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    Star Wars, drama, teen angst, baseball, and eating people's souls with a touch of lemon.
  1. Atton is my favorite character. I like his morality, and I like his backstory. I like his Han Solo-esque personality. He's a funny character as well.
  2. I like Jolee as well. He's just such a well put together character. I like to hear his responses on different decisions your character makes. Some of them made me laugh. :D
  3. This is embarassing, but the only game I have never finished becuse it was too difficult was Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64. I don't know why but I never finished it and I had a lot of problems even winning the few races that I did win. That game annoyed me to no end. I started hating it after a while, and I still do as a matter of fact. <_<
  4. I'm playing Silent Hill 4: The Room. :D I love "scary" games. I recently finished Resident Evil 4 which was just awesome.
  5. Eh... 16/Male/Connecticut
  6. I liked the battle on Jabba's sail barge in Return of the Jedi the most. That was so cool and I'll always remember it; especially R2 popping the lightsaber out and Luke flipping up and catching it, and you see that he has a nifty looking green lightsaber for the first time. Oh, that was sweet. I'm also a big fan of the lightsaber duels and lightsabers in general, so any scenes involving lightsabers I think are awesome.
  7. White Sox because I like American League teams.
  8. Oh, don't get me wrong, I hated Vrook, but there was a sense of pity as well. I felt he was one of the more fleshed out and understandable characters compared to others throughout the story. But then agsin this is coming from a guy who like G0-T0 so I might just be weird.
  9. I voted for Vrook only because he was the only master who was truthful. He hated your character and said so, and never went back on how he felt about your character like Zez-Kai Ell and Kavar did. They changed while Vrook remained the same. Plus I like to sympathize with the "hated" characters, I have pity for them.
  10. Thank you. Sometimes I just love to hate. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then you would hate me sometimes Then you would definitely hate me as I like to wear my army reservist uniform any time I can... I'm Catholic and tend to discuss religion when the topic comes up, so you'd hate me. I like politics and I'm even a member of one political party in my country, so you'd hate me. CONCLUSION: You most definitely - HATE ME ! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I just have to hate sometimes... " Seriously though, I hate uniforms on me, I
  11. Thank you. Sometimes I just love to hate.
  12. I hate people who are far too religious for their own good. I hate people who can't spell or use grammar correctly. I hate hypocrites. I hate annoying children that like to hang on one's arms or constantly want to be picked up above one's head. I hate people who are lazy and who don't want to expand their mind. I hate stupid people. I hate people who try to make me do something, or who hound me endlessly to do something. Especially when I'll get it done eventually and on time if I really want to do it. If I don't want to do something, I just won't do it. I hate over
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