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  1. My Night Elf Hunter's home, Shadowglen. He's only level 8 now. It'll be nice when he gets a pet because he sucks in melee. It's cool being able to play at this resolution with all settings maxed out and virtually no Internet lag.
  2. If you don't mind older games, Diablo, Diablo II, and Age of Kings (Age of Empires 2) are all fun to co-op play over a LAN. I had a blast with those games once upon a time.
  3. I was playing NWN2. Was. Left Highcliff all geared up for Neverwinter but ended up in the little room just outside Zeaire's portal, where the exit usually is after rescuing Shandra. Oops. That's what I get for installing patch 1.06. The dialog transition to Neverwinter worked just fine in 1.05. At least WoW is on the way to my mailbox. I'm a late-comer, but it'll keep me occupied for awhile.
  4. At first I thought some giant was doing splits while bent over in the tunnel. And how are you upside down? After months of waffling I finally ordered the game + expansion, but I'm not going to play on any PVP servers. I'll find a nice quiet, low population server and conduct my affairs unmolested, thanks very much. The XP bonus for casual gamers is going to be nice because I have a busy schedule. Hopefully there won't be too many low-foreheaded people to put up with. Had enough of that in D2.
  5. Indeed, I wear Large, or XL depending on the brand, and I'm considered slim. I agree, however, that the USA is getting bigger around the midriff, and it can't all be blamed on genetics or heredity.
  6. You have to mantle, or whatever the HL version is called. Sort of jumping and then crouching to grab on and climb up. It's hard for me to do but I managed with patience.
  7. I hear you. While I do make more money than I need for my simple lifestyle, I don't like wasting it. Instead of getting an 8800GTX when they came out, which would have been overkill (CPU limited) for my curren system, I got a much less expensive 7950GT that was a considerable upgrade, in terms of performance, from my 6800GT. (NWN2 went from ~20FPS at 1024x768 to ~40FPS at 1920x1200.) I want the next computer I build to last for a few years, and I want it to be able to run Vista-like 64-bit operating systems, both from a performance standpoint and from a programming standpoint (I'm on a 32-bit system with a 64-bit processor so I can only fake it at the moment.) It should also be able to dominate any game that comes out in the next five to seven years (assuming programmers don't become completely incompetant in their optimization capabilities).
  8. Glad I've waited. I knew something like this would happen. Edit: wow some biting comments on XBit. *checks date; it's not April 1st* I'll believe it more when I see something written up on AnandTech.
  9. So long as Obsidian is kind enough to offer limited (but still greater than most sites) photo uploading, we don't really need a paid host. I can't remember if I was still running a 486 when I downloaded this image (off a BBS since the internet wasn't public). Another old wallpaper.
  10. If you have a program that lets you control the compression your JPG files use, you can tweak the setting to get the image under 1 meg and still keep your resolution. That's how I do it for my 1920x1200 screenshots, which often start out around 5 meg in size.
  11. Soulbringer, an old favorite despite its shortcomings.
  12. That would be my anti-romance. I want to see the relationship developing and be much more interesting than "I love you, let's sleep together," plus romantic epilogue. In this cases, I generally just chose not to say "I love you" and sleep with the character, and that's what I did with Casavir, because it was simply uninteresting. Just to be clear; one cannot sleep with Nathyrra. It's simply not an option. There is one dialog where she confesses her love and the player can reciprocate if they wish, and then there are maybe one or two brief discussions before the campaign ends. No gratuitous (ick) sex. That's why I prefer it over the other CRPG romances I've experienced.
  13. This is nothing new to me. When I was growing up, our animals always tended to be friendlier if one of us was sick or had a headache. Anyone who's ever watched a good animal mother care for her young can attest to their being able to sense when something's wrong.
  14. I prefer a CRPG romance, or friendship, be simple yet rewarding. Few people are likely wanting to write a novel to support a romanceable NPC, and fewer people are likely to enjoy reading it when there are quests to solve and bad guys to take out or replace. This becomes more important if there is a word budget and if you're going to voice every word. The more complicated it gets, the more words are involved. Friendships can be easier to write, allow for greater leeway, and are more realistic in the context of battles and questing. They let us have fun and joke around without the seemingly inevitable romp in the sack that is often associated with CRPG romances. Friendship can preserve a relationship even after the romance has gone from a bonfire to a smoldering ember, though that's usually far into the future of most games' timelines. Friendships can have a romantic edge to them as two characters draw closer, but the usually hard and fast reality of the game's story prevents them from settling down and focusing on their feelings. Such a relationship provides positive feedback to the player who spends time investing in the character, moreso than mere influence. "Yay, I avoided betrayal" isn't as enjoyable as "this is my loyal friend and I trust him/her with my life", or "this is the love of my life and we're inseparable" if you wish to pursue the romance option. Going back to my example of Nathyrra, it was nice working with her throughout the campaign, and even though there was a romantic aspect to the relationship, it didn't come into play until the latter stages of the game, and it was kept simple: a confession of love and the brief exploration of how that would affect each character's future. The epilogue wrapped it up nicely and the player's imagination was allowed to do the rest.
