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  1. I will, and I don't mean to troll your community and think OB is a bad company, I know they aren't. I am just so soured on this PC version, it -is- way better then the Xbox version, yet the bugs in it make me so fustrated. I even used the cheat someone posted to try and advance my game past the Telos crap with Artius, after another hour or so, still can't do it. Start over? Why should I have to, did I pay 30 bucks for the 4 CD's or a game that I hopped had no glitches like the xbox version that I paid 20 bucks for 1 CD? I am not here to point blame more then this; OB should force this poo
  2. So who got the royalties of the PC version I bought? LA or OB? Both? Cause I'll go bitch at LA too. It has thier name on it, on the box and the startup. So if LA cut OB off from fixing this crap, then LA owes me right? Cause this PC version, still sold in stores is bugged, even AFTER update, like another user pointed out, dialogue choices. 3 years and it can't be patched to fixed? Give me a freakin' break, Warcraft One had less bugs then this crap, and they were indapendant, not funded buy a multi-billion dollar company.
  3. WHOAH! 2007 is calling and wondering why Obsidian is working on new NWN stuff when they can't even fix the scripting errors in games they still sell for PC and still get royaltis from LA for!
  4. I won't even go into my disappointment that I got this game for my xbox, seeing that the visial effects were way better on a PC with a good GFX card proc/ram. This game is 20 bucks US now to buy for Xbox, but I bought it for 30 for my PC, spent the 10 extra bucks for the great sound and addons that come with the PC version. Before I begin my rant, understand the visuals and sound are way better on a comp, however.... Did monkey's script the PC version? Or idiots? I came to my first bug way on one of the first missions in the first part of the game, so I did the PC-User usual thing
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