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  1. A person can overclock and use third-party cooling solutions to run a chip much cooler than they could with a stock fan, thus potentially increasing a chip's longevity. Heat is the primary enemy of electronic devices (causes electron migration, pathway breakdown, etc.) so if you can control that, you'll have a stable unit (assuming it's built solidly to begin with). You don't need to be as savvy about overclocking as various online reviewers can be. For example you could simply OC your CPU and leave it at that. Games like NWN2 are more reliant on a fast video card, so for them it can be helpful to OC the GPU. Memory overclocking (System and GPU) isn't something for the average user to worry about because you stand to gain maybe 2% or 3% performance. It's better to buy plenty of fast memory to begin with. If you know how to OC your memory, great. Otherwise it's no big loss.
  2. Wow, some of those folks are good. I only got 900k, but due to some sort of mild nervous disorder I max out at 45-50 wpm. After that my accuracy drops like an anchor. Some of those words really threw me.
  3. The sun is my enemy. Always too bright, always too hot, and always shining in my eyes at the worst possible moments. Heck, it manages to be annoying even on cloudy days. I can't wait for winter. The sun lovers enjoy this time of year, but I love the dark rainy days of winter. I prefer the fall and spring myself. Cooler temps with cloudy days since those are usually rainy seasons. Where I live the weather is pretty much the same, fall, winter, and spring. So it's like six or seven months of what we like. Thankfully the summer where I'm at is still being interrupted with periods of cloudiness and cool breezes, so it's not all bad just yet.
  4. I consider myself something of an addict when it comes to computer games. The fantasy worlds, especially those of D&D and Ultima, appeal to me much more than the Reality outside my house. Such games are a great escape after a long day at work and putting up with traffic. After being a cog in the machine, it's nice to fire up a game and play the part of a hero or a villain, and do epic things.
  5. Not really a movie, but still... Warning: strong language Master Chief sucks at Halo What's funny to me is that Microsoft Sam sounds exactly the same as it did over 20 years ago on my Commodore 64 computer. I expect better quality with today's technology. Heck, we aren't using 1Mhz 8-bit computers anymore.
  6. I'm probably going to wait until year end to build a new machine. I have ideas of what I'm going to get, but I'll wait until I'm ready to start shopping before I check Anandtech and other sites (I like to get more than one opinion) to see what's best and which pieces of hardware work best together. I'm planning on a multicore CPU (probably quad) because in addition to gaming I also tend to run several applications at a time, especially when I'm coding software. The only media work I do is playing DVDs. I'm also waiting to see how Intel's Penryn and AMD's Phenom/Barcelona work out. Chances are I'll be going with nVidia for graphics, and probably SLI. I'm tired of running with one or more options disabled on certain games (well, NWN2 is the only one at the moment) in order to have playable performance. My goal is to play HL2:EP2 and DA with all options maximized and lots of FPS to spare. And at a resolution of 1920x1200. I can currently play a lot of games at that resolution, though not older games that don't support it, or sluggish games like the one previously mentioned. Oh, and I'm going to stick with air cooling. I'm not that much of an enthusiast to play with water cooling, or more esoteric options. There are some very nice air cooling options at the moment (ThermalRight, etc.) and I'm not interested in extreme overclocking.
  7. Still NWN. It was nice to help Yvette get her baby back, and to send her on her way to a hopefully better life. It was sad what happened to Londa, though the journal entry doesn't match what ultimately happens to her. The ruins of Illusk are always fun to explore. I killed both captains without talking to either one of them, but for some reason my character still felt it necessary to keep their heads. Regardless, I'm in the tower now, and creatures better stay out of my way. I love soloing this game.
  8. Sluts like to play games too. I hope the 'lucky' guy didn't mind being second, third, or probably 100th. Then again, this could be a guy posting pictures of his sister or something and making everything up. Slightly entertaining, and I don't feel like I lost out on anything (except perhaps the chance to catch one or more STDs.)
  9. Here in the USA, Aspyr released the GOTY edition of Dreamfall last month. I have the GOTY DVD and it includes Dreamfall and TLJ, and the Dreamfall soundtrack is on a separate CD in the box. I already have both games, but I got it for the soundtrack. Dreamfall is more like a FPS in that you can walk around freely in a 3D environment, unlike older node-based adventures. I really enjoy it.
  10. I'll reverse too. - A dragon with no treasure. - The player character is a supporting role for the story's real hero (NPC). - The damsel in distress is an ugly hag. - Someone needs a favor and you're able to help them right then and there, without having to search for X item in Y location. - By chance you encounter the primary villain and are able to solve the campaign immediately, rather than having to adventure for days/weeks/months before meeting him again, and without an epic battle. - An adventure without combat. - A campaign with no magical weapons. - The primary villain is your self.
  11. Hah, I like that animation. The ROFLcopter is funny too. And believe it or not, I actually role-play the alignment I select for my character, which is predominantly good because I'm not that good at being anything else.
  12. Yes, but that's either powergaming or roleplaying a non-good alignment.
  13. Sounds like the central conceit of NwN2. NWN2 is about the silver sword (and the KoS of course), a piece of which just happens to be inside an everyday farmboy/girl. The BG series is about the child(ren) of a now dead god.
