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  1. As a big fan of the series and its music, I'm using my copies of the soundtracks for PoE 1 and 2 as ambient music for the D&D campaign I'm running, and think that the White March soundtrack would fit brilliantly well into my campaign also. However, as far as I can see, the only way to purchase the White March soundtrack was by backing Deadfire at the Ultimate Digital Edition tier or above, while I backed the game at the Premium Digital tier, and that the only platform in which the White March soundtrack is available is on Soundcloud (which is problematic to use in this case because of the
  2. My first campaign was a 3-CON 3-RES DPS Rogue so I learned pretty quickly how to avoid being targeted, and my last campaign was a 3-CON Barbarian that was still tankier in Scale Armour than Zahua was in full Plate so given the right set of equipment CON is not that necessary, especially at range. I'll have to be very careful with such a squishy character but I think 3-CON should be fine. If Soul Whip stacks additively with MIG then I'll happily drop it down to 15 to boost DEX and PER, do you think 15/3/15/15/18/12 is a decent spread? Fair point about the mechanic, I was going to
  3. I guess not, I could just disable a bunch of the extra options and re-enable any that I miss too much (I predict that AoE highlighting will be one of those), but it wasn't that Hard difficulty as a whole was challenging, more like some difficult encounters were especially difficult due to my sub-optimal party comp (PC Barbarian, Edér, Pallegina, Zahua, Sagani and DoC, so I basically had zero Per Rest abilities and no buffs except for Zealous Focus) and that could easily have been overcome by a better comp. Cipher is definitely the class that intrigues me most, it seems like a lot of fun
  4. Having just finished my second full campaign of Pillars of Eternity and my first with the White March installed (I know I'm late to the party but I've gotten completely hooked having played 220 hours in the couple weeks I've owned the game) I've decided to push myself by playing on PoTD with Expert Mode enabled, and given that Deadfire is on its way early next year I want to create a character to import. However, I'm torn on how to build my party since I found Hard difficulty quite challenging by itself, and I built my party quite poorly to the point that I wasn't able to beat the Alpine D
  5. I'm playing through Pillars of Eternity for the first time (a little late to the party but alas I'm enjoying it) and I want to make sure I'm not making a game-ruining mistake here. I've decided that I'm going to side with the Crucible Knights this time through so while I was progressing "Rogue Knight" I traded Penhelm his Affidavit in return for Osric's Breastplate, only to discover that this version gives me the Quest Item Breastplate and not the equipable version. I then went to talk to Osric but there was no option for me to keep the Breastplate for myself so it seems like the only way to k
  6. I'm game. If it would be based later, then it could be called kotor. Otherwise, i'd love to see a game based during the Exar Kun war, or possibly earlier still. That would be cool, especially considering that the old republic era is my favourite part of the star wars history. LucasArts shoul make a film, possibly a trilogy or two, based in this era.
  7. BioWare and Aspyr Media did a great job of adapting KotOR to the iPad for it's 10th anniversary. Is anyone with me in saying that an adaptation of KotOR 2 would be equally awesome, if not better? If so, back me up. If the company isn't intending to do so, maybe we could bring it back by popular demand.
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