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  1. They have not. But reloading the way you do wouldn't change a thing, your only out would be to shift your prestige before the adventure turn hits. For more context: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85392-caed-nua-adventures-how-what-level-when/?do=findComment&comment=1832708
  2. No one quite knows how exactly all things over at the Stronghold work, but based on what we know thanks to some inquisitive folks it's safe to say that reloading right before you can trigger an adventure doesn't affect much on its own. The rolls are generally done some time in advance, and the only thing you could change at this point is to try to temporarily lower your prestige further (but a few points less may not do anything if your die rolls were sufficiently high, anyway; I don't think prestige can go to negative values either). Here is the link to the thread/post that deals with th
  3. Something like this would require something very cheesy with little micro involved, and unfortunately (for some of us, at least) PoE is indeed full of potential cheese. Your third idea seems to be the closest to that. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/93570-help-i-created-a-monster-6-chanters-vs-potd/ for one example.
  4. Personal preferences come into play a lot. Given your appreciation for BG and PoE in the cRPG row (and not knowing what else you might've tried), it seems that party-based isometric titles with a fair focus on the story and controlled strategic combat hold more than enough appeal. I'll assume you are familiar with some of the successors of Baldur's, older or newer. The aforementioned Dragon Age also falls into this category (the first one is the most 'pure' in its essence, so to say). Elder Scrolls games (i.e. your Morrowinds, Oblivions, Skyrims) are just vastly different. A type of sand
  5. Sure, you could count me in. That's one of my main areas of interest for any role-playing title. Incidentally, I've been taking various relevant notes on my current playthrough with something similar in mind, but it's still going to take me weeks - if not months - to properly finish it anyway. It would be nice to have a handful of people sharing their findings. I've also done my forum/web research back in the day, and while there are some useful pieces of info here and there, it's all very loosely scattered. It's also worth mentioning that a good chunk of "special" dialogue in Pillars (as it
  6. In that case you should be fine, experience in navigating squishier characters certainly helps. Ciphers are similar to Rogues in their low Endurance/Health scores, but can be made more defensive with a nice early way to boost one's deflection. Not that you'll want to take hits on your ranged regardless. Mhm, Ciphers can get quite a few stacking damage modifiers, that's why even the ones running around with MIG 10 are capable of respectable damage. The stat spread looks pretty versatile, should serve you reasonably well. Yup, exactly. Aloth and Kana are identical i
  7. I see. It's true, that comp would have some clearly defined strengths/weaknesses, and a certain set of limitations. Newer games like PoE can certainly spoil a person. I never missed AoE highlighting in old Infinity Engine games, since it wasn't much of a concept. But now it's hard to give up on. But yes, it's down to whatever suits your preferences with Expert Mode. I wouldn't worry about that much, because there are bound to be powerful multiclass options for just about anything. Especially something as versatile as Cipher. It's great fun to play. And should the worst case s
  8. Are you certain about this decision to play with Expert Mode on, especially if it's your first foray into PotD and Hard has already proven to offer some challenges on its own? I suppose a lot depends on how much you've learned during your playthroughs, as that tends to make all the difference. I also suppose you can always disable EM if it proves to be too restricting for you, however you won't be able to enable it again for that particular run. Or you can simply enable/disable extra options in the menu as you see fit, as that's pretty much all the mode does: turns off all of them as a full pa
  9. Interesting. Albeit not too surprising, as this would only be an nth example of a case where tooltips/descriptions are either incorrect, missing in parts, or omit some important information. It's a shame Obsidian couldn't be bothered to be more dilligent about it. I don't suppose there would be a simple way of correcting these strings for the game to properly recognize them?
  10. You are also playing on a Mac, right? Perhaps it's implied, but best not to assume too much. What problems are you running into, exactly? I.e. not being able to locate the correct savegame files, transferred savegame files not showing up in your game, not knowing where to put them folders-wise, something else? Even if it ends up working, be warned that it might result in potential unexpected/unpredictable bugs and corrupted saves down the line. It's been quite a few patches since (not just minor ones), and at least from my experience PoE isn't too great at handling files from older versio
  11. There is no arguing with the power of a priest in a full party, but nothing is a must-have and absolutely necessary to progress in this game (at least not when you are not trying to meet the mark for solo runs or other peculiar requirements on the highest difficulty). If you are truly struggling with some encounters in certain areas, then it's a fair sign that you might have a lot of potential improvements to be gained through polishing your choices of equipment, talents, abilities, and perhaps the most importantly: picking correct strategies against whatever you are facing. There might also
  12. In this game ranged builds are indeed extremely viable (even more so for classes like Rogue, which remain squishy for quite a while), sometimes perhaps a tad too viable for all the distinct advantages keeping at a distance confers. Often it can make your life easier (especially on higher difficulties), if careful micro-managment is not your thing as you say. I see you've already come across a ranged idea by one of the master builders of these forums. As for the general party composition: two fighters can feel a little boring, even more so if you opt to make them both somewhat tanky. While
  13. Unfortunately, you missed out on the latest applicable Steam sales during the summer (I know it was 75% off Paradox Interactive's titles, i.e. the publisher behind Pillars, almost two months ago). It will definitely happen again, the question is just when. Of course this isn't the only platform worth checking, as between GoG/Kinguin/G2A and a plethora of other sellers game deals occur fairly often. You can keep an eye out for regular quick overviews like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/hot/, or anything composing similar lists. I know the situation all too well, been there myself
  14. I wanted to give this a 'thumbs up' (so I guess I'm doing it in a roundabout way), minus that one or two politically/socially charged all-too-general statement. Because eh, simple black and white judgments never work too well mixed in like that; regardless of one's actual gripes or experiences.
  15. Hmm, it doesn't seem like it (at least not through perfectly legal means, that is). It's rather weird that Prima wouldn't offer a digital copy (as that hardcover sure is pricey...) as a separate purchase on their site, since they tend to do that with many others - maybe there is some exclusive deal going on with the Royal Edition package. Have you obtained a Steam version of the game? There might be an option to simply update to Royal Edition by paying a little extra. I know the platform allowed this with several different titles, though I am unable to check how it works with Pillars due to
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