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  1. Do I need to read this whole thread to understand the Ambassador program, or is the info in the first post still accurate and complete?
  2. Thanks for these. Had a lot of fun opening them and filling in some holes in my collection.
  3. I have a few parties that carry around a Charmed Red Dragon. It never gets played, because I don't want to lose it. I sometimes choose between similar armors based on how they look.
  4. This seems like extremely bad luck that is exceedingly unlikely to repeat itself.
  5. Looks like a good team. I suppose it is a little light on Dex, so carry cards for dealing with traps.
  6. Armors, certain characters like Father Zantus, items like the Emerald Codex, and locations like Mountaintop.
  7. I really like this idea, and I think 500-1000 gold would be reasonable.
  8. I'm sure that is true. But I think it is too early (and too late) for a significant price drop. We are just over 2 weeks out from the release of these things. Who would buy anything at the original prices moving forward if they knew they just had to wait a couple weeks? They needed to start with a lower price point, or need to wait for enough time to go by where people feel like it was worth buying in early.
  9. Isn't it too late to offer alt-only pricing? Would that not annoy those most loyal supporters who already bought the full game and one or more alts? I personally have purchased the full game bundle, several daily gold subscriptions, and a handful of other specials. I think the alts are much too expensive. Give me all of them for $20, and I'd be all over it. That said, I don't think they should discount the alts so soon after releasing their original pricing. It would be unfair to the customers who most love, and are willing to pay for, content.
  10. Does anyone dump off equipment to secondary characters between scenarios in an effort to build up super-equipped groups?
  11. Agreed. I paid for the full game (and a lot more than that for the paper version), and still pay for the daily gold. I can't imagine paying $60 for modified characters. I can't claim to be able to design an effective model for generating money from this game, but surely this isn't it. Don't get me wrong. I'm not angry about it. I'm not overly worried about access to the new characters or having all dice sets. I want the game to be a financial success so that we get more.
  12. I don't participate much in the discussions here, but a definitely enjoy these guides and adopt many of the ideas presented.
  13. To be fair, even if you have Amiri (and who is paying for anything with cash but still doesn't have Amiri?) the price is still a decent deal. $10 for 25 chests is the same cost/chest as the discounted 50 chests rate, plus you get a couple extra cards. It's funny, because I think more people would buy this if Amiri was not included. I still am not going to pay real money for something like this though. The highest rate I'll pay is consistent with the daily gold, which gets you 12 chests for $2.
  14. I guess I can't really blame them for the price. If they continually had specials that were a significantly better value than what you could normally get, no one would ever purchase gold or treasure at the regular rates. They'd just wait for the next sale.
  15. This is not a bad deal, but it is not that exciting IMO. For $20, I think I'd rather get 50 treasure chests rather than 40 treasure+dice+4 legendary blessings.
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