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  1. I use the IEMod and I have "Disable Engagement" selected, which seems to improve some of the pathing issues in PoE. However, I'm starting to wonder how this affects Fighter abilities like Defender (1) and Engagement effects like the one caused by wielding Shatterstar (2): (1) DEFENDER - The fighter adopts a more conservative combat strategy, concentrating on defending incoming attacks. The fighter increases his or her number of Engagement targets to three, but at the expense of Deflection. In game text: Modal, Speed Instant User +2 enemies engaged, -5 deflection Prerequisites: level 3+ Fighter. (2) SHATTERSTAR (War Hammer) Combat Type Melee Handing One-handed Attack Speed Average Interrupt 1.0 sec (Stronger) (non‑default) Damage Type Crush/Pierce (Best) Damage 13‑18 Bonuses Two Damage Types: does Crush and Pierce damage (weapon type bonus) Superior Interruption 2: Higher Interrupt value (+0.5 sec) Enchantments Annihilation: +0.5 to Crit Damage Multiplier Guarding: +1 enemies Engaged Fine: +4 Accuracy, +15% Damage Can anyone offer some clarity on what exactly happens when 'Disable Engagement' is selected in the IEMod? Will disabling Engagement in the IEMod turn off all Engagement effects in the game and if so, how would I go about tanking without Engagement effects? Thanks in advance, and good luck in your adventures!
  2. Interesting: I quit the Patchwork Launcher and then relaunched it, selected both IEMod and UPMod and then ran another Test Run. This time the log came back clean with no issues whatsoever. I've done another dozen or so launches and so far the issue has never come back. Odd, considering I haven't changed any game files or done anything differently, but good news in that the UPMod seems to be working just fine for me as well
  3. I installed the UPMod and I did get an error message when I did a Test Run. I'm posting the first few lines of the Log here: 2017-10-28 01:21:17.874 -04:00 [information] Created patcher for assembly: Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null 2017-10-28 01:21:18.306 -04:00 [information] Implicitly creating type for: <PrivateImplementationDetails>. 2017-10-28 01:21:18.306 -04:00 [Warning] Conflict between types: <PrivateImplementationDetails>, and <PrivateImplementationDetails>. 2017-10-28 01:21:18.307 -04:00 [Warning] The type called <PrivateImplementationDetails> was to be introduced under the name <PrivateImplementationDetails> but will be introduced under the name <PrivateImplementationDetails>_$pw$_0KVxs I'm fairly sure I followed the installation instructions correctly: 1. Downloaded UPMod v1.01.306. 2. Extracted the UPMod.pw.dll file and pasted it in the /IEMod/mods/ folder. 3. Removed the Assembly-CSharp.dll.pw.modified from PoE <Installation folder>/PillarsOfEternity_Data/Managed/. ** 4. Launched the PatchworkLauncher.exe from /IEMod/ folder. (I actually had created a shortcut for the PatchworkLauncher on my desktop so I didn't launch it from the /IEMod/ folder, but I've run the PatchworkLauncher using the shortcut before many times and had no issues). 5. Clicked on "Active Mods" and added the UPMod. 6. Clicked on "Test Run" and checked the log for errors. ** Instead of deleting Assembly-CSharp.dll.pw.modified , I Cut it from the /Managed/ folder and pasted it on my desktop, then renamed it "BackupAssembly-CSharp.dll.pw.modified", just in case I needed to put it back later. I'm going to hold off on enabling the UPMod until I hear back from you, just to be safe.
  4. v1.00.306 - includes points (bug-fixes) #1-#5, andv1.01.306 - includes points #1-#7 They are completely standalone (not cumulative), so just select the (only) one you want to use I will think how to make installation guide more intuitive. Thanks, that clears it up completely!
  5. I knew that Confusion could cause mobs to attack their allies but I hadn't realized that when that happens they actually switch allegiance a la Charm spells; thanks for the heads up. Regarding party composition, I really like the NPC Druid so I may stick with the group I have. I hadn't thought about putting Kana on the front line but i might as well; the range on his abilities (at least the ones he has at level 6) pretty much demands melee range. I'll admit there's a steep learning curve for me with Chanter; it's a completely new class to me. I've been kind of thinking of him as a Bard but that's really not what he is. I'll need to read up on the melee Chanter role to see how he should be played. I mean I've been using him in melee anyway, but I just haven't researched the Chanter class the way I have the others in my party, mainly because I'd planned to replace him with Grieving Mother or a Monk (because the classes seem like they're more fun to play). But maybe I'm being too hasty - basically in your second composition you're ranking Kana as a better frontline damage dealer than my Druid so I've clearly underestimated what a Chanter can do). If I decide to try replacing Kana with another class, and later decide I want to bring Kana back, when I add him back to the party from the Stronghold will his level scale with my main character's level or will he have to catch up? Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it
  6. Instructions are a little confusing. There are two links for downloads at the top of your post. It looks like the first (v1.00.306) is the actual UP Mod and the second (v1.01.306) is an update for the UP Mod (or possibly an updated version of the UP Mod) since v1.01.306 was posted nine days later. But the instructions for "if you've ever installed the IE Mod" don't mention the second link at all, so is v1.01.306 not necessary? Or if I have IE Mod installed, should I follow instructions for "How to install" twice (once for v1.00.306 and a second time for v1.01.306) ?
