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  1. Wow - Looks like you guys are really doing this. Very cool. I'm assuming this will be for the PC version only? - which will prolly mean I'll have to go buy the PC version! By-the-by...but if you need any help with sound-editing/music editing and that sort of thing, I have EXTENSIVE resources and so forth in that department, won't get into it here....but if you need any help in that regard, just drop me a PM and I'll get in contact with you.
  2. How does one "Warp" to the module or edit a saved game? I do have a hacked xbox...by the by...
  3. From reading that GOTO/HK scene, I would assume GOTO was originally going to be the one who ordered the HK droids and was making them, which would lead me to FURTHER believe that he may have been associated with the speculated (and cut out) "Droid Planet" My even bigger assumption that there was actually a "Human GOTO" who was trapped on the driod planet, and perhaps you had to rescue him in a quest or something.... Who knows, we'll never know....
  4. Yeah, it was awful. I thought I might've got an HK droid part out of it, but oh well. I figured it was where the HK factory was supposed to be, absolutely CRAZY that they left all the tell-tale markers on the map there, the doors there and everything, and just changed it so you couldn't open the doors. Friggin' stupid. ...what are the odds on the level still being on the disk somewhere and/or included on the PC version?
  5. How does one open the access doors to the "lower level" on the "old military base" on Telos? ....or are we unable to? (xbox version) ....and as a side note, why in the blue hell can you re-activate the HK-droid in the military base, only for it to blow up 5 seconds down the corridor?
  6. It's prolly a little bit of both. [re: lucasarts/obsidians fault] Obsidian prolly made the game, with a HUGE story arc in mind, when it came to fitting the whole shibang on the Xbox disk and the ever encroaching release date, it was too big. So they had to cut things from the game due to pressure of disk size, Xbox capabilities and the release date they had to meet. I'm guessing thats where the HK Factory stuff, and the other stuff went. The stuff that WAS cut, is prolly (in retrospect) some of the most important stuff - but in the overall sense of meeting the release date and contract agreements with LucasArts, the endgame stuff would've been the EASIEST to cut, being that it was prolly the most complicated in terms of all the storyarcs meeting at the end (at Malachor) What would've been BETTER (had they not been rushed to meet the deadline from L.A) would've been to dispose of some of the meaningless sidequests, which although...adding to a fun story in the interium - didn't count for much at the end. So instead of having the time to go through the game, and get rid of the stuff they could without hurting the overall story...they "botched" the game, by meeting the release date...but slicing the end-game to pieces. Which is a bitch. The frigging ANNOYING thing is - you KNOW somewhere in the Obsidian vaults, is a FULL un-edited-for-release copy of SW: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords with a FULL storyline as it was intended, including the HK-Factory stuff AND a full movie-ending featuring the deaths of certain characters etc etc. I'm guessing the "lightside" ending, was you re-forming the Jedi Council, with Atton and the rest of your "surviving" party members as they all are the "lost" Jedi, with you as their leader - travelling into the "outer rim" to find Revan, and help him. The Darkside ending, would've been you and the "surviving" party members forming some kind of "sith" council, and travelling into the "unknown" after the sith lord Revan etc... All this stuff was recorded people, it was MADE and it'll exist in some medium at Obsidian. And we're never going to see it, unless they do the "respect the fans" thing - and re-release the game with a "directors cut" Thats where it's at. Thats the truth.
  7. ....yet they still found enough room on the disk to have a "Republic Commando" demo?? *stabs Bill in chest and takes a dumb on George's car on the way out* That solves our problem Now someone mod this game already for the proper ending....
  8. ...it's about now a DEV's comment on this whole thing would be super. Thought I suspect WERE they to comment on this situation (as I can guess the cut-ending was more a LucasArts fault than anything else), L.A would definatly not be renewing a KOTOR III with them. Hmmmmmm
  9. Wow - this entire thread astounds me. ...that "Atton Death" audio is SPECTACULAR - actually makes me like Atton a whole lot more. Wow. I'm quite pissed that this amazing storyline stuff was cut from the game, I don't believe it. It was such a ****ty ending, and now we know why...all the "sensible storyline" endings were cut from the end, all this really awesome stuff - gone.
