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  1. The only thing that I wanted tied to Character Level were Ranger Pets Otherwise they just be worthless.
  2. I hated Ciphers OP they were but even I have to say this a bridge too far...the only good Cipher just spams Soul Annihilation for Burst Damage...a Fighter from PoE I has more interaction then that.
  3. On the one hand summoned weapons were very powerful in Pillars and, with multiclassing, would have been even more so, so making them less powerful seems reasonable. On the other hand, in their current form they are (I think) too weak. Even the Priest's Spiritual Weapons, which are pretty powerful, are severely handicapped by their long cast time. I also think Obsidian missed a trick by not making summoned weapons scale with spellcaster power level (instead they scale with character level). Had they done this there would have been a built in weakening of them when wielded by a multiclass character and thus less need to nerf them to deal with this change. Moreover it means that the Conjurer hardly benefits from their increased power level when casting these spells (they gain increased duration to the already plenty long enough duration of them). Lol maybe Power Level should cut casting time instead. 5-10% per power level lol? But ur idea makes sense. I really wanted to play a magus type but if the casting times stay this long really little reason to pick a primary caster unless you are a Druid. Might as well mix monk with Paladin, Fighter or Barbarian.
  4. Just add fast casting if you didnt have to spend so long casting you wouldnt need to redirect spells
  5. I plan a similar build hopefully weapons don't take forever to cast especially since Paladin no longer have a negative. I like the name of the Paladin/Wizard better still trying to decide whether Fighter or Barbarian would be better for the Archetype Magus, Gish, War Mage, whatever you want call it.
  6. Well if you come from a DnD or Pathfinder background and since most rpgs run on variants of that heck even Pokemon does its business as usual no issues for me with it.
  7. I was being sarcastic it was crap. sorry if it didnt come across that way. ROFL - ok. Maybe my sarcasm detectors need an overhaul. Nah its fine tried to be subtle and didn't use an emojis.
  8. I was being sarcastic it was crap. sorry if it didnt come across that way.
  9. Hey Justice has it uses its useful to dump on your alternate melee character Fighter, Paladin or Barbarian as at least a backup until you get them something better.
  10. I suppose it being equivalent isnt as bad since spells are per encounter of course you are still at a disadvantage compared to someone with a normal weapon because you have to waste the first 6-8 seconds summoning your weapon. Seems like you should be getting a better weapon still considering your weapon has a timer and causes you to stand around and do nothing at the start of every fight. Also what is the point of the Conjurer Subclass if your Summoned Weapon only scales on Character Level? A weak summon that is random? That seems like a raw deal.
  11. Eh Citzal at least has AOE damage although I suppose Barb gets you that all the time.
  12. Basically you want Tenser Transformation and yeah I am salty about conjurer not picking their own familiar.
  13. Spellcasters who want to drop fireballs and the such can celebrate....now about that casting time.
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