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  1. Ordo owns. In fact, he owns so much, you could call him.. an ownologist. Or something.
  2. Since she was DARTH Traya... I would assume she's evil.
  3. Thinkin maybe more like Dantooine than Korriban. Just to show how the corruption of DS or whatever would destroy the trees
  4. Sounds a bit harsh. Even the Masters are constantly aware of the danger of seduction by the Dark Side. Besides, that's the best thing about them when you get to turn them <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wait, you get to turn them to DS or are you just saying that?
  5. I can't use KSE.. I only have the Xbox game.
  6. Manaan sucked. Definetly Coruscant, Korriban, Onderon...Naboo? No Telos, Manaan, or Dantooine.
  7. Doesn't sound worth it. And Mira was very easy for me to convert and I only did it once..
  8. I think next time through I'll try the Hsiss cheat.
  9. I never thought SW would go into a touchy subject like homosexuality... hah..
  10. This is a forum you know, not a chat room.
  11. On this site: http://www.starwarsknights.com/itempages/robe.php there are many robes I have never even heard of and they sound pretty cool. Has anyone seen these in the game? Not like the Novice or Matukai robes, those are fairly common, but I mean robes like Nomi's or Crado's. They sound useful. Also, I have come to understand that Malak's armor is in the game, but it is only in the PC version? "Clouds everthing, the random item generator does." Sigh.
  12. The only "people" more powerful then you, huh? Mandalore forever.
  13. The search engine is a mystical thing.
  14. No, there was. I always had Canderous wear it.
  15. Black sabers are the stupidest things I've ever heard of. I gave exile a single bladed purple and went DS. Now I'm going LS, and I'm using two greens, though hopefully once I *find* Viridian, I can use that in place of one.
  16. I can't bring myself to go lightside. I hate it so much, and it prevents me from having fun. LS is more like work than fun. I'm going thru LS now, just to see what its like. I don't think I'll do it again. DS isn't just stealing candy from babies, its not just being a punk kid.. Think of Kreia/Traya, who carefully planned her movmenets and was mature about it. Thats how I see it.
  17. Would it kill people like you to spell "Revan" right? Anyway, Revan and Exile were allies once, during the Mandalorian wars, I don't see why they can't be again.
  18. How can you not use Mandalore? He was my favorite in the first KotOr. I love him like a fat kid loves cake... I just wish he had more depth this time around. He's still a monster in combat. BTW, remember in the first KotOr, when you got Mandalorian Armor, the kind that had the helmet? Can you get that in K2, or is Mandalore's armor the only kind with a a helmet? Back on topic: I never really use Mira, G0-T0, T3, Visas
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