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  1. Yah, that's why I decided to dig up the savegame editor. If you're gonna be a bastidge, you might as well get the powers to go with it!
  2. I did find the savegame editor, pretty handy. Now if I decide to become a bastage, I can have the powers to go with!
  3. Looks like I need to dig up a savegame editor then. Don't particularly feel like re-investing many hours into starting all over!
  4. I wouldn't exactly call myself a lightsider. Turn on the force sight, and I'm a big red beacon. But somehow still training LS padawans. Go figure ... :-p
  5. Just curious. If I take Jedi Master as my prestige class, then become an evil sumbitch, will my shift to the dark side also mean that my class changes to a sith lord as well (or vice versa)? Or will I always just be a jedi master with personality issues?
  6. Congratulations, Hammer. You just actually managed to get me to chuckle at the situation, which is a minor feat in and of itself.
  7. Pretty much sums up what we've all been thinking. I think I'm more angry about this because I feel like my trust has been violated. KOTOR set the bar high, and I know I (like many others) went out and bought it sight unseen, because we trusted that LA wouldn't even THINK of besmirching the name of one of the best RPG's ever. Guess bucks (real or perceived) can make up for any sleep lost over compromising one's integrity...
  8. This game started out with a lot of potential, but degenerated into an incoherant mess about 3/4 of the way in. Can't say much without getting into spoiler territory, but it's quite obvious that at least a quarter of the game never got finished, and a vastly inferior product was pushed out the door for the Christmas rush. Ah, Black Isle...how the mighty have fallen.
  9. Unified ATI Dantooine issues page List of fixes for the Dantooine issues. The vertex shader line seems to work pretty well, don't know if it works for other cards but seems to really help things out for ATI users.
  10. I'd have to agree with most of what I read above. Things were rolling along fine until about the time of the meeting on Dantooine. After that, things really just went to hell. It was all disjointed, the romances fall apart and ones you hadn't worked on suddenly show up, there's no concrete ending...bleh. Totally agree that it looks like they ran out of time and either chose or were forced to push things out the door. Disgusting waste of an ending to an otherwise fine game.
  11. I believe the quest may be bugged, at least on the PC. I completed all the steps above up to the woman at the base as you exit. However, whether I recruit her for the militia or not, it makes no difference...I have no option to initiate conversation with her.
  12. Dragon posted in another thread that adding the following line to the [Graphics Options] section of swkotor2.ini alleviated the frame rate issues. I found that it not only completely cleared up the Dantooine problems on my system, but that also the game in general ran much better and looked a lot nicer. Here's the line: Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 Was like looking at/playing a different game after that change. I'm sad to say that the cut-scene movies show no improvement, but the improvement everywhere else was remarkable. I'll edit the original post to reflect this new informat
  13. There are a bunch of scattered threads/posts on the topic, thought I'd make it easier to gather all the information in one place. To clarify, in case folks hadn't noticed, the lag occurs precisely when either one of the manta-creatures or a flock of birds flies overhead. When this happens, framerate drops to nothing. A work-around is to make a change to the graphics settings. The reason this works is it resets the overhead graphics as well. However, the next time the overhead flying background comes around, the framerate drops again. The issue is with most ATI cards, but parti
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