  14. Cool. I'll quit my job and claim I have a disability that prevents me from being able to conform to rules of the workplace, and that I must be allowed to do whatever I want at home as a form of therapy. I also expect to receive medical and dental benefits, and it should be tax-exempt income because it's going to a good cause. Really though, this is utterly pathetic and sets a bad precedent.
  15. This game has never been attractive to me. Now, if DA is postponed two years I'll be upset. I remember when Origin postponed Ultima IX for about two years while they rebuilt the rendering engine and rewrote the story, and the results of that mess.
  16. I never recall anyone claiming that you're "the most powerful child of Bhaal." Any power from Bhaal in BG was always spoken of as potential, not current. The Solar says it in ToB. Well, if you're nice. I never selected the rude/indifferent responses.
  17. I did some of this for BG1/2 because to me the main character, despite being "the most powerful child of Bhaal", was often no more powerrful (and sometimes less powerful) than his normal party members. The initial powers were pathetic, and any useful abilities were often obtained very late in the story. The slayer transformation isn't an option when I'm roleplaying good alignments. So I did little things like making him immune to normal weapons right off the bat, which made him a bit more impressive. I have other ideas but haven't implemented them yet; haven't worked on the game in about a year.
  18. LG Anomen can chunk liches at higher levels. In fact, he can chunk an entire room full of undead instantly. Granted, it's a one-trick pony versus one type of monster, but it still puts him above fighters in those battles. The downside is having to listen to his voice, which is rather annoying.
  19. I'm between activities so I'll play. It was when online chat was fairly new and most predators hadn't figured out a new place in which to find prey. I even visited a few women and had a great time. I won't do it anymore though. Until I see them in person, they could be anything. I've also seen marriages, and divorces resulting from flings that resulted from online romances. I've also had female friends stalked by other people they'd met online. Not I. I've been spending too much time online since I first got a modem. Some of it has been chat, some games, much downloading (56k sucks), and lately lots of posting on forums like these, Bioware, MASM32, G3, and so on. I always like seeing WITHTEETH post even if I don't read his posts. His username cracks me up, especially with it all in caps like that. Maybe it's because I grew up with dogs who had a habit of showing their teeth. Another is Tenebrous of old Black Isle forums, who was quite the D&D loremaster and a real DM. I also get a kick out of reading Fionavar's warnings and thread pruning/closure statements. I won't name names, but I dislike certain people I've 'met' online over the years. With some it's a personality conflict, which is bound to happen when you converse with folks from many different backgrounds and cultures. With others its attitude, either mine or theirs. I also tend to avoid (obvious) liars, braggarts, and people who are full of themselves. I also have trouble detecting sarcasm in written messages so that can lead to misunderstandings with people who use it all the time. Well, that was fun, and now it's time to do something else.
  20. I find that an interesting definition, at least by how I'm reading it, because I feel that way about all games that have a 'character' I'm playing - assuming I like the game enough to keep playing it. My character always becomes "me." I'm not role-playing that I'm someone else, with a different mental mindset, I'm just sucked into the illusion that I'm in the world of the game - with cool super-fantasy powers, but never mind that - and thus it makes me care about what happens in it. I think you understood it the way I meant it to be. Some games I can really get into, others no chance, though they might still be fun. The games I can get in to typically cause me to lose track of time and everything else. It's not always a CRPG that draws me in.
  21. I modded that crap out of my game years ago. It made Keldorn look like a fool for attacking someone for what they were rather than for what they were doing (not unlike many bigots in our world). He allowed mere words to be his undoing (pathetically weak), leading him to behave worse than she was behaving. Nobody enters a party of which I am leader and then proceeds to attack a fellow party member, ever!
  22. Developers can't please everyone, so inevitably we find things in games we don't like, or feel we could do better ourselves. Thus there've been many times when I've stopped playing, and whipped out an editor to change something that bugs me in the game. I even get crazy over misspellings and bad grammar. So don't worry if you're taking it too far. Our personal experience in a game is ultimately what matters most, not what someone else likes or dislikes.
  23. Apparently the noisy forumites of the day had a common practice of dual-classing Imoen to mage (around level 6 or 7) because of her high (18) INT, so Bioware decided that was the Cool Thing to do for BG2. That's the story I've heard repeatedly. I was one of the silent majority who disagreed with this choice. You can use tools like Near Infinity or Shadowkeeper to change Imoen back to a regular thief. You'd still have to deal with the abduction and some dialogs in which she refers to herself as an arch-mage, but at least you'd have a pure thief later in the game. There might even be a mod out there that does this already, so look around first. Edit: (slow) response to Tale; got lost in thought while typing.
  24. I use the old trick of taking the unwanted NPC into a building I won't be (re)visiting, such as a private home, and having them leave the party while inside. Then I select my main character who is outside with the rest of the party, and continue the adventure. I tend to keep Jaheira, Minsc, and Imoen in BG1, so it was like a family reunion the first time I started BG2. It never crossed my mind to dual-class Imoen to mage so that change surprised me.
  25. The sun is my enemy. Always too bright, always too hot, and always shining in my eyes at the worst possible moments. Heck, it manages to be annoying even on cloudy days. I can't wait for winter. The sun lovers enjoy this time of year, but I love the dark rainy days of winter.
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