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  1. Not to burst your bubble but that sounds like a normal eye/brain thingy and not an easter egg, unless of course you actually mean lunch the game and this visual illusion occurs when the digestive system starts to process those ones and zeros
  2. Im guessing that like the first game you could go digging in the data folder or something like it to find them, then it would just be a matter of converting them to the desired file format
  3. And how do you propose we help him? I suggest we crowdfund to buy him Pathfinder Kingmaker to get his mind off of Eternity (edit: propose is better than suppose I suppose, Grammar)
  4. Don't know about the lightningeffects but the thunder in morrowind startles me everytime.
  5. All jokes aside, I don't think her backstory and job description mesh particularly well with romance. If avariel, romance and sewers mesh, I don't see why a knight getting smitten would not.
  6. Well, it's my own darn fault for visiting this forum before playing the game but does this not qualify as a spoiler ? A suggestion for a spoiler free thread name:" Wish X could be romanced". since were in " Deadfire General Discussion (NO SPOILERS)" Not that it was unexpected that Sawyers waifu would be offlimits to us lesser men
  7. I dont think you have to worry about a narrator telling your every step in the game, it is probably only between chapters any narration occurs
  8. Sorry to butt in but is this really how a moderator should address the forumites? (Edit: Added kitten)
  9. > Please, sir, sit down for a moment, you're clearly disorientated. I'll have someone dress your wound.
  10. RELOAD "The banging of the codpieces instantly cuts off. The lone figures lies very still on their face, their rapier having escaped their grip and rolling back and forth the swaying deck. After a very long moment, they pop their hairy head up with a sharp inhale, eyes darting around in confusion. Before enyone has the chance to react, the Orlan jumps to their feet and point at you with their clawed finger, letting out sharp snarl that reveals their pointed (and very yellow) teeth. The codpiece orchestra picks up with a vengeance, thundering on their instruments with wild abandon. Aloth: "What... what is happening?!" Orlan pirate: "Ssshaaah! A wily foe you be, but ye'll not defeat Captain Thundernipples so easily!" Though they seem to have regained their bearings, a trickle of blood sneak its way across the hair of their from the bruise on their forehead." > Are you alright? You're bleeding.
  11. The steam controller works fine for pillars of eternity and will probably work for deadfire too, I highly recommend that you try it.
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