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  1. Or, OP could just click the eye icon(s) on and off to toggle display of hat and/or cloak and/or pet.
  2. My guess: put it in your PoE 2 saved game folder, and then try to start a new game.
  3. Sadly, I can’t help find the save file; I use Windows. However: you don’t lose money or anything like that when using the custom history editor. In the editor, you’re presented with the same choices you were given at critical points in PoE 1 - for instance, did you sacrifice a companion in the blood pool, and if so, which? What did you do with the dwarves spirits at the forge in the White March? There will be consequences in PoE based on the decisions you make. Which companions are available, what happened to them between PoE 1 and PoE 2, whether certain items are available
  4. It gives you one. Three. The Kraken’s Eye, the Wael island, and the kraken fight. The option isn’t terribly valuable for enchanting weapons, but is actually a bit of a resource saver for armor.I stand corrected. I missed it in the Wael maze, or forgot it was there. Thanks!
  5. Patch 1.1 did fix this. I don’t recall the custom history editor asking about Whispers of Yenwood, but there is a question about what you did with Maerwald’s soul. IIRC, you needed to absorb his knowledge to get the quest that would let you find the Blade of Endlesss Paths; I did that on all my playthroughs, so I put that into the custom history tool and I now get both sets of fragments. If you need to know what to do when you have the fragments, click the spoiler button:
  6. After PoE 1, and because you can only get kraken eyes in two places in PoE 2, I was really expecting them to be used in some spectacular recipe. I can’t say that I’ve done every upgrade on every unique yet, but like the others who posted, I’ve only seen the kraken eyes used to make something or other Superb. Disappointing. I must say that when the tavern owner talked about his dismay at losing the eye, it actually felt bad about taking it. When a game gives me a real emotional reaction, that’s a good thing. I probably won’t steal it again unless I hear that kraken eyes are needed for somet
  7. The Unity Console mod at Nexus Mods allows you to tweak Berath’s Blessings points. Edit: You can give yourself points for just the achievements you already had, and leave the others to be garnered as you hit those milestones in the game.
  8. On 1.1 build 35 (Win 10), this is still happening - at least on my current run-through, Ishiza switches back to “No AI” either at every combat start or at every map load. Not quite sure which.
  9. Same thing happened here - got the necklace first; have over 3000 cp; the only option I get when he asks for 3000 cp to train me is the negative. Edit: I should mention that I'm on 1.1, build 35.
  10. About the digsite fight with the drake - I went back to Pt Maje Harbor, hired a level 2 straight cipher, gave her Whispers of Treason and maxed Perception... empower-charmed the drake, which took care of almost everyone else, and then we ganged up on the drake. I *was* using two henchmen including the cipher, though. Wouldn’t have made it otherwise. The looters? Ridiculously hard, and I love it and hate it. Still haven’t beat them, but I will. Eventually.
  11. 1) "Broken for me" doesn't mean it's broken for everyone. Screaming about it doesn't change that. 2) "Working fine for me" doesn't mean it's working fine for everyone. Denying that some people are having problems doesn't change that. Everyone take a deep breath, please.
  12. which mod do you mean exactly don't seem to be able to find it... It’s the top-rated one, the Unity Console. It’s been in the top position on the Deadfire mods page at Nexus pretty much since it came out.
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