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  1. I used a freeware program that support only the warcraft format. The skin was made by SinisterX, apart the face wich I just remade.
  2. Too bad that the romance was restricted to male Revans. Disappointed I am. "
  3. Only males have those bumbs in the forehead tho. Females looks almost exactly as humans, apart the top rear part of the head, where the tentacles grow (wich is what I have problem with). And no, it's not for a mod, I'm just making it for pratice. I'm learning to animate, so I thought that it could as well be the chance to express my secret love for twi'leks. *Cough* Mission>Bastila *cough* "
  4. Why, thank you guys. I'm having problems with the head tho. I can't really understand the damn twi'lek skull structure. T_T
  5. It's for warcraft3 actually, so it's very low poly. If there's someone with experience in modelling, I would appreciate some advices. :ph34r:
  6. Try this: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=43195&hl=
  7. I'd just like the old Elite with updated graphic.
  8. Lol. Nobody said he won the war alone, so don't act like someone did.
  9. Defeating Malak, stopping the Sith, anyone?
  10. Don't mind him, he always say that when someone has a tech problem. <_< Just curious, did you do something in particular before the bug?
  11. Revan left everyone behind when he traveled to the unknown regions. Maybe Carth just returned to the fleet?
  12. Yep. And Devil May Cry too. I've heard it's quite... mediocre. Unless I'm mistaking with something else. It's quite old isn't it?
  13. There's sound in space because the scenes would be boring without. Not only in SW but almost every sci-fi movie. Space fighters have wings because they need them as soon as they enter a planet atmosphere.
  14. If you don't mind having some puzzles from time to time, Legacy of Kain: Defiance is a pretty sweet game. Story-wise it's also the sequel of Soul Reaver 2, so if you want to know how it ends...
  15. If you use lvl 1 flurry you have a -4 penality on attack and -2 (?) on defence. Lvl3 has no penality.
  16. Whatever I do, I can't seems to finish this swoop race. Every time I finish a race they tell me "whoa, bad incident sorry" even if nothing like that happened. I've installed the prototipe from that blind sullustian if that matter.
  17. I still have my 386 somewhat close to working. :D
  18. One thing I've abused much in this kotor is the restoration to full hp once leveled. I've kept many characters low on level to heal them for free in the critical moments. "
  19. The first time I've played, the game was not patched. When I talked to the last of the sisters, the game showed a movie with one of the sith lords; now that I've replayed all the game (weeeeeeeeeee) with the last patch, the movie is triggered much later, when I was not on Telos anymore. Probably that or something else we did avoid the triggering of the discussion on the Hawk.
  20. Flurry in kotor1, now I'm trying critical strike.
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