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  1. Could anyone help me understand these numbers that appear beside specific dialogue options that are tied to my skills? For example in this picture, the "Bluff" option has the number 3 beside it (as do intimidate and streetwise). I can't figure out what those numbers represent, because when I highlight the option the shown number does not correspond to my actual skill or my party assist, as far as I can tell. As you can see my bluff should be 5. One 1 from my and 4 from my party assist. So why then does it show 3? https://ibb.co/8bYk8BF
  2. Is there anywhere I can view my current disposition with my Priest's God?
  3. This makes perfect sense man. I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I was missing, and I never knew there was class specific power levels. I'll try to see if there is a way I can have it scale off of Wizard levels, but now that I know the difference I don't think it's really a big deal. Thanks for the help dude. Really appreciate it.
  4. I was hoping you could help me with some confusion i'm having on my level 5 Priest of Rymrgand. I'm using a mod called Dynamic Priests, which gives the priest of Rymrgand an ability called "Entropic Haste" which was modeled after deleterious alacrity. The author buffed, Entropic Haste to make it more powerful, but I went into the files and changed it to exactly the same as deleterious alacrity as I felt it was a little OP. However even after I have changed it, it's still not showing the same numbers as when I use Unity Console to give my priest deleterious alacrity. I've even changed the class of my character to a Wizard and selected deleterious alacrity at PL 3 and compared it then, but it's still off a little. Here are some pictures for clarification. https://ibb.co/jh5KSPX https://ibb.co/SQcQrnp https://ibb.co/mz9PYsN https://ibb.co/bHCMPkT
  5. Just wanted to share a few portraits i'm using. Thanks to some of the community for helping me out with them.
  6. Hey guys, i'm doing a little modding, and i'm trying to find out how deleterious alacrity scales. Does it just use a base of 7.5 + Int modifier? or does it also scale with your level?
  7. I wonder if it would be better to crop it to just below her braid to make it more of a portrait?
  8. I'm sure i'm asking alot, but these two are also awesome!
  9. Hey guys. Do you think I could get some help with some watercolors for this artwork? Possibly resizing it to a better size? Thanks! Very much appreciate it.
  10. Hey guys. I hope i'm doing this right. Can anyone help me make a portrait out of this artwork? I'd really appreciate it!
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