  15. I used to run a half mile to school in five minutes as a wimpy kid (not very good imo, but coach wanted me to sign up for track anyway), but as an adult my bad knee prevents me from attempting anything beyond a short sprint.
  16. I don't use a desktop image because my screen is off when I'm not at home and never idles when I am home. I always have a game, IDE, or document taking up the whole display (24", 1920x1200) so my "wallpaper" changes constantly. I prefer it that way after running with an actual wallpaper for years.
  17. That's a weird font with the capital D looking rather like a capital stylized O. Our characters get Oexterity instead of Dexterity, and one can contract a Oisease instead of a Disease. I wonder what other points of humor are in the game's text due to this font. OMG Reduction = the factor by which a character's response to surprise attacks is subdued.
  18. Thanks, I'll check 'em out when I get home. I still enjoy a romp through IWD/2 now and then and will probably have the games until I die.
  19. I strongly dislike tragedies so if you feel compelled to write one, please make it an option as suggested above. Life has enough tragedy already, I don't need more of it in the games I play for entertainment. When it comes to content, I'm not interested in NPCs who need counseling, ala Baldur's Gate 2, and I'm also not interested in overly cheery NPCs. That's why I used Nathyrra as an example, because I feel she represents a good balance. (I haven't played any console RPGs so I can't comment on those.)
  20. I like. I also started with the early Ultima games, and I share many of the producer's feelings on the matter of CRPGs. I'm also glad to see the MO crossed out of MMORPG. Singleplayer's where it's at for me. Looks like this game is still a ways off, as usual, so I'll wait and see as well. Be worth reading a review or two after release to see how first impressions go.
  21. I wish NWN2 featured dancing. Instead we get to throw hay bales (aka cheer) and do some other ordinary things.
  22. Old but funny, and a good Mage/Wizard/Sorcerer/etc theme song...
  23. Edited for brevity... All of these are portrayed in Nathyrra, a romance-capable henchman in NWN:HotU. She was in line to become a Matron Mother, but due to her house being destroyed she ended up being a Red Sister, the ultimate drow assassin. She does great in combat (especially with the AI mod) and keeps my bacon safe. She views herself as being on the same level as the player character, and the player can reciprocate through dialog if they wish (I always do because I pursue the romance aspect). Initially she views the PC as just another lowly male, but he earns her respect and love as the campaign progresses and his victories mount. She's independent; if the PC wasn't there she'd be helping people escape drow tyranny, and initially she only goes along with him because he represents a possible solution to the problem of the Valsharess. She has great VO (I think), and her portrait is certainly fetching. Alas, her NWN character model is low-poly and crude, but she still manages a pretty face and beautiful white hair. I really like that, by the end of the game, all that has taken place is a confession of love. No quick night in the sack, no oddly-named children (Quayle?!?) being born, just the beginnings of a real romance, which can and probably should be set outside the game context. In the game, so long as there is the main quest to complete, there can be a romantic edge, but really they are building a friendship, a hopefully lasting bond between each other. There's time for huggy-smoochy afterward - in the epilogue and the player's imagination. She's not very witty, but that's okay given where she comes from. Regardless there are a few dialogs where she and the PC can banter back and forth (you're cute when you're angry) and it's fun, if short. She doesn't really sacrifice anything for the PC, but then she's already leading a self-sacrificing life helping people escape the Underdark, and that continues, with the PC at her side, according to the game's epilogues (if she's romanced). As far as admirable qualities go, she's committed to helping people, to turning her life around, and to battling the demons of her past. I respect her far more than any CRPG NPC I've experienced, and her 'romance' is as close to perfection as I've seen yet, based my preferences of course. You asked for suggestions, so besides offering what I think is an excellent case study, here are some additional thoughts: * Background; the NPC has been alive for at least two decades before meeting the PC, so there exists potential for much discussion that could help the player paint a mental picture of what the NPC is like. Nathyrra does this by talking about her House (family and youth), her training as a Red Sister, how she met the Seer, things to be aware of in the Underdark, and why she decided to turn her life around. If the NPC is enjoyable to begin with, then I absolutely love asking them about their past and learning of things they did and how they came to be in their current situation with their current ideology. * Interaction with other NPCs; the PC isn't the only person in the game world capable of conversation. * The best and longest lasting romances are based on a solid friendship. When a disagreement occurs and heated words are exchanged, it is the strength of the underlying friendship that will make or break the relationship. Thus there's really no need to write romance novels for game dialog; and writing for friendships is easier and more fun. I'd hoped to write more, but I'm tired and can't think straight. I hope you get the point of what I was trying to convey. I was enjoying Elanee up until the point where she decided to jump in the sack with my character; that was a real WTF moment given that I didn't think they'd developed a close enough bond by that point. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but given the typical instability and brevity of many of today's relationships, I see no reason to change.
  24. Go into a text field, such as the forum text editor we use for posting, replying and editing. Right-click anywhere on the text field (where we type our messages) and select "Languages" then "Add dictionaries..." This takes you to the Firefox Addons website for language support and shows your current dictionary in a big green button at the top of the list. Click that button to reinstall the dictionary. I hope that solves your problem.
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