  10. Hmmmm....interesting, thought I neither have the time nor effort to complete all the swoop races, so I guess I'll wait till someone does to figure it out.
  11. GoTo was the most horrible character. Just horrible. ...he should've been dropped in development. Ugh. Havn't played Darkside yet, so havn't got Hanharr...I found Wookies quite useful in KOTOR so from the sounds of things, Hanharr should be even better.
  12. My two cents - Two Words: Droid Planet. http://www.starwars.com/episode-iii/bts/ar...ev20050117.html I was VERY dissapointed when they didn't resolve the HK storyline in KOTOR II by the end, and I think a mini-quest and/or storyline plot where you travel to a droid world where HK's are being made by some evil sith fellow to destroy Revan/Exile could tie up all the loose ends as to why HK was all in bits and pieces in KOTOR II and where T3 took the ebon hawk to, to try and find out who/why someone was making HK replica's and why he erased it from the Ship database etc etc. Such a HUGE plot point unresolved, let alone the ending...was frustrating. So yeah, my ONLY wish, is a droid planet on the "outer rim" to sum up and piece together/fix the HK/T3 storyline.
  13. Yeah, I'm looking foward to checking my "account update" tomorrow..... [/sarcasm]
  14. You'd think with a "set" amount of pre-orders that would give them a decent guage interest oin the game and LucasArts would go "oh gee wizz, we'd better run down to the warehouse, and get the skinny white production kid to run off a few more Xbox copies of KOTOR II so everyone gets their copy...." ...you know, good customer service and all
  15. I'm STILL waiting for mine from LucasArts - and they're telling me that the product is backordered, or some ****e...like, obviously the demand exceeded the supply...business 101 people, if you're going to allow "pre-ordering" of your product, HAVE THE STOCK AVALIBLE TO FREAKING ALLOW IT. Christ. ...it's embarrassing. I hate LucasArts...Obsidian, i still love you... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What, is that true? Hahahaha (not to you, but to Lucasarts). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sure is true....I called them this morning, the lady said my order has been "backordered" which means it'll ship when they have product. I find this "speed of selling" of KOTOR has caught them unaware or something, it's quite unbelieveable to be honest.
  16. I'm STILL waiting for mine from LucasArts - and they're telling me that the product is backordered, or some ****e...like, obviously the demand exceeded the supply...business 101 people, if you're going to allow "pre-ordering" of your product, HAVE THE STOCK AVALIBLE TO FREAKING ALLOW IT. Christ. ...it's embarrassing. I hate LucasArts...Obsidian, i still love you...
  17. Yeah, for some reason when I load the official site, it doesn't show that information...
  18. Yep i tried that too and deleted temporany files still nothing maybe it depends on where your from or something i dont know <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I get exactly the same thing too - it shows the various "new" sections, but just says "coming soon" Am I missing something?
  19. I'm sure they'll have names in the game... ...it seems the KOTOR II site has been updated with "Coming soon" sections without any more Character/Weapon/etc info.. Which is frustrating
  20. I've pre-ordered mine through LucasArts - they damn sure better send it tomorrow....
  21. ...there's a couple of new pictures in the "image" section too that I hadn't seen, just 1 or 2 of the party members mentioned
  22. They prolly just wouldn't have a "Revan" figure...and/or depend on how he "looks" in TSL - if he appears at all. Like I said, it was just a small sentance in the OXM, but very cool none-the-less...I want an HK and/or Malak figure so bad!... .....and any "books" based on the games would be an interesting read. Make it happen, LucasArts... I've love to hear a Dev's take on this stuff, whether they know any plans for Beyond the games themselves?
  23. Just for what it's worth, they said in the UK OXM that plans were underway for a series of Books and Action figures based on the KOTOR and KOTOR II series... Someone from Obsidian may like to confirm/deny/no comment that if they like, but it was printed in the OXM....
  24. Wow, well done...inspiring. ....I meant in terms of graphics, like...lightsabers have a "glow" and stuff, one would therefore assume it would be hard to do a silver "glow" that would different from a "white" glow... <_<
  25. We've seen the light blue and orange blades in many screenshots, also I believe...the "white" blade has been shown also. ...what a "Silver" blade would look like, that...I would have no idea
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