger (Gunhawk) - Arquebus - Skills: Stealth / Survival Serefan: Barbarian (no sub) - Dual Wield - Skills: Athletics / Streetwise & Bluff Tekehu: Druid (Watershaper) - Two Handed (Rod, War Bow or Arbalest) - Skills: Arcana / Religion Pallegi
  4. So Ranger is better than Scout for Maia as ranged DPS? I was thinking Sneak Attack and some of the Rogue skills looked good but Driving flight is nice too. Is Arquebus preferred for any reason? As much as I love Crusader, and I will miss Armored Grace and Constant Recovery, I think I will give Herald a try for Pallegina. 1H with Shield is probably best although I kinda like the idea of 2H for her. I will stick with Tekehu as pure Druid and I also like the idea of pure Barbarian dual wielding. I think I will go with Serefan though because I haven’t really used him in my previous games
  5. I started a new playthrough to try out turn based mode. Veteran difficulty, all upscaling. I could use some help deciding who to take as companions and developing the builds. I do like suggestions on gear for each build as well but I do not want a build that is all about getting a specific weapon or gear combo to "make the build work." I have too much fun trying out new weapons and armor when I find them to stick with one fixed weapon which is why I couldn't bring myself to take Devoted I'm kinda torn between sticking with what I know works and trying something new. For example
  6. I have to disagree. Limiting free actions would seriously destroy many builds. You have to understand that in Real time with pause mode, those free spells cost .4 second because you are supposed to be able to buff up your character in two seconds and get right into the action. Otherwise your Battlemage type characters who depend on those buffs would spend half the battle just casting buffs and never get into the action. What fun is that? Being able to "buff up freely" is how the game has always worked and how the classes and abilities were always designed to be used. Really it is no d
  7. I have always liked Palagina as a companion and in my first playthrough with imported save from Poe1, I really felt bad about how things ended up for her after she supported me in Poe1. So, I supported her and helped the VTC as much as possible although I did side with the pirates in the end. Again, she still ended up with a pretty sad ending slide and again I felt like her life is ruined just for being my friend. So, in my second playthrough I dediced to support Huana. I was really torn over this decision because I knew it would cause Pal to leave me. The thing is supporting Huana act
  8. Also, the first two steps in binding the robe requires you to use two quest items that you later loose and can’t get back. Is it not possible to sever binding and rebind to someone else without those items?
  9. If it helps, my game says v4.0.0.0034 LAX123ABCDEFG-steam. Also in the lower left corner of the main menu the icon for Forgotten Sanctum is lit up. In Steam both Forgotten Sanctum and Season Pass shows as installed.
  10. Same here. Got the event with the giant wave. Been sailing all around Tikawara for days and nothing happens. I took the afternoon off from work to play this and I can’t even start it. I have season pass and dlc appears to be installed properly on main menu. I have never installed any beta branch. Just playing my last save from after last dlc.
  11. Same here. Got the event with the giant wave. Been sailing all around Tikawara for days and nothing happens. I took the afternoon off from work to play this and I can’t even start it.
  12. You can get the fragments from custom history if you choose that you did not reforge the blade. It has nothing to do with saving the crate or the deckhand.
  13. My understanding is that births will continue as normal for awhile because the souls already in the beyond can still be reborn but as people die those souls will be stuck in the in-between and unable to move from there to the beyond and eventually reborn. So the crisis is not immediate and the world at large may not notice anything for awhile (depending how many souls are in the Beyond at any one time). Many people have asked what happened to souls before the wheel was built and I think it's the same idea. The Beyond is a giant holding area for souls that are next in line to be born and
  14. In my playthrough she placed barrel bombs in the water around Ukaizo in addition to the storms and it's pretty well insinuated that she means for no one to claim it, not even herself. She also doesn't steal the Hangman, I think it's assumed that you no longer need it given that you're heading back to the Dyrwood. I actually found this to be the best ending, not the worst. All the others require you to either side with a demonstrable faction or throw the region into total chaos. I guess it depends how you read it as to if she steals it, I know she never asked me if she could have it
  15. The end game choice is clearly about choosing whom ever you see as the lesser of four evils but I found it difficult to know who to assist throughout the whole game. As the watcher I thought my duty was to protect lost souls and the ardra they depend on. The RDC wants me to destroy the arda so they’re out. VTC only wants me to restore it so they can come along later to smash it and sell it. I wanted to help the Huana return to their original home but they will only accept my help if I agree to frame an innocent man, really?
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