  7. @MaxQuest thanks for the feedback! First let me give you some more basic information about the version of PoE I'm playing. I only have the base game installed so far; I wanted to test it out and see if I like it well enough to add the DLCs. I do have the IE Mod installed and the relevant options I have enabled are: Disable Engagement, Unlock Combat Inventory/Loot, Fix Moving Recovery Rate, Disable Friendly Fire, Game Speed Mod, Remove Combat-Only Restrictions, Bonus Spells, Target Turned Enemies, Cipher Base Focus 3/4 of Maximum. Some of these I'll probably play without on subsequent play-throughs of the game, but they are helpful for now. So far the areas I've visited after Gilded Vale are: Esternwood, Raedric's Hold, Magran's Fork, Black Meadow, Caed Nua, Anslog's Compass, Woodend Plains, Aedelwan Bridge, Copperlane and First Fires. I recently defeated the group in the Catacombs and I'm mopping up quests in Copperlane at the moment. My party is Level 5, about 2000 xp each away from Level 6. Now let me give you some more information regarding my MC and the custom NPC Druid (since I'm sure you're very familiar with the stock NPCs' abilities). MC is a Boreal Dwarf Priest of Magran; I tried to build him as close to your build guidelines for Godhammer as possible. Base stats are: 20/7/17/12/19/3 and his current stats are 22/8/17/12/21/3. I haven't found any Might-Enchanted gear yet, although I was able to infuse his armor with Might +2. His enchanted gear is as follows: Fine Robe of Might +2, Talisman of the Unconquerable, Fulvano's Boots, and Girdle of Mortal Protection. Weapon Set 1 is Shatterstar and Fine Small Shield, Weapon Set 2 is Fine Wand. Quickslot Items are Potion of Spirit Shield, Potion of Major Regeneration, Potion of Iron Skin, Potion of Major Recovery, Duc's Own Beefloaf, and Potion of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion. For my NPC Druid, you can find L4wilight's 'Thundercat' build here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86064-class-build-the-thundercat-or-crit-me-maybe-on-more-time/. His base stats are: 18/9/20/10/18/3 and his current stats are 18/10/22/11/20/3. Enchanted gear: The Dunryd Demon, Pike's Pride, Minor Ring of Deflection, Torc of the Falcon's Eyes, Fulvano's Gloves, Minor Ring of Protection, Blunting Belt. Weapon Set 1 is Gaun's Share and Fine Small Shield. Weapon Set 2 is Hearth Harvest and Fine Small Shield. Quickslot Items are Potion of Power, Potion of Major Regeneration, Potion of Iron Skin, Rauatai's Sweet Pie, Potion of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, and Potion of Bulwark Against the Elements. So I understand what you're saying about Resolve; I'll continue to ignore it in favor of increasing Might and Intellect. I haven't encountered Grieving Mother yet, but when I do I'll be happy to add her and remove Kana, who is only in the party because I wasn't impressed with Sagani. I can add a second Cipher later and remove Durance, who I've left in the party for roleplaying reasons (apparently he is involved heavily with the main story). My MC Priest's spells are interrupted only rarely, even without Ciphers in the party. I usually use CC spells and abilities at the beginning of combat and then as the flow of battle permits. Opening moves are: Eber - Knockdown or Enter the Fray; Durance - Pillar of Faith; Druid casts Tanglefoot; MC casts (Painful) Interdiction; Aloth casts Fetid Curse or Curse of Blackened Sight; Kana attacks with his arquebus and then Justice until he can cast The Thunder Rolled. This usually keeps enemies occupied so I can focus on taking them out one at a time, occasionally casting more CC effects as necessary. I can certainly take Inspiring Radiance as my next Talent, although I don't understand how the +10 Accuracy buff from Inspiring Radiance translates to +30 Accuracy for Shining Beacon. (And I won't have access to Shining Beacon until I hit level 7). I hadn't realized there were still so many issues that needed to be fixed after installing the IE Mod. Thanks for mentioning the UP Mod; I'll install that right away! Why would I be in danger of buffing enemies with Scrolls of Confusion? And if I understand you correctly, I can put off taking Weapon Focus until I get Gyrd or Abydon's Hammer, is that right? I get what you mean about Priest not worrying about melee damage. And I see what you mean about Interruption Blows not affecting DoT ticks, although it reads like it would affect any damaging attack right? So you're saying it's just not worth it over the other Talents you recommend? Besides the IE Mod and the UP Mod, are there other Mods you recommend ? Thanks again for the feedback; I really appreciate it! Good luck in your adventuring
  8. Thanks for the reply. That's really weird behavior too. Yeah I also turned off the AI pretty early into playing the game, once I realized I'd never be able to hold a position until I did. I recently installed the "Firearms Rebalance" mod from nexusmods.com and while the mechanics seem to have been tweaked for firearms, the textures for all firearms are now missing and are replaced by a solid neon pink color. I haven't gotten around to overwriting the objectdata with the original data yet, and now I'm wondering if this could be responsible for the issue I'm having (Kana is in the back row, and is the only character in my party sporting a firearm). So it would make sense if the texture (or lack thereof) was causing weird interactions with other solid objects. I'll restore the objectdata and post my findings.
