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  1. I took Veil first but never used it, when I re-rolled my character (wizard) I decided to replace it with interrupt blows (Veil last only 10-12 seconds)... and there is other ability which do almost the same effect ... (all the double spells) .. Sadly interrupting blow is not enough to interrupt a dragon Equipped my wizard have 17 perception, and 36 interrupt (including Interrupting blow talent)..
  2. I tried to set my Wizard on Defensive + auto attack Defensive, and he used all my Spirit shields in a loop and in less than 30 secs... I read somewhere setting the Wizard like that was a good idea, but I will return to Damage..
  3. You are lucky, since some time the action icon (on top of my character) disappeared, sometime I can see it, sometimes not...
  4. No. Weapon accuracy has nothing to do with spell accuracy. The only exception is: using a one handed, single weapon will give a Chanter +12 ACC for some of his chants and invocations (not all). I guess it's a bug. Has always been there though. All spells' accuracy is calculated as follows: your base accuracy (determined by your class starting value, PER bonus/malus and +3 per level), the bonus the spell has (most have +10, but there are also ones with no bonus or with +15 bonus) AND +1 per character level because it's an active ability. All active abilites in PoE gain +1 ACC per char level (compared to auto-attacks, which don't). If you use summoned weapons like Minor Blights a lot - or if you shoot with your implement a lot then yes, it's totally worth it. If you are using mostly spells then no. There are implements that do something on crit. For example the Rod of Pale Shades causes stun on crit - with the AoE of the blast, too. If you want to use that you should def. get the +6 accuracy. It works, but you must be farther away than 4 meters (or was it 7 meters? Can't remember). Because of this precondition the bonus is not displayed on the character sheet. But you can see the effect in the combat log. Thank You for your answers .. So Weapon focus talents are a must-have if you use a lot your weapon or summoned weapons, good to know.. About Marksman, I just tested it in the stronghold without any enemy I took the talent, and compared the accuracy (before and after - I took in count the +3 accuracy per level), so my test wasn't in fight mode ... I should have take the presence of enemy in count.. I am thinking to take the Interrupting blow talent on my wizard, I wonder if interrupt work like accuracy (If the wizard/druid/priest spells have their own interrupt not calculated by perception, or if interrupting blow and perception count in the spells).. I read somewhere it count, but I would like to have a confirmation...
  5. I have a lot of crashes on PS4 (frequently during load-screen), but I didn't got any trouble to go in Hadret house, may be if you try to travel to another location then return and try again (hope it will work), for me the game crash 3-5 times per day and may be more... Sometime during a load screen, sometime it crashes without explanation and I get always the same error on PS4 Error : CE-34878-0
  6. The game crash also frequently during travel... Be warned save frequently or lose hours of playing... Please fix this ...
  7. You know, it is possible, because I didn't payed attention to the attack log... And may be for Sagani I should give her a more powerful weapon, I wanted to stay with her default bow because it is a dual type of attack bow (pierce and blunt) but may be she desserve a better weapon.. The lack of abilities for Sagani disturb me a bit too, but I didn't played with her since a few days, I should look at her now at lv14 (she is probably still lv8 more or less) ....
  8. Hello, After all that time, I wonder if we know more about the mechanic of weapon accuracy and spell damage (hit, critical hit) .. All spells have +10 accuracy when they are launched (The global accuracy increase +3 per level), but does the accuracy of the weapon increase the accuracy of the Wizard spells or Druid/Priest ? (someone said no in that topic - and took the example of the rapier) - But 6 month later do we know more ? My character is a Wizard, and I am hesitating between "Weapon focus Noble" (+6 accuracy for Wand and Rods) and the elemental damage, are the +6 accuracy really important for a wizard ? specially if the weapon accuracy don't increase the spells accuracy ? PS : While I was re-rolling my character I tried Marksman, and it doesn't increase the accuracy of the wand/scepter/rod... Some players on other forums recommended to use Marksman for wizards, but I don't know, I see no effect in accuracy with a magical weapon equipped... I would be interested in any recommandation ... Thanks
  9. Really ? Nice ...When I saw Sagani fox attacked an enemy on the ground (kicked back), I didn't even notified any change to the lifebar..; I should re-roll her and try to make something good with her...
  10. ? It's more around 80-100 damage for me (on crits). Depends on the level of course - because the pet's base damage scales with level. I like the two of them, but I probably have problems to set her correctly... What weapon are you giving her to do 80-100 dmg ?
  11. Yes, sadly I am on PS4, no console commands for me Thankyou, I had some doubts but I wanted a to be sure, I am trying to store my "not very wanted" stuff in the library, but considering the time it take to load a room, I would have liked putting anything in the same container...
