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  1. I'd forgotten that and was bouncing around her dialog options until it dawned on me again (haven't played HotU in a year or two).
  2. Even all blocky and low-res, he's still more impressive than NWN2's King of Shadows, and I don't have to fight him when I have his true name. Mwahaha.
  3. Just had what was probably my happiest ending to HotU ever. Nathyrra was my character's true love and Aribeth was the Sleeping Man's true love. Unfortunately, the epilogue didn't recognize the Aribeth + Sleeping Man arrangement; they still had separate lives according to the end game. Geez, Bioware, if you're going to randomize these things, you might as well follow through with matching epilogues.
  4. Shop around Amazon if you haven't tried yet. Various distributors partner with them, and I've found some old stuff in various places around the USA. Old stock that no longer sells retail and isn't stocked on retail shelves, but still sellable to online buyers. Use common sense and you won't get burned.
  5. Sinvyl Barrit'tar, Matron Mother and Valsharess (Take the 'S' out of her first name and re-arrange the remaining letters and it becomes Vinyl, ) I like the Lite-Brite drow mosaics behind her.
  6. I guess not many people my age (39) took this test; the variables are all skewed. I can see myself as a Ninja; I love the night, and I love sneaking around. Which reminds me, I need to order the Thief games so I have something to do on my upcoming week off.
  7. I'd give him the death penalty, immediately if not sooner. However, justice is spineless in this country, so I'm sure he'll be slapped on the wrist and allowed to continue living on our tax dollars. If this was a CRPG I'd walk up to him and cut him down with a two-handed sword, and then leave his corpse for the birds and insects.
  8. This is partly why I'm interested in Dragon Age; Bioware's making their own rules rather than using spendy D&D rules that weren't designed with computer games in mind.
  9. Finally got through Undermountain but stopped short of freeing Halaster (was getting late). The first level of Undermountain is largely a waste of time (would benefit from more encounters and things to do in all that space), but I enjoyed exploring the lower levels. There's an XP bug on Undermountain level 1: do the south area first (grab the demolition barrel in the Fairy Queen's treasury) and use the rods (you can find all but red) to clear a path around the red pillars, walk to the level 2 entrance to gain 2000 XP and a journal entry. Now backtrack and go to the north area of level 1 and make your way to the blocked level 2 entrance in the ogre's room. Blast the debris out of the way to gain another 2000 XP. If you blast the debris before opening a path through the colored pillars you won't be able to exploit this bug because the levers will be disabled. I imported my character from SoU so I had shadow gems, the mirror, and several other nifty items. Also had all the bags, which were upgraded to the 60% reduced weight variety. There was 10 pages of stuff to sort through, so I was thankful I had my genie merchant handy. Now I'm wearing the Shifting Sands boots again, mwahaha. Gotta remember to stock up on cold resistant items in preparation for Cania.
  10. I'm posting here because it seems most relevant. Anandtech did some research and found that Vista is using more application memory based on how much memory the video card has, while XP remains virtually unchanged and using much less memory. This causes resource-heavy games to reach a Vista system's memory limit far sooner than they would (assuming they ever did) on an XP system. I'm so glad I didn't jump on the Vista bandwagon. I may still avoid it entirely and wait to see what "Vienna" is all about. I'd also like to see the 2Gb app memory limit removed or increased.
  11. Did you like how they did Undermountain? I thought it was terrible. Match these four colors, find these four chains, pull the 4 handles in this order. Halaster's Dungeon was portrayed rather poorly. What a let down. I agree with you. Undermountain is tedious and everything short of epic. I'm only looking forward to getting down there because it's one step closer to the Underdark, where the fun really begins. The only semi-funny part is how Bioware coded the various henchmen to run headlong into death, a nod toward Bioware's own pathetic henchman AI. (I really, really hope they hired Tony K or another competant AI coder to do the AI in Dragon Age, or we're going to have another game full of NPC stupidity on our hands.)
