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IEMod and Disabling Engagement

iemod engagement

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I use the IEMod and I have "Disable Engagement" selected, which seems to improve some of the pathing issues in PoE.


However, I'm starting to wonder how this affects Fighter abilities like Defender (1) and Engagement effects like the one caused by wielding Shatterstar (2):


(1) DEFENDER - The fighter adopts a more conservative combat strategy, concentrating on defending incoming attacks. The fighter increases his or her number of Engagement targets to three, but at the expense of Deflection.

In game text:

Modal, Speed Instant
User  +2 enemies engaged, -5 deflection
Prerequisites: level 3+ Fighter.



(2) SHATTERSTAR (War Hammer) 

Combat Type Melee

Handing One-handed
Attack Speed Average
Interrupt 1.0 sec (Stronger) (non‑default)
Damage Type Crush/Pierce (Best)
Damage 13‑18
Two Damage Types: does Crush and Pierce damage (weapon type bonus)
Superior Interruption 2: Higher Interrupt value (+0.5 sec)
Annihilation: +0.5 to Crit Damage Multiplier
Guarding: +1 enemies Engaged
Fine: +4 Accuracy, +15% Damage


Can anyone offer some clarity on what exactly happens when 'Disable Engagement' is selected in the IEMod?  Will disabling Engagement in the IEMod turn off all Engagement effects in the game and if so, how would I go about tanking without Engagement effects?  Thanks in advance, and good luck in your adventures!

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