  12. I have the same problem, since I got Psychic backslash she get stun for 5-7 seconds at the beginning of each fight, it haven't yet been fixed on PS4, I will reset her quickly...
  13. You are so right.. the Grieving Mother seem to need to be managed a lot more than the other (which need also to be managed)... Using the AI is not easy in that game, because if I manually click an enemy the game don't interrupt the casting to launch a physical attack, it is like if the AI had priority on my orders... I would have preferred to have a priority over the AI (use the AI, but use a physical attack when I manage the character)... But seeing her stats, what should be best for her, melee or ranged ? Powerful ranged weapon are made for a rogue which have specials abilities to increase the rate of fire/reload (like Sagani have), something tell me she would be better in melee (most of her spells are short range).. Any advice ?
  14. yes, I think you are right... the Cipher need to be managed a lot more than the other (which need also to be managed)... Using the AI is not easy in that game, because if I manually click an enemy the game don't interrupt the casting to launch a physical attack, it is like if the AI had priority on my orders... I would have preferred to have a priority over the AI (use the AI, but use a physical attack when I manage the character)...
  15. Hello, I am on PS4 Pro, and the game crash sometime, it happen when I enter or exit a place (during a loading screen). And POE doesn't support the PS4 application sleep mode (leave the game in background while using another application), if I don't restart the game after I watched my movie, the game crash after a while... Error : CE-34878-0 Is there a fix ? Thanls
  16. i was surprised at the end of the quest, we can't ask Lliras what will happen with him and the baby, (I killed Simroc, can't kill a baby)... He look to be a good guy, but I would have appreciated to have more details about the future life of the baby... May be later..
  17. I would be interested to know which weapon you have put in the hands of your Grieving Mother, and why ... I gave her a bow but I am not very happy with it, because I don't manage her very much, and the AI don't take the time to fill entirely the focus before casting her spell, it fire as soon as there is enough focus.. Thanks
  18. That's exactly why I have a problem with the Grieving Mother, I wanted to give her a gun as a lot of users advise it, but I notified when she is reloading she don't cast any spell, she can't, so I gave her the soul bound bow, but the Grieving Mother AI is my other problem because she start to cast a spell after one shot, so she will never use her better spells because with a bow she don't have enough focus to cast Rank 7 spells... And for my wizards, I give them a wand, or a rod, but I prefer a wand, more fast to attack, and as someone (on the forum) made me notify, wands are better for the blast talent... The more fast you fire, the more blast you use...
  19. Hello, Is there a limit in the treasury chest ? I am using the containers in the library to stock anything I don't want to sells (scrolls, potions, etc) and I notified the limit is 3 pages... Is this the same for the treasury chest ? and if yes what happen if I the treasury if full (with crafting items and plants I receive from the stronghold) and one of my companion return from a mission with an item as reward? will I lose it ? Thanks
  20. Usually I can detect traps in stealth mode, some I can disarm, and other I can't... I can always see them, but some of the traps (In Galvino laboratory, in the room with the haunted pistol - or in the Hall of remembrance in the Durgan's Battery) I can't even detect them, I see them only with the "scan function" Tab on PC. is that a too low mechanic problem ? or are they special traps ? ... I heard WM need 12/13 mechanic, and I can have 10 max for now ..
  21. 10 mechanic worked for me, with 15 perception, but with 8 mechanic I searched it and didn't find it, I had to rest to have +2 Mechanic (in Caed Nua) to see it ... May be perception have something to do with discovering hidden things (as said in the perception attribute description, it permit to see things happening in the background (more or less, I translate from French))
  22. Hello, I tried just now, and two years later, resetting the wizard reset all the spells learned (but don't reset the grimoire)... It mean it is very expensive to reset and re-learn all the spells for a wizard, more than any other classes... Not very fair... So if you haven't several grimoire with all your learned spells in them, don't reset or you will lose everything, but at least it is possible to re-set the attributes..
  23. Hello, I just have finished 2 minute ago the quest "The White forge" and I have some interrogations : Who attacked them, and why ?, who are those "Eyeless" ( Maegfolcs in French version of the game) ? - and why ? did they disturbed them with the forge and the adra ? - I hate when a story finish without giving any explanation, it is a half made work for me, I hope I will have more informations in the codex found later in the game or in the WM2... Do we know more about it in the WM 2 ? or will it stay as it, as a free mistery without any explanation ? Ps : I searched Maegfolcs in google but except a belt, no information about them .. Thanks Ced
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