  12. I hear ya. It worked the other way for me in BG2 and gave my character two or three successive rolls of 20 on his attacks. And it did this more than once in quick succession. I've had similar issues in Diablo 2, where I could play forever without finding anything, and then get into a game where I'd fill my inventory with gold and green items in a short time. There are plenty of fast random number generators out there, for free even, that do a better job of being random. For something like a CRPG where die values tend to be inside a small range (largest range is 1 to 100 I think), we need a good (and fast) random number generator. I'm looking forward to going home so I can fire up HotU and get into Undermountain. For me, becoming powerful and famous isn't as fun as spoiling the plans of evildoers.
  13. We need this for CRPGs. It's the only way I'll get a first-person view, apparently.
  14. Errr, sorry. I play at that resolution because it looks best on my LCD. It's not like a CRT where I can turn down the resolution and keep an ultra-sharp picture. Sometimes I really miss my CRT, especially when playing older games.
  15. Just started HotU after beating SoU (easily). Sharwyn's looking good despite being a low-poly NWN character. Edit: forgot to say, I love some of the conversation responses Bioware comes up with.
  16. Sounds like a monitor driver issue, or lack of one for her monitor. If you can reconfigure the thing for standard VGA with a default PnP monitor it should fire up on her screen. Then she can install drivers for her monitor.
  17. Finished NWN's OC over the weekend. It's really a shame that HotU didn't take off after events in the OC, and take into consideration we can import our OC character. I saved Aribeth and she all but proclaimed love for my character before I stepped into the source stone (and Nasher was considering letting her live), but that's all tossed aside in HotU. Sure, she's friendly with the hero after he revives her, but there's no connection with past events, and I'm not satisfied with the game's reason for her being in Cania, especially after what I accomplished with her and Nasher in the OC. Currently playing SoU for only my second time. I actually like it for the most part, though it suffers from lots of running around (even with the ring) and a few cave systems that display IWD's "gotta fill all that space" design style. Now I have the Shifting Sands boots that let me run like lightning (and cast Earthquake), so it's not so bad. I just recovered the Wise Wind (love the ambient noises in the ancient library) in Undrentide and am almost finished with this campaign. No hirelings in either the OC or SoU, they just slow me down. After this it's on to HotU and good times (Aribeth issues aside). If I had one annoyance with HotU it would be in Cania where we take constant cold damage while outdoors, even if we're wearing enough protection to negate the damage. The noise it makes gets on my nerves big time. (/kicks Bioware) On the plus side, I slow down and bring Nathyrra along. Her VO actress has a great voice.
  18. Oh great, virtual sex. At least the kiddies will be on the edge of their seats. This game may end up being Bioware's version of Duke Nukem...
  19. You might want to have a look at weimer's mods in that case, karka. You might want to use G3's IWD2 Tweaks instead. Weimer's EoU has bugs that have yet to be fixed, though I reported them a year or two ago. Unlike Weimer, G3 is still actively updating their stuff.
  20. Just a heads-up that Anandtech have built a new lab and will be reviewing power supplies in detail soon. They've already posted one review and will no doubt improve the process as they go. I like it because power supplies are the one bit of hardware I'm never sure about, and detailed reviews will help me make a good decision. Edit: annihilated a typo. Edit2: I'm also interested in what Penryn has to offer. I like some of AMD's new designs in "Barcelona", but it seems they're having some trouble. I'll wait for head-to-head reviews before I make a final CPU decision.
  21. It may be drivers then. My native is 1920x1200 and the game runs fine for me, with a lesser system (7950GT video). I'd suggest windowed mode, but that's tiny on our screens. Edit: typo weeee Edit2: typo the correction omg
  22. Thanks for posting the forum site. I checked out "pulse's" links. Interestingly this "Rimma" person works for a government agency, so she could have been feeding those people propaganda in order to minimize the true damages. Again, not entirely reliable, and unfortunately I can't trust any of the players in this game. I like some of the photos though, regardless of where they might have been taken.
  23. How the hell do you dual a half-elf? Cheater! Change him to fighter/mage then. I forgot he was a half-elf, but I'm not against changing characters to suit my preferences. I don't care if they were Bioware's pets from pnp or not. I'm saddled with them now.
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