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  1. Clearly you've never lived anywhere with seagulls. They are a menace.
  2. They have combat barks and stuff and a few short ambient comments for certain locations, but very few compared to full companions.
  3. PoE 3 will just basically be Life is Strange but in Eora
  4. Well, I disagree with your basic premise that there was a huge drop in quality between PoE1 and 2. You are, of course, welcome to your opinion but it just is not an objective truth. Re: Rekke I don't see how his backstory undercuts PoE1 at all but maybe you can elaborate. As for the tablet, it's meant to be funny, sure, but it also tells you something about Rekke's culture: that horses are important to it. There are little clues in a lot of his lines that tell you about him and his country and I consider them breadcrumbs. Here's some canonical references to other cultures, languages, peoples, religions, and landmasses, isn't that interesting? This will probably come into play in future installments. Why does this all have to be 100% explained in Deadfire for it not to be considered "bad writing"? Also I never said Rekke was from the past, dunno where you got that from. You're making a looooooot of assumptions about what a third game would look like. There's absolutely no reason I can see that it would look like this phantom game you fear.
  5. I think he might be cursed and you are the only thing standing between him and certain doom, lol.
  6. I'd be surprised if they added more romance content in the expansions but I do think the relationships were kinda light on content. Aloth's especially felt like it could've used at least one more conversation in between initiating and the final endgame convo.
  7. He still dies though in the epilogue if you don't do his quest... So idk if not meek means just being an ass WAT???? Lacking a watcher to read the Wahaki leader's soul, all he can find out is that Thaos clearly influenced the tribe, but fails to find out how or why before the Wahaki grow too suspicious of him and his sighs. Unfortunately, it turns out he can't turn away Wahaki spears with his sighs, which probably gave him quite a pained look. IIRC he dies this same way during the game if you refuse to let him join you
  8. I'd call things like Rekke's dialogue, the question of what existed before the Wheel as we know it, and what other gods might be out there intentional breadcrumbs pointing towards a third game rather than "criminal" writing. And as much as I enjoy his work, I think this hero-worshippy idea that Avellone is the only good games writer out there is a little weird.
  9. I'm chalking this up to first impressions. There's not much to hate about Maia when you meet her, whereas you get all of Tekehu's worst qualities up front. If you never bother with their personal quests I can see how that might happen. Personally I don't think Tekehu's bad qualities are all that bad but some people really seem to hate them. Poor sweet fishboy.
  10. I'm gonna guess it's because conversations in games are usually designed so that the player is the one receiving new information, because reading things that are new to you is always going to be more interesting than things you already know. If you had the ability to teach everyone in the game that the gods are constructs, then you'd essentially be having very similar conversations frequently, and the only thing that would be new to you would be the character's reaction, which seems like a lot of work for little payoff. With characters like Xoti or Tekehu the payoff would be bigger because they're more important characters and because the gods are central to their identities, but still, that would be 2 conversations in which you are rehashing things that you as the player already know, and although you would learn things about your companions just from their reactions or questions, it still seems like it wouldn't be worth the resource investment. I wouldn't want to sacrifice one of the conversations we already have for one where you can break this news to people.
  11. My issue is less about the weight, and more about most of the weapons people are carting around are 2+ foot long "sticks" of metal/wood that have to be either held or attached to you somewhere. There's only so many places you can put such things and still fight in melee realistically. And by "so many" I mean, 1-2 at most. Daggers/small knives are one thing, can be fit into a belt or some such. But multiple long swords/maces/axes/spears etc. would quickly get in the way far too much to fight in melee and not get hung up on either the items themselves or the belts & whatnot used to attach them to someone's body. Oh, I agree that inventory systems in games are unrealistic, but I wouldn't want to play one with a realistic system. I was talking about things I see in pretty much every thread about fantasy games and realistic combat, like that you need a ton of muscle to wield swords or that full plate armor is always the best armor no matter what the circumstances are. I don't believe those things and I'm mildly annoyed when I see them.
  12. I don't know why people always think swords weigh like 20+ lbs but I'm gonna blame Blizzard (and Warhammer I guess).
  13. 1. Not that I can recall 4. No but there are a few cosmetic bird pets you can have 5. Nope 6. No but ~anything is possible in your imagination~
  14. It's not that his life is over, it's that he can never go back and be the person he was before the war, and that Eder had a future that probably involved marrying some nice local girl and living that farming life. He misses his friends and family, his hometown as it used to be, and his uncomplicated religious faith. He's stuck mourning for all of that and hasn't managed to let it go and move on. Realistically he's not that old and he could still settle down if he wanted to, but it'd inevitably be different than what he used to imagine for himself. I think he shoves all of this aside instead of dealing with it, so he remains stuck.
  15. This particular trait of his is actually explained in his short story. Keeping things neat and well-organized helps him repress Iselmyr, so it's a habbit he developed in his attempts to maintain control. Ah, I should really go and read those sometime.
  16. I don't think it's a gender thing but more that the male crew members in this game set off his irresponsibility pet peeve because of their personalities. Maia, Pallegina and Xoti are incredibly dedicated to their causes, even to a fault in the case of Maia and Pallegina especially. Whereas Serafen and Eder are dedicated in their own ways but more laid back and irreverent, and Tekehu is...Tekehu. I would call him neurotic in a colloquial sense but not a clinical sense, meaning that he's very uptight and anxious by nature, always second guessing himself and holding himself back. I don't think he has OCD, I think he's just particular about certain things like order and cleanliness due to both his personality and his upbringing. I also think that they've done too good a job balancing out the choices you can make for Aloth like what to do with Iselmyr or whether to go pro- or anti-Leaden Key, or whether to tell him to give up on his mission. I go back and forth on what I think is best for him but ultimately I lean towards keeping Iselmyr, having him go anti-Leaden Key, and telling him not to give up on his mission. Even though it means he leaves the Watcher in the end cards. I think it's healthy for him to be a little more assertive and pro-freedom, and he sounds proud of himself when he talks about strategies he figured out on his own. I think he needs that kind of thing and it's good that he's found the confidence to follow his own lead. But it kills me a bit that he sounds so happy in his little comments after you trigger his romance, because he sounds happy so rarely and because the relationship won't last very long.
  17. No but i have been watching the steam charts. The reason i have been watching the charts is becasuse i love BG2 style games and i was hoping that deadfire would do really well so they can make more of them. It clearly isnt selling well. Very clearly not selling well. That's not very clear at all. It's certainly possible that it's not selling well, but you don't have enough information either way. Assuming it's accurate, the steam chart is a datapoint. One point of data isn't enough to estimate profit.
  18. I like playing a total outsider background at least on a first run because then it's only natural that I'd be clueless about everything, and I don't feel beholden to any faction just for RP reasons.
  19. I suppose it's also possible that Eder doesn't want to mess up and lose the Watcher's friendship. He really has no one left in his life who isn't tied to the Watcher, except for his parents. He's also never had a successful romantic relationship in his life as far as I can tell. He goes for the Elafa type (and even in that case it sounds more like FWB than anything) and it inevitably fizzles out quickly because they get sick of each other. I really think he doesn't know what he's doing in that area, on top of all the other stuff he's got going on in his head. The thought of losing his last close friend is probably terrifying.
  20. Unless you have some kind of insider information I don't think you know enough to confidently proclaim it a flop.
  21. Maybe it's the accent, or a stereotype since he's clearly Meadowfolk. He's also got kind of a weathered look going on.
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