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  1. no but with all the content issuses it could jump to nearly a year. 10months i bet for christmas
  2. you know its kind of sad that so far there were at least 823 unresolved bugs in this game when it was released onto the streets+all the feature content
  3. i've been reading the TG progress reports and i have to ask what is the definition of a BLOCK bug, also what is the diference between tweak and trivial?
  4. yeah i mean when i bought the game i hadn't read anything about it so when sion showd up and i didn't know his name and when he docks its like oh sh**, i felt goosbumps seriously.
  5. i was unaware there was bloo-D in KotOR I OR II
  6. only one who knows notyhing of the darkside would sport that attitute, that darkside is far mor than simple fun killing of enemies, it is a path of malice and contempt of personal power over all other things in any situation big or small.
  7. i never had problems before i got vista
  8. speaking of bastila, did she come with carth, and if she did she would have been easy for people to sense, cause she would have been right there, and why did it tak the republic fleet so long to get to telos?
  9. it never bugged me that LA released a buggey game what bugged me is that the never tried to patch it up. hahahha i said buggy
  10. sorry i couldn't help i too have vista, but ur computer is better tyhen mine
  11. Yay! Has it ever been this low? 1 Tweak and 2 Trivials left? i forsee thaT 1.0b could be out within a month
  12. it might be that your running dx10 but thats just my opinion
  13. is there any way I can view the cuscens from the game, not movies, cutscenes
  14. Help i cant seem to save changes to my swkotor2.ini file and i relly want to take screen shots
  15. i just thought of a new way team gizka could make it more interesting if they told us SPECIFICALLY what 7 things need to be done still.
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