  9. Thanks for the terrific post! I'm on my first run-through of Pillars of Eternity and I've decided to go with the Godhammer Priest build. My party is about to hit level 6 so it's early days for me. My current party consists of my MC, an NPC Pale Elf Druid "Thundercat" build, Durance, Kana and Aloth, with Sagani cooling her heels at the Stronghold. It's been going very well; there have been a few extended battles with some staunch opponents, but so far the battles haven't been very difficult. As I'm learning the game and mechanics I've found I still have many questions about how to manage this build - especially in the early stages of the game: 1. Managing the RES stat - Like I said, the battles haven't been that tough but my MC's adjusted Resolve is still only 3, with a Concentration modifier of -21. This has resulted in a few of my spells being interrupted. A bit irksome, but manageable. However, as I continue to level and get myself into tougher battles, I expect it will become a problem untiI can raise RES through buffs and equipment. Is that actually the case? For now I can quaff a few Potions of Spirit Shield (+30 Concentration for 45 seconds) for the tougher battles, but is it necessary to raise Resolve to a certain level? For example, raising it to 10 will change the Concentration, Deflection and Will modifiers to +0 and avoid a persistent negative modifier to Concentration. 2. Order of Talents - I've chosen Interdiction and Painful Interdiction for my first two Talents, because they're marked Necessary on your list. They've proven to be extremely useful and I begin every battle with them. My choice for the next Talent is a bit unclear though, since there are three Recommended Talents. I would like to take Scion of Flame next, then Inspiring Radiance followed by Bonus 4th Level Spell. My rationale for doing so is that things are going pretty well so far, so I'd rather have the 20% damage bonus first to help shorten the longer battles, Inspiring Radiance next for the potential to do more damage through more Hits and Critical Hits, with Bonus 4th Level Spell last because Priest is a redundant class in my party (I can use Durance to cast a few extra Shining Beacons or Devotions for the Faithful). Does this make sense? Also, how important is Weapon Focus? It seems there's a premium placed on abilities that increase Accuracy so is there a certain point in the game where I'll need to have a lot of Accuracy? How would you best take advantage of the extra two item slots you get with Deep Pockets? Interrupting Blows seems like it could be extremely useful right? I realize as a Veteran of Pillars of Eternity it might be easy for you to think, "It doesn't matter in Normal difficulty," and that's probably true. Still I'd appreciate whatever insights or feedback you can offer. Thanks in advance, and good luck in your adventuring!
  10. I constantly move my party as one unit, in the default 2x2x2 formation, and I constantly see one of my back row characters "spazzing out" upon stopping. This mainly happens when the party is hugging a wall or turning a corner, although I've also seen it happen when I just move the formation a short distance and in a straight line. I can stop this annoying glitch by 'straightening' the formation or moving it forward a little bit, but this happens a LOT so it's an ongoing annoyance that kills immersion for me. I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this so I did look for previous posts, but I couldn't find anything. (Probably due to inaccurate keyword searching, but I don't know else to describe this phenomenon other than 'spazzing out' or 'shaking'). Please let me know if you've noticed this happening also, or if you know how the issue can be improved or eliminated altogether. Thanks!
  11. HI guys. I've been working with the console commands for a few days and there are a few things I've learned I'd like to share, maybe save some people some of the time and grief I've spent on this 1. It's a good idea to download and install the IE Mod from Nexusmods.com. There are some commands that will *only* work, or work best, with the IE Mod installed. You can get the IE Mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/?. This is a great mod which I highly recommend. The IE Mod website is also extremely helpful for understanding the options offered by the IE Mod: http://rien-ici.com/iemod/ 2. Also from Nexusmods you can download a text file that contains *all* of the item codes you might want when using the command AddItem (itemname) (stackcountamount): https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/76/?. If you want to locate the file yourself, you can find it using the following path: \[gamedirectory]\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\objectbundle. NOTE: I've attached the file directly for you, in case you have issues with the download mirrors on Nexusmods.com: poe_items.txt 3. As has been posted several times previously, when referencing the main character you should use "player" (without the quotes). For custom NPCs you'll want to use the command FindCharacter (charactername) - NOTE: If your custom NPC's name has a space in it, only use the portion of the name up to the first space. Also, I would recommend using FindCharacter (charactername) even for the stock NPCs, since they're not always what you'd expect. For example, in my game the reference for Aloth is Companion_Aloth(Clone)_4 and not just Aloth. 4. You can find a great list of console commands on the following websites: http://rien-ici.com/iemod/console and https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Console_command. 5. I've seen multiple posts which reference a 'cheat engine'. While I don't fully understand how to use this yet, I believe you can find more information about this here: http://fearlessrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?t=150. 6. I strongly recommend bookmarking this page for the sake of efficiency; I posted this reply because I couldn't find answers to all my questions in one place Good luck; I hope you find this helpful.
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