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  1. This made me remember when here in Italy that american Captain, trying to be better than Tom Cruise, decided to fly in a valley under the minimum altitude above the maximum speed allowed. Then he found out that on his course passed a cableway, the plane cut the cables, and (at least) a dozen of people died. A couple of years later he was promoted to Major. More recently, an italian special agent died in Iraq. He was on way to Baghdad's airport after the rescue of a captive journalist. At a checkpoint some american soldiers panicked, and shooted on the car on sight. The driver died, the hostage was wounded, another agent left in critical condition. Guess what? They were assolved. R00fles!
  2. That is also what's stated in wookiepedia. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kreia#Fall_to_the_dark_side I'm not sure how much of that is true tho.
  3. That doesn't mean much. Maybe the dialogue script just doesn't check if she has master heal or not...
  4. Like if Lucasarts would give a ****. Your best option is to look around for some fan made fixes, like these: http://team-gizka.org/downloads.html
  5. I guess that's the reason then. Thanks for the answer.
  6. I've just downloaded a fix, because I've never been able to learn it so far. But now that I finally have it, it just doesn't do anything! I can cast it, but nothing more. How is that supposed to work exactly?
  7. The point is that the mere numbers were not enough agains the mandalorians. Being warriors by tradition I assume their training wasn't based on watching butterflies all day long for once. Their technology (at least war equipment) was better, at least judging by the weapons and armors you can see in game. As for their motivation, well, you obviously don't go into war with an empire because of boredom, correct me if I'm wrong. .
  8. Well, the game unfortunately doesn't give much info on the war, so unless it was elaborated better in the comics or novels, the truth can only be speculated... Anyway: Only two things here: the Republic may have had the advantage in numbers and supplies, but the Mandalorians were a warrior race, with superior training, motivation and probably technology. So either the all Republic commanders were the biggest idiots in the galaxy, or the Republic Fleet wasn't too advantaged. Also, the jedi went to war with Revan, not before him. Revan himself was was still only a knight, charismatic as you want, but that sure couldn't grant him the command of the entire Fleet. Then his forces were limited in numbers, and probably weren't more than the mandalorian's legions. At this point, he managed not only to hold them off, but force them to retreat. With the limitations above, he might have done something good with them after all... " Maybe, maybe not. That's speculation too.
  9. The new trilogy managed to ruin even the OT imo.
  10. Ya, it's for wc3. Relased for the public. http://www.wc3campaigns.net/showthread.php?t=89616 As well as my old Twi'lek. http://www.wc3campaigns.net/showthread.php?t=87527
  11. *Force Bump* :ph34r: The model is ready! It has 3 attack animations, one stand, a few spell animations, walk, run, and death. It only lacks a critical strike animation, but w/e. It's not a job.
  12. I was about to say "GO-TO sucks so much that it's out of the poll lolololol" but of course it's been said since the second post. So I'm going for HK-47. I was already sick of those HK as soon as I went to Telos' Academy.
  13. Mmm, I still don't think that Revan would use Makashi against four jedi; plus the way he got on guard (excuse my poor English here ) was very different from the makashi opening stance. He was in a situation in wich would be favorable to end the fight as quickly as possible, or be overwelmed by their number. Juyo was his best chance there, imo. Pretty much like when Palpatine faced Windu and the others. I doubt he would have defeated four masters if he used Makashi.
  14. I'm making a model, not a story. I had no idea for the attack animations, so I just asked here. ^^
  15. Kendo? I dunno, Revan's stance in the cinematic reminds me a lot of Palpatine during the duel against the four masters (Juyo?). He used two hands, and Makashi users fight with only one hand I think... plus Makashi isn't the best choice against multiple opponents, and there were at least three other jedi on the bridge with Bastila.
  16. I had the idea of doing a model of Revan for a while. Now that my skills are at a resonably good level, I still have a problem before me: I have absolutely no idea on his lightsabre style. And that means, the animating part is just a big huge question mark. Now, reading wookiepedia was of little to none help; my main reference at this point is his stance in the cinematics. Anyone know more of this, or has any idea for his combat moves? :'(
  17. Jedi Outcast is probably the worst of those I have. Between Kotor and Tie Fighter, I'd vote the latter.
  18. Does it say anywere why Vrook and the others weren't at Katarr?
  19. This made me think of Leia-Ian Solo. " Seriously, I'm not trying to be annoying. :ph34r: And at least Revan-Bastila is a hundred times better than Revan-Carth.
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