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  1. I think this site needs a better organization regarding this matter. Currently the bug threads are scattered on the general kotor discussion forum, and it's very unpratical to track a solution between them or get some help. So I'm suggesting a subforum for specific kotor2 tecnical support, if possible divided in: -known bugs -solved bugs (solutions) -possible bugs It would help many people, since kotor2 is unfortunately still a very buggy game, and I think that your costumers deserves it.
  2. Maybe it would, but all my saves are inside the base. Well, I've managed to install the game and the saves in another pc, (new and with a recent geforce this time) and after the liftoff I still get the black screen. I guess it's a game bug at this point. Thanks anyway Xomb.
  3. Copycat. Yes. Even graphically, there are Warhammer symbols in some wc3 textures, and I've recently read a thread wich pointed out that the orc's townhall has skaven's symbols somewere. Metzen hardly has made an original story in all his life. He just put together some classic fantasy stuff assembled in some vaguely new form.
  4. Blizzard is successful because their apparent quality games attract the youngest (most numerous) players. I'm modding Wc3 since almost two years now, and you'll be amazed how many idiots roam battle.net. The most popular map is an incredibly imbalanced game wich everyones play because it's almost a trend now. Imo, the only good game blizzard ever made was Starcraft.
  5. So wait, Radeon 8500 are compatible, but 9100 and 9200 aren't? How come?
  6. Dude, you're talking of a different product running of a different program. To see the movies you need a dvd player of some kind. If you can't see them it's either a program issue or video card issue. How is that related to the matter here?
  7. I've never had a Nvidia card in all of my life. :s But the game is running fine overall, a lil slow, but that's all. I'm not even sure if my problem is due to my graphic card or else. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=43266
  8. Err... I have this other oddity here. I would post a screen, but imageshak is down for me. Same screen of Terranova; under video drivers it says: "Your drivers are not updated" "Nvidia cards needs Detonator 45.23 or above" (very tiny little detail: I have an ATI!)
  9. Hello, I've recently been having problems with Kotor2. I've an ATI radeon 9100 and Catalyst 6.5, yet the game says my system does not meet the requirements as the video drivers are old and they're missing General OpenGl 1.4.0. My question is basically: do I have to download card-specific drivers (do they even exist anymore?) apart the catalyst? Or catalyst replaced everything?
  10. Ye, but this is not a movie and the game was running fine until that point. Could that be a driver issue? It says my drivers are not updated, even if I have Catalyst 6.5. It also needs non-Windows Generic OpenGL 1.4.0 but those should be included in my video drivers.
  11. What disk are you talking about?
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right place... but the technical faq is here, so... Anyway. I've just left the artic station of Telos, the game makes his regular autosave, and I'm supposed to be on the Ebon Hawk now. Problem is, the screen is black, I can still move the cursor, but it's unsensitive to everything. I know I can still move, as I've saved the game and the preview image show it, but apart from that I'm stuck. Anyone has ever experienced this bug?
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