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  1. Oh comeon. Criticizing score before being able to play the game. Scores are stupid anyway. Though as I would give PoE1 7/10, 8 is an improvemenet. The few reviews I glanced through did have some issues with the game. We will see. It will take weeks before I form my opinion. while I agree with you in general, that gamespot review was bad to say the least, in the sense am wondering if the reviewer played the original or deadfire saying stuff like "Eder changed and started smoking in deadfire" or "the game is part turn based" like makes really wonder how much effort he put in there so a
  2. The guy 3 posts above you, mentioned there was no preload My bad I somehow missed his post. ty
  3. While rogue/cipher/ranger is bad singelclass maby, as multiclass they can add alot so don´t see them as total trash. Rogue can add 100%+ dmg to auto attacks (with diffrent talents). Cipher have big melee nuke. Ranger got good bonuses for a ranged focused char (focused on using ranged auto attacks) and add another meat shield. Ciphers aren't bad as single class, they still do good damage while has having CC that only second to wizards maybe. they also have one of if not the best buff in the game in defensive mind web(I think it's a tier 8 power so only to single class), can give free empow
  4. does gog have a preload? cause am getting it there and haven't checked.
  5. I would say so, given the fact that you have abilities which literally upgrade how much damage your animal companion does, and what types of attacks it has. Considering a weapon is simply a tool to cause damage to someone else... and your animal companion can do that, it IS a weapon. You don't have to hold a weapon in your hand... like a grenade, or missile you have fired by pushing buttons. Given you can specifically tell your animal companion WHO or WHAT to attack, that makes it a SENTIENT weapon. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/weapon weapon noun1A thing designed or us
  6. pffft If the sword doesn't have a romance then I don't care about the subject!!!
  7. Am also a sucker for any ultimate summon type spell, so no druid/priest/wizard (all 3 have intriguing summons on power level 9)multiclasse for me. Likely will have the dwarf side kick or a hireling(based on my littel bro) as a pure chanter too. Everything else though, am multiclassing, it's just too fun for me.
  8. Well, if not, you could have used DOS2 as well. I don't think DOS 2 is overrated honestly, good but overrated especailly as a single player game. It also is honestly nothing like the games that's I'd suggest after it (The IE games) and is more like ultima etc....So do you think it’s overrated or not? It's a really great Coop experiance, and an average single player RPG at best. eitherway not 94/100 game. Of course this is just my opinion. EDIT: OPS I just reread my comment I wrote "don't" instead of "do". sorry my bad.
  9. Am personly glad fighters get to be NOT the most boring classe in an RPG for a change. Black jacket in particular seems like a lot fun(not necessarly strong though)
  10. am instantly replacing Pallegina portrait with her POE1 one, differance in quality is just massive IMO and am planning to have her as my main tank cause Eder will be more of a DPS fighter/rogue in my first playthrough, rest of the portraits seem fine.
  11. I mean the guy is throwing a tantrum and you can mock all you want but he is right at least partially, Heals seem to be too strong in deadfire and this essentially the health/endurance change's fault(wow another injury based system is a failure, you'd think Tyranny would've taught them otherwise) and perhaps poor balacing of the spells themselves and HAS NOTHING to do with the rest system itself, and it seems enough to trivialise the game maybe. Based on Cohh stream, the game on POTD seems MUCH MUCH easier than poe on POTD. Basically if coh was playing the way he is now on POE POTD he'd wip
  12. I guess it's a bug because backstab is only activated on the first attack? even so conceptually and logically it should work on all of the blunderbuss attacks.
  13. Well, if not, you could have used DOS2 as well. I do think DOS 2 is overrated honestly, good but overrated especailly as a single player game. It also is honestly nothing like the games that's I'd suggest after it (The IE games) and is more like ultima etc....
  14. I think the answer is no and it should be no, ONLY weapon damage builds focus for obvious balance reason, If we're to follow the logic you're implying then litterally any ability a cipher multiclasse has should generate focus like a wizard fire ball, also including cipher own abilities.Which is of course against the entire concept of the classe. Also adding arteficial synergies like that seems like a bad design IMO, just let the classe abilities interact and build synergies naturally. Edit: To add another point, cipher generate focus using their soul whip which is similar to an enchante
  15. Word of mouth and a few youtubers that share my tastes is what I use decide my purchases. Both professional and user review aren't too trust worthy to me, although if deadfire can lock a 94-95 score at metacritic I'll be giggling like a little girl, maybe cause I can use that to convince some of my friends to get into CRPGs through it.
  16. Pack it boys, we're done, ggwp,no baby orlans means another delay, most important feature of the game. funny thing is am not sure if am serious or not about the last part .
  17. Good thing about having crappy internet, I'll likely finish downloading the game after the day 1 patch comes out.
  18. From what I've seen so far, it's on par with Hard in PoE 1. The biggest reasons it seems easier are the vastly improved companion AI and the ability to see whether a quest or an area you're doing are above your level. can we disable the skull thing? it takes away most of the thrill of exploration. POE was a great with UI options hope this is the case with POE2.
  19. I mean side with him in the plot and against berath and the other gods, He's my second favorite POE god after Abydon( wael and galawain are up there too but we haven't seen too much of them yet honestly)
  20. As far as am concerned, am gonna try my hardest to be the champion of Eothas, hope the game allows for such a choice.
  21. While I agree with you, I'd like to note that when a game has 5 difficulty settings, any complaint about the highest setting(POTD) being too hard should be ignored, If someone is not up to it, he has 4 other settings to choose from. But If POTD is too easy then the hardore crowd is left